Ex-Bolbbalgan4’s Woo Ji-yoon: Profile, Facts, Solo, etc.

Controversy During Ji-yoon’s Departure From BOL4 And Debut As A Solo Artist

On April 2nd, 2020, Shofar Music announced the departure of Ji-yoon from BOL4. The agency announced that Ji-yoon will leave the group to pursue a solo career on her own. Meanwhile, Ahn Ji-young will carry out solo promotions while maintaining the name BOL4. The agency said the reason for Jiyoon’s departure was a personal matter related to her future, but stated that she and Ji-young would still be friends and support each other behind the scenes.

Below is the agency’s full statement:

Hello, this is Shofar Music.

First, we thank the fans who have supported and loved BOL4. We would like to make an official statement regarding the member changes in the BOL4 duo.

Member Woo Ji Yoon has expressed his desire to end promotions as part of BOL4 due to personal concerns about his future career, and we have held several meetings to think about this matter carefully with the members. After talking to each other for a long time, the members began to understand each other’s thoughts, and Shofar Music also respected Woo Ji Yoon’s decision, so we came to the following conclusion.

BOL4 will now be a one-member artist with Ahn Ji Young and no additional members. After contemplation, Woo Ji Yoon decided to end promotions as BOL4.

We, Shofar Music, are also sad that BOL4 will not be able to continue promoting together, but we have made a decision to respect and support [Woo Ji Yoon’s] thoughts more than anyone else. In addition, even though Ahn Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon will finish promoting together as part of the duo, they will continue to be colleagues and friends who support the path they take.

One member of BOL4 is currently preparing to release an album in May, and we ask you to give warm support and encouragement to Ahn Ji Young, who will continue BOL4’s music.

Shofar Music will continue to support the shining future of the two artists.


From, Shofar Music.

Ji-yoon also shared a personal handwritten letter regarding her departure from the group. She stated that she would start a new beginning after having had so many happy memories with BOL4. According to her, this was not an easy decision.

She revealed that she wanted to try a new challenge and wanted to take a break and focus on her future career.


Hello, this is Woo Ji Yoon.

It’s been a while since I wrote a letter.

It’s hard to stay home during this season where the cold is melting. Make sure to wear a shirt when you go out, and bring a light jacket as the daily temperature range is huge. Be careful not to catch a cold.

I want to talk about something carefully today. It might disappoint or surprise you, so my heart feels heavy.

While remembering in my heart the memories I spent with you as BOL4’s Woo Ji Yoon, I’m starting a new beginning.

I want my fans, who cheer for me and love me, to be the first to know. Thank you for taking part of your heart for me. It was not an easy decision because we had special experiences and shared many emotions together.

I’ll keep asking myself the same questions. “Am I doing what is right? What do I really want to do? “It was a serious process of contemplation about my future career, and it occurred to me that now is an important time to take on new challenges before it’s too late.

I thought about it many times by myself, and I talked to the company and Ji Young as well. They detained me, and we had in-depth discussions on many occasions. But for me, this is something that I have thought for myself for a long time, so I asked them to understand my feelings, and both the company and Ji Young decided to respect my decision.

Thanks to the time I’ve spent with all of you, I can think, “Am I worthy of all this love? Then I have to become someone who can return double the amount of love I received.”

I can’t express myself well, so I’m rambling on even in this short writing. But whether I write well or not, I want to approach you completely as myself, because this is the last time. What I started in middle school for fun has now grown into a team that many people listen to, and I want to tell you that BOL4 is a precious memory to me.

Even though I won’t be able to continue promoting with BOL4 like before, I will become a fan and friend who watches over BOL4 and supports it. Thank you for being with me in my happiest times. I love you all.

However, Ji-yoon’s departure raised a big question mark. Many suspected an internal problem and proved correct. It is known that she was treated unfairly by the agency.
After her departure, many fans believed that the real reason behind her leaving is due to the unfair treatment that she received during her time with BOL4A post on the site Pann has gained much attention since it revealed that a fan ignores her after getting Ahn Ji-young’s signature on a fan sign event. Ji-yoon still smiles and waves to the fan who turned his back on her.

In another picture, a staff mistreated her with unfair treatment as staff ignored her while holding an umbrella over Ahn Ji-young’s head. Ji-yoon finally covers herself with her jacket to dodge the rain.


Meanwhile, after Ji-yoon’s official departure, Ji-young also left a personal letter. She apologized to fans for the seemingly sudden news and for those who might be angry after continuing to support them all this time. She stated that Ji-yoon had been worried about this for a long time before making the decision to leave. Ji-young even admitted that she was shocked and couldn’t accept it when she first heard this.

“I was very angry. But I also thought about her worries and difficulties before finally deciding on it. Because she was very considerate,” wrote Ji-young. “After almost 10 years of knowing her, she always does her best for BOL4. I think it’s my time to support her as a friend,” Ji-young went on.

Although they will no longer appear together as BOL4, Ji-yoon and Ji-young agreed to always support each other and share the news with fans in the future.

“To IoBoly (fan club) who played a big role for us in the past four years, thank you for loving and supporting us without any restrictions. I will also always support Ji-yoon early as well as give a better picture of Ahn Ji-young BOL4,” Jiyoung wrote.