Woo!ah!’s Minseo: Profile, Facts, Controversy, Etc.

woo ah minseo

The Sweet Maknae of Woo!ah!, Minseo

As the youngest in Woo!ah!, Minseo, like any other girl group maknaes, stole attention because of her sweet, cute, and adorable visuals. She also often poses with funny faces, which makes fans all over the world swooning over her. It seems like Minseo always brings the sweet, fresh, maknae look with her, from long hair to short wavy.

But, her beauty is not just skin-deep. So, are you ready to get to know him deeper? Check out her full profile below!


Full Profile of Woo!ah!’s Minseo

woo ah minseo
  • Stage Name: Minseo (민서)
  • Birth Name: Kim Minseo (김민서)
  • Probable Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Birthday: August 12th, 2004
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Height: 162 cm (5’3’’)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: B


Fun Facts about Woo!ah!’s Minseo

wooah minseo
  • In the group, Minseo filled the position as the lead dancer and main vocalist.
  • Minseo’s training period is two years.
  • Minseo joined NV Entertainment with the recommendation of Lucy, who went to the same middle school as her.
  • White and black are Minseo’s favorite colors.
  • Chicken feet and Tripe are Minseo’s favorite foods.
  • Minseo’s hobby is going shopping with her friends and family.
  • Minseo is a big eater.
  • Minseo is clumsy at times and tends to forget things.
  • ‘Frog’ and ‘KamManSeo’ are Minseo’s nicknames.
  • Minseo said that her unexpected charms are the corners of her lips and that her face looks like Squirtle.
  • Eating foods she likes, shopping, or just hanging out and watching dramas are some of the things Minseo enjoys.
  • Minseo dislikes when people touch her belongings.
  • Among the four seasons, Minseo likes to spring the most because it is a good season for taking pictures since the cool weather in the middle is not cold nor hot, and the scenery is beautiful.
  • Minseo likes fruits, especially strawberries and peaches.
  • When Minseo goes to a cafe, she enjoys a smoothie or fruit juice.
  • Minseo likes teen movies.
  • Minseo’s special skill is imitating the sound of a siren.
  • Minseo is in charge of cooking at Woo!ah!.
  • BlackPink‘s Rosé is Minseo’s role model.
  • Girls’ Generation, BTS, Ariana Grande, and IU were the inspiration behind her music career.
  • In the group, she filled the position as the lead dancer and main vocalist.
  • She is good at any variety of genres, from girls’ hip-hop to dances.
  • Initially, she was prepared to go with stage names, but she chose her real name instead.


Minseo’s Official Debut with Woo!ah!’

woo ah minseo

She is the third member who started her life as a trainee in NV Entertainment, and she joined the company with the recommendation of the fellow member Lucy, who went to the same middle school as her.

The news of Woo!ah!’s debut is confirmed by NV Entertainment on April 24, 2020. The group is the first-ever group in the company, formed by director Han Ji-seok (an entertainment expert who had worked in SM Entertainment and Kakao M) and CEO Kim Kyu-sang (a well-known creative director and producer in the Korean music world).

The agency introduced each member through a series of film teaser videos. Minseo’s teaser was released on April 28, 2020, and she became the second member of the group that was introduced to the public.

WOO! AH! (우아), otherwise known as woo! Ah! consists of five main members,  Nana, Wooyeon, Sora, Lucy, and Minseo. Initially, they made their debut on May 13, 2020, with their 1st Single Album, Exclamation (in line with the use of exclamation in their name). But, the mv for “Exclamation” was postponed to May 15, 2020.

Much like the vibe of their song and their name, their debut MV is full of festivities with pop-up colors. Check out their debut MV below!


Woo!ah!’s Minseo’s Visual and Personality

woo ah minseo

Although she is the group’s maknae, Minseo often gave an adult-like impression, mainly because of her mature appearance. She got a beautiful smile, with dimples on both sides of her mouth when she’s smiling. She’s often said to resemble the teenage version of Ahn Ji-young from Bbolgan4.

Her personality is more mature and calmer than her peers. Although, when she speaks, you can still feel the aura of a maknae from the way she talks.


Woo!ah!’s Minseo’s School Violence Controversy

woo ah minseo

On September 10, 2020, the controversial claim that Minseo was involved in school violence appeared on online communities. A netizen wrote that she was subjected to school violence by Minseo. The article then spread quickly, and people who saw it requested clarification from the netizen who uploaded the article. But, the netizen deleted the article without any explanation or apology.

On September 28, 2020, the agency, NV Entertainment, defended their artist by saying that the rumor is false. They also said that they went through a thorough verification process, even though the nearby acquaintances. They found that the rumor is a malicious act, and they’d be taking legal action regarding this.

In a released statement, they clarified:

Hello, this is woo!ah!’s label NV Entertainment. After we heard about the rumors on woo!ah! member Minseo, we checked not only her, but also various people around her, ad confirmed that the rumors were false. The article is a malicious lie and rumor, and we confirm that it is false. We will be taking strict legal action against actions that spread these malicious rumors. We are also going to be taking legal action so the artist does not suffer secondhand harm from the rumors restarting. Thank you for showing love to woo!ah!.

After that clarification, Minseo and Woo!ah! resumed their promotional activities, and it seemed like the matter has been resolved.


Woo!ah!’s Minseo’s Focus Fancam

woo ah minseo

Aside from being the maknae, Minseo was also the main vocalist and lead dancer of Woo!ah!. So, it’s no wonder that she is the master of performances (vocal combined with dances? It’s an explosion of charms!

Check out her charming performances and enchanting visuals in these fancams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know about the sweet cutie maknae of Woo!ah!, Minseo! So, have you fallen in love with her charms as we are? Let’s hyping her together in the comment box below!