Transformation of Yubin From Wonder Girls into Soloist


On April 24th, 2019, Yubin was reported of being part of the cast for a new drama that will be aired on SBS, titled VIP. The rapper of Wonder Girls, Yubin, already attended the script reading session a few weeks ago. Previously, Yubin made an appearance in the drama The Virus that aired on OCN around 2013 as her acting debut. Although she only appeared in several episodes, this was an important role as it was her first time acting in a television drama.

The drama, VIP, is a story about four women who work at the same office as part of a department store’s VIP exclusive team. It’s basically a mystery melodrama about the women’s personal lives and how they run into troubles at work. The cast that has been revealed to appear in this drama includes artists such as Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Na-ra, Lee Chung-ah, Pyo Ye-jin, and many more. The drama is scheduled for broadcast around September 2019.

Latest News

On July 2nd, 2019, Yubin appeared as one of the guests of Video Star that was aired on MBC Every1 with other guests such as Park Bom, Song Ji-eun, and Jeon Ji-yoon. They shared how their lives have been as idols. As a member of Wonder Girls, Yubin shared her experience since her debut era until now.

“I debuted as a member of Wonder Girls to replace HyunA due to her health issues. I was cast as a member of Wonder Girls as they were looking for a new member while I was prepared to debut with Five Girls. I joined the group during their preparations for the comeback with “Tell Me” and I had to record 12 songs, learn the choreography for three songs, and film a music video within two weeks before debut.” – Wonder Girls’ Yubin

“When I heard the comeback single, ‘Tell Me,’ for the first time, I didn’t seem to like it since it had a concept of retro but in fact, we’re not living in that era anymore. We [Wonder Girls] expected to wear pretty make-up just like any other girl group concept but we had to wear colorful make-up with green eyeshadows and curl our hair. We thought that it didn’t look good on us so we didn’t like it.” – Wonder Girls’ Yubin

That was all the information about Wonder Girls’ Yubin’s transformation from her debut era with her girl group until her recent activities and promotions as a solo singer. Well, let us hope for the best to Yubin’s career in the future so we can see her in upcoming comebacks as a singer or enjoy her acting in dramas!