Let’s Take a Look at Former Wonder Girls Member, Sohee, in Her Latest Drama!


Let’s Get Acquainted With the Youngest Former Member of Wonder Girls – Ahn So-hee

Ahn So-hee was born on June 27th, 1992, in Seoul, South Korea. She is better known by the mononym Sohee and is a popular South Korean actress and singer. She is a former member of the South Korean girl group Wonder Girls.

She was selected through auditions and at the age of 12 when she became a JYP Entertainment trainee. In 2007, she was revealed as a third member of Wonder Girls, a girl group managed by JYP Entertainment, after two years of training. The group debuted with the single “Irony,” featuring Sohee as a dancer and vocalist of the group. The group quickly rose to stardom with their hits “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” and “Nobody,” in less than two years from their debut. Sohee herself earned the title the “Nation’s Little Sister.” In particular, she is known for her unique catchphrase “Omona” from the song “Tell Me,” which became a national craze.

In an official JYP Entertainment announcement, it was revealed that Sohee would not renew her contract with the company, thus ending her six-year membership as part of Wonder Girls. Her contract with the company expired on December 21st, 2013.

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Sohee’s Latest Drama ‘Laughter in Waikiki 2’


Successful with their first season, JTBC TV station is now back to producing the second season of the Korean drama Welcome to Waikiki. For this new season, the production team is likely to display many new faces, one of which is Ahn So-hee.

This was revealed directly by BH Entertainment, the agency which now houses the former members of Wonder Girls, on Wednesday, November 14th. The agency revealed Ahn So-hee had positively accepted an offer to appear in the drama.

“Ahn So-hee has positively considered appearing in the second season of Welcome to Waikiki,” the agency said, as reported by Soompi.

Welcome to Waikiki season 2 is Ahn So-hee’s comeback drama after three years. Previously, she had a role in the film Train to Busan. Ahn So-hee got the role of Kim Jung-eun, one of Lee Jun-ki’s friends who lives at the Waikiki inn.

Sohee’s Comeback Drama After a Long Time


Ahn So-hee returns to the screen through the new sequel of the comedy-drama Welcome to Waikiki 2.

The drama Welcome to Waikiki 2 will air soon. This is a sequel to the success of the first season of the drama with the same title. But in this second season, there are many new faces, one of which is the former member of Wonder Girls, Ahn So-hee.

Ahn So-hee plays Kim Jung-eun, a hard worker and friend of Lee Yi-kyung, who plays Lee Joon-gi in the drama. Not long ago, Ahn So-hee underwent a photo shoot for a new edition. The former member of the girl group Wonder Girls talked about her role in the drama.

In her character in the drama, Kim Jung-eun is described as the queen part-time worker. Debuting at a fairly young age of 14, Ahn So-hee said Welcome to Waikiki 2 gave her the opportunity to act as a unique character she had never played before.

“Because I debuted at a young age, I didn’t have many opportunities to try a lot of work,” Ahn So-hee opened. “So I’m very impatient because I can at least act as a part-time worker in this drama and I really enjoy it.”

Being a celebrity since a very young age, stress and anxiety have always haunted Ahn So-hee. Ahn So-hee admitted that she had her own way of dealing with her fears. “I didn’t try to avoid it (that feeling), and let my mind naturally lead me. After that, I remembered why I decided to start this job and I returned to my original mind style back. That could clear my nervousness,” she explained.

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is a drama that tells the story of a group of young people at an inn who have problems with friendship, love, and their dreams. The drama is scheduled to begin airing on March 25th.

Ahn So-hee started her career with a debut with JYP Entertainment’s girl group Wonder Girls. But in 2013, she solidified her career by acting in a number of popular drama and film titles.

Sohee Confirmed Her Appearance in ‘Waikiki 2,’ Netter: It seems Like the Producer is Wrong in Casting the Actress!


Sohee again greeted fans on the screen by starring in the drama Welcome to Waikiki Season 2!

Sohee debuted as an idol with the girl group Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment. Unlike the other members who continued their careers as solo artists, Sohee apparently chose to focus on acting and has appeared in a number of dramas and films.

Now Sohee will return to greet the fans on the screen with the JTBC drama Welcome to Waikiki Season 2. In a recent press conference, Sohee promised to show better acting as an actress. But unfortunately, many netizens still doubt her acting skills. Sohee often gets scathing about her acting skills which are called bad and is urged to sing instead of acting.

The same thing happened when Sohee starred in Welcome to Waikiki Season 2. Some even say that the drama producer, who also cast Moon Ga-young and Kim Ye-won, has chosen the wrong actress.

“This must be a producer error in the casting process, she can’t even act,” commented a netter. “We all know she will continue to act with her bad abilities, very disturbing. People don’t like your acting because everything you do looks stiff,” added another. “What acting will look good for us, her acting is really scary,” another exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Sohee first tried out her acting skills when she appeared as an extra in the 2004 film The Synesthesia for Overtone Construction. Then, this 26-year-old idol got a role in several popular dramas, such as Heart to Heart and Entourage.

Behind the Scene

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Sohee’s Interaction with Other Cast Members

Lee Yi-kyung Praises Ahn So-hee For Her Hard Work In ‘Welcome To Waikiki 2’


Lee Yi-kyung has shared what it was like working with Ahn So-hee on Welcome to Waikiki 2. The actor recently starred in the drama as co-CEO of the guesthouse Waikiki and minor actor Lee Joon-ki, with Ahn So-hee playing his love interest and college friend Kim Jung-eun.

During an interview, Lee Yi-kyung shared, “Some people thought that our love story was wrapped up in a hurry in the last episode. I told Sohee, ‘I think ours is the best.’ It could be felt as hurried, but I think the other couples’ love stories were the ones that concluded in a rush.” He added, “There were a lot of changes to the script. There was originally even a kiss scene with Sohee, but the director chose to do it this way. I don’t think that it’s bad at all. Some people commented, ‘It feels like it’s hinting at a season three.’ I liked that better.”

When asked what kind of actress Ahn So-hee is, Lee Yi-kyung remarked, “Until the very end, we did back-and-forth four-hour-long script readings in the conference room. We each had our way of approaching it. After meeting Sohee, I did four-hour-long readings in the conference room. She’s someone who works really hard, and she’s also the type to feel the pressure. I have my own way of doing things, and she followed along with that. She never went to the bathroom once during the four hours and wrote down a lot of things.”

Lee Yi-kyung continued, “Towards the end, I even said, ‘Sohee, it’s a relief that you took on the character of Kim Jung-eun. Thank you.’ I don’t know how she must have felt, but I really liked it.”

He shared, “I have a lot of passion. I’m the type of person to always be on set first and such. Sohee said she understood and that she would follow along. That’s how I felt that she works really hard. I also felt and learned a lot from Sohee. I’m thankful that she was in the drama.”

Lee Yi-Kyung and Ahn So-hee’s Funny Moments

Former Wonder Girls Member Gave Her Support


The friendship between the former members of the Wonder Girls proved to be still very strong. This time, Sunmi and Ahn So-hee show that they are still close friends and support one another, even though now, the two idols are in a different “world” in the entertainment industry.

On April 26th, former Wonder Girls member Ahn So-hee uploaded a photo on her official Instagram account. This idol who is currently more focused on becoming an actress shows a touching form of support from Sunmi.

Sunmi, who succeeded as a solo artist sent a coffee truck on the set of the drama Welcome To Waikiki 2. As is known, Ahn So-hee played one of the main characters, Kim Jung-eun, in that popular drama.



One of the former members of Wonder Girls, who is still active in the entertainment industry, is posing cutely with a cup from the coffee truck sent by Sunmi. In the photo caption, the actress who also played a role in the movie Train To Busan wrote, “Without telling me… Thank you, friend. You are my left arm, and I am your right hand.”

She also included several tags, such as “Welcome To Waikiki 2,” “So Hee,” “Sunmi,” and “MiSo,” which are combinations of both names.

Ahn So-hee also included photos of the Sunmi coffee truck filled with support banners. Some banners read, “Eat well and get strength. Passion for Welcome to Waikiki 2, and So Hee and Sunmi forever. Welcome to Waikiki 2 ‘will be the best ~!”