Former Wonder Girl’s Member, Park Ye-eun: Profile, Facts, Discography, Latest News, and More!

Wonder Girl's Yae-eun

The Main Vocal, Ye Eun

Park Ye-eun, or as we all know her as Yeeun, is a former member of the girl group Wonder Girls, together with Sunmi, Hyuna, Sunye, Sohee, and Yubin. This group is under JYP Entertainment. Yeeun debuted as a singer in 2007, as a member of Wonder Girls and her position was that of the main vocalist. Yeeun has even written a song for the soundtrack f the drama Dream High 2 in 2012, which was released on February 14th, 2012, and she made an appearance in the drama to perform the song.

Yeeun debuted as a solo singer on July 31st, 2014, under the name Ha:tfelt with her mini-album Me? After Wonder Girls disbanded in 2017, Yeeun moved to a new music label, Amoeba Culture, and became their first female solo artist in eleven years. Yeeun now often use her new stage name, Ha:tfelt and the meaning of her name is a form of the words “hot” and “heartfelt.” Her first mini-album, Me?, was included in Billboard’s list of the 10 best K-Pop album of 2014.

Ye Eun’s Profile

Yeeun Wonder Girl

Real Name: Park Ye-eun (박예은)

Stage Name: Wonder Girl’s Yeeun (예은) Ha:tfelt (핫펠트)

Date and Place of Birth: May 26th, 1989, Goyang, Goyangi-do, South Korea

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Composer

Years Active: 2007 – present

Labels: JYP Entertainment, Amoeba Culture

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: AB

Twitter: @WGyenny

Instagram: @hatfelt

Ye Eun Fun Facts

Yeeun Wonder Girl

Every singer, actor, actress, host, etc., has facts which not many people know about them, especially people who are said to be idols. This is also true about former Wonder Girls member, Yeeun or Ha:tfelt. Here are some Ye Eun fun facts:

  • Yeeun is called Yenny as her International name.
  • She’s the last member who joined the group.
  • She is fluent in English and Chinese.
  • Yeeun is the whiny member of Wonder Girls.
  • Her favorite artists are Lauryn Hill, Aretha Flankin, and So Hyang.
  • Many people say that Yeeun has an angelic and strong voice.
  • She is proficient in piano and guitar, and she even used to be a teacher giving piano lessons.
  • When shooting daily videos for the Wonder Girls channel, Yeeun and Hyelim have tried to make cookies. But when baked, the doughed spread into one part with a weird taste when eaten.
  • Yeeun was the songwriter and composer of every song in Wonder Girls’ tracklist.
  • She is the best composer in the group.
  • When she was still a member of Wonder Girls, she became the leader of the group.


Extended Plays 

Album Name Title Year
Me? “Iron Girl” feat Lim of Wonder Girl July 31st, 2014

Label: JYP Entertainment

“Ain’t Nobody”
“Bond” feat Beenzino
“Wherever Together”
“Peter Pan”
“Nothing Lasts Forever” (다운)


Single Album

Title Years
Meine October 12th, 2017 (Label: Amoeba Culture)
Deine April 18th, 2018 (Label: Amoeba Culture)



Title Album Year
As Lead Artist
Ain’t Nobody Me? 2014
There Must Be (with Joo Hyo) 2015
I Wander (새 신발) feat Gaeko Meine 2017
Pluhmm” (위로가 돼요) Deine 2018
As Featured Artist
Baby, I Love You (환상의 짝꿍) (H-Eugene with Yeeun) Baby, I Love You 2008
No Make Up (환상의 짝꿍) (Gaeko with Zion T and Yeeun) Redingray 2014
Get It (알아듣겠지) (Younha, with Ha:tfelt and Cheetah) 2016



Title Album Year
Thru The Sky Cross Country OST 2017
Cross Country (with Suran, Kim Bo-hyung, and Hanna)

Dating 2AM’s Jinwoon

Yeeun Wonder Girl

In 2016, Yeeun was reported of dating 2AM’s Jinwoon, and this news was horrendous to the public, especially for their fans. According to one of the K-medias, they’ve been secretly dating for 2 years before finally admitted it in September 2016. The two of them were artists of the same agency, namely JYP Entertainment, and their relationship developed from a senior-junior to a love relationship. It is estimated that they actually started dating somewhere around 2014.

In 2015, Jinwoon moved to Mystic Entertainment, and even though they separated, their relationship went on without any obstacles. Both of them also help each other in music, because they have the same taste in music. They seem to be very compact; for example, when Yeeun makes a song, Jinwoon accompanies her with the sound of the guitar that he plays. This news was already confirmed by their agency, and the agencies added that Yeeun and Jinwoon will support each other for their career and continue to have a beautiful relationship as a musician couple.

Ye Eun and 2AM’s Jinwoon’s Break-Up Story

Yeeun Wonder Girl

After being in a relationship for three years, Yeeun and Jinwoon have been reported to have broken up naturally. The reason for their breakup hasn’t been clearly stated, but Amoeba Culture, as Yeeun’s or Ha:tfelt (stage name) agency, has released a statement that their relationship had to end because of their personal life problems.

Some people think that they broke up because of the case of Yeeun’s dad who was involved in fraud. But this isn’t true, in fact, they indeed had to separate or break up, because of incompatibility and their personal lives.

After the news that their relationship has ended, Yeeun was invited as a guest in the TV program Video Star. On the occasion, the host talked about her relationship with Jinwoon and then, she was sorry because, at that time, Yeeun dared to go public. The consequence is, Yeeun was given some scathing comments. Unfortunately, the end of their relationship made some people feel sad.

Latest News!

Yeeun Wonder Girl

In addition to her failed relationship, last year, that is 2018, Yeeun or Ha:tfelt released the new song from her new single album Deine. At that time, Yeeun made a music video for the new song “Pluhmm,” and with a different concept. At that time, Yeeun wore a polite but attractive outfit. And then in April 2018, it was revealed that the album had not been received as well as it was hoped by Yeeun. She was also scolded for her appearance by some.