Profile of Day6’s Wonpil (Age, Height, Tattoo, and Facts)


The Profile of DAY6’s Gorgeous Synthesizer, Wonpil

DAY6 is one of the hottest bands nowadays. They have good music, talented band members, comedic capabilities, and all of them are very good looking. It’s hard to resist this band’s catchy songs or the cool guys in it. Now, we are going to look into the profile of DAY6’s synthesizer. Aren’t you curious what kind of a person Wonpil is? Prepare yourself to fall in love with his charms~ ^^

Profile of DAY6’s Wonpil

Real name: Kim Wonpil (김원필)
Stage name: Wonpil
Birthday: April 28th 1994
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Sibling: One older sister
Education: Jinsan Elementary School, Jinsan Middle School, Jinsan High School, Daekyeong University, Department of Model
Height / Weight: 176cm / 60kg
Blood type: A
Position: Keyboardist, vocalist, synthesizer
Hobbies: Strolling around, MIDI, collecting action figures
Special talent: Playing with MIDI (Musical Instrumental Digital Interface)

Facts About DAY6’s Wonpil
  • Many people think that Wonpil looks like former Infinite member Hoya.
  • Wonpil was nicknamed ‘pencil’ in high school, probably because his name resembles the Korean word for pencil which is yeonpil (연필).
  • His fellow band members said that Wonpil is the best at showing aegyo (cuteness).
  • Wonpil likes to drink.
  • Wonpil once covered John Legend’s All of Me on a radio show.
  • Wonpil likes to create figurines and models out of plastic.
  • When his friends called him rough, Wonpil blew them kisses instead.
  • Wonpil is one of the original members of 5LIVE, which was Day6’s original name.
  • Wonpil is naturally clingy.
  • Wonpil’s ideal type is girl is a girl who knows what she wants and works hard to achieve it.
  • Wonpil is close to GOT7’s Jinyoung.
  • Wonpil is the 4D among DAY6 members.

DAY6’s Wonpil’s Eyes

Wonpil’s eyes are not usual, if you look closely at his eyes, Wonpil is a little bit cross eyed. But his eyes are still so beautiful, and he sometimes looks like a puppy, and then we just fall for him harder and harder. His cross-eyes have became one of his charms that draw us to him even more. Please give this adorable puppy some love ^^

DAY6’s Wonpil’s Tattoo

Wonpil has a tattoo on his ring finger. Actually, it is a heart-shaped tattoo. Wonpil revealed that it’s from a shell-bone character, and it’s the first image to depict the heart. He said he always wanted to see a heart, but of course he can’t see his own heart. For him it’s a bit embarrassing, but he said he wants to feel alive” and like I am living and breathing.” What a thoughtful man, right? ^^

What do you think? Is Wonpil charming enough for you to consider him your next idol? He is adorable, funny, thoughtful, and handsome at the same time. He is the full package of an ideal man. If you want to know more about him, you can check his posts on DAY6’s Instagram account @day6kilogram