Woo Do-hwan: Full Profile, The Duality Acting, Drama List, etc.


Take A Look At Woo Do-hwan’s chemistry With New Actress And His Dual Role in K-dramas

Woo Do-hwan’s popularity rose after his appearance as the cool and manly bodyguard in The King: Eternal Monarch. In the popular drama, he performed a dual role with opposite characters. Being able to act alongside elite Korean actor and Hallyu icon, Lee Min-ho, allowed Wo Do-hwan to gain a new fan base in Asian countries. Woo Do-hwan’s rise in popularity, excellent fashion sense, and manly appearance allowed him to grace the cover of popular fashion magazines.

Before his appearance in The King: Eternal Monarch, Wo Do-hwan received a positive response from K-drama lovers for his role in the criminal themed TV series Save Me and Mad Dog. In Mad Dog, he has the charisma and confidence to play as a professional swindler. He also acted alongside new actresses like Joy of Red Velvet and Ryu Hwa-young.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Woo Do-hwan’s profile, roles, and chemistry with beautiful young actresses in K-dramas. So stay tuned!

Woo Do-hwan’s Full Profile


Name: Woo Do-hwan

Date of Birth: July 12th, 1992

Place of Birth: Gyeonggi Province, Anyang, Korea

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Zodiac: Cancer

Management: KeyEast Entertainment

Education: Dankook University, Majoring Performance and Film

Instagram: @wdohwan


  • Woo Do-hwan has performed in commercials for famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, Kakao, and KT Telecommunication.
  • In a Cola-Cola commercial, Woo Do-hwan has performed with Blackpink.
  • In 2018, he was the ambassador of Northface and Korean traditional dress, Hanbok.
  • He loves eating fried eggs and eggs must always be present in his daily menu.
  • Woo Do-hwan debuted as an actor in the 2011 MBN drama You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here.
  • He received the 2017 KBS Drama Award for Best New Actor for his acting in the drama Mad Dog.
  • In 2018, Woo Do-hwan received an Excellence Award for his role in the MBC drama Tempted.
  • Woo Do-hwan was rumored to be dating several celebrities such as Ryu Hwa-young and Moon Ga-young.

Woo Do-hwan’s Drama List

Year Title Role Station
2011 You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here MBN
2012 Shut Up Flower Boy Band tvN
2016 Dramaworld Seung-woo Viki
Sweet Stranger and Me Kim Wan-shik KBS2
2017 Save Me Suk Dong-cheol OCN
Mad Dog Kim Min-joon/Jan Gebauer KBS2
2018 Tempted Kwon Si-hyun MBC
2019 My Country: The New Age Nam Sun-ho JTBC
2020 The King: Eternal Monarch Jo Eun-seob/Jo Young SBS


Woo Do-hwan’s Movie List

Year Title Role
2016 Operation Chromite Ri Kyung-shik’s subordinate
Master Man with the backward baseball cap
2019 The Divine Fury Ji-shin
The Divine Move: Ghost Move Loner


The Duality of Woo Do-hwan’s Acting


Woo Do-hwan’s dual role in The King’s Eternal Monarch earned him a positive response from drama lovers. He was able to portray two opposite roles, one as the quirky and playful debutant police officer and the other as the strict and stoic King bodyguard. In two parallel worlds, he is a close friend of Lee Min-ho. Their brotherly romance in the drama became the subplot that was loved by viewers.

Woo Do-hwan in Save Me

Woo Do-hwan collaborated with Ok Taec-yeon to uncover the dark story behind vicious cult religious groups. On the team, he has the ability to disguise as a nerdy boy to obtain information. He deliberately acted like an awkward student to approach the cult religious groups.

Woo Do-hwan in Mad Dog

Woo Do-hwan and Mad Dog members teamed up in a Mission Impossible-esque task to acquire important files from the suspect’s office. His team illegally searched for important evidence without any warrant. Their plan was about to fail without Woo Do-hwan’s quick thinking and swindling skills.

Woo Do-hwan in The King: Eternal Monarch

Woo Do-hwan performed two opposite roles in The King: Eternal Monarch: as a playful and easygoing police officer of South Korea, Jo Eun-seob, and as Jo-young, a strict and cold royal bodyguard in a fantasy country, Jo–yeong. His performance as the royal bodyguard made him dressed in a stylish and sleek suit. He gained popularity due to his manly and trustable character in the drama.