Woo Do-hwan: Full Profile, The Duality Acting, Drama List, etc.

Woo Do-hwan’s Romantic Partners


Even as a rising new actor, Woo Do-hwan has already appeared as the main actor in several dramas. He has acted alongside some new actresses. His roles and chemistry with Joy of Red Velvet, former idol turned actress Ryu Hwa-young and actress Moon Ga-young in dramas became the main plot that viewers were looking forward to watching. Let’s take a look at Woo Do-hwan’s roles and chemistry with his romantic partners in dramas.

Woo Do-hwan and Joy


Woo Do-hyun acted alongside Red Velvet’s Joy in the MBC youth drama Tempted. Joy performed as Park So-young, an honest and hardworking university student. She was seduced by rich heir Kwon Shi-hyun, performed by Woo Do-hwan. Initially, Kwon Shi-hyun tempted to seduce Park So-young because of the challenge given by another rich heir. To his surprise, he ended up falling in love with the poor student. He fell in love because of her modest and pure character.

Woo Do-hwan and Ryu Hwa-young


Woo Do-hwan and Ryu Hwa-young’s love fight in the KBS TV series Mad Dog drew attention from fans and viewers. Woo Do-hwan’s Kim Min-joon character and Ryu Hwa-young’s Jang Ha-ri’s character always fight and argue with each other inside the drama. Although being part of the same team with the same purpose, Jang Ha-ri and Kim Min-joon’s constantly compete and quarrel about everything. Their love and war relationship in Mad Dog was one subplot that viewers anticipated in each episode. Off the screen, they have good chemistry and were frequently photographed close to each other.

Woo Do-hwan and Moon Ga-young


Woo Do-hwan and Moon Ga-yong collaborated in the MBC drama series Tempted. Woo Do-hwan played Kwon Shi-yoon, a young heir that considers love and romance as his playground while Moon Ga-young played as Choi Soo-ji, the daughter of a hospital director that is in love with Kwon Shi-yoon. Even though Choi Soo-ji loves Kwon Shi-yoon, she challenges him to make an innocent college student fall in love with him. Kwon Shi-yoon and Choi Soo-ji are high school students that are the subject of envy of other students because they have both looks and riches.

That was the information about Woo Do-hwan and his latest news. His acting in The King Eternal Monarch gained attention from K-Drama fans. His popularity continues to soar after his performance in The King The Eternal Monarch. Let’s hope that he gets another breakthrough role as the main actor in a drama or movie. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions about Woo Do-hwan in the comment section below.