After 3 Years Dating, Won Bin and Lee Na-young Finally Tie the Knot! Check out the Beautiful Wedding Pictures The Have!

Won Bin and Lee Na-young

A Small and Beautiful Wedding

Top South Korean Actor Won Bin and actress Lee Na-young tied the knot on May 30, 2015.

The couple have reported dating since July 3, 2013. According to sources close to the two actors, Won Bin and Lee Na-young actually started dating since August 2012. They came to know each other when Lee Na-young moved to the same agency as Won Bin’s in August 2011. One acquaintance has said that they both have a lot of similarities. They started hanging out together through their stylists and naturally developed an interest in one another.

The wedding took place in Won Bin’s hometown of Jeongseon, Gangwon-do. The wedding ceremony was a private one with only 50 guests in attendance, all of who were relatives from both sides of the family and there were no celebrity guests spotted. Their agency, Eden Nine stated that the couple wanted to do the wedding as quietly as possible since they were making an everlasting promise. Their agency also denied the premarital pregnancy rumor.

Here are some of their wedding photos:

Their agency posted these photos a few days after the wedding. In one of the photos, Lee Na-young was reciting her vows, while Won Bin looked at her lovingly thus creating a heartwarming scene. Their agency said that “On Saturday, May 30, on a small, nameless pasture [the couple] took their first step together with the person they’ll be spending the rest of their lives with. Walking out onto the green field under the fair May skies, the couple became one after receiving both of their parents’ blessings. Even when faced with life’s misfortunes, [The couple] will remember the promises they made to one another on this land where they were born and raised.”

The couple’s small wedding has become more popular ever since. The combined cost of Won Bin and Lee Na-young’s wedding, including food and ceremony expenses, came out to be 1.1 million KRW. The total amount for their small and beautiful wedding was not nearly as much as compared to other top stars. The average cost of renting the space where many celebrities were known to hold their wedding ceremonies was about 120 million KRW. The dresses worn by actresses Lee Min-jung and Jun Ji-hyun were revealed to have cost around 100 million KRW and 80 million KRW respectively.

Won Bin and Lee Na-young went on their honeymoon some time after the wedding. They first finished their works before going on honeymoon. They didn’t inform many people about their honeymoon and were said to have enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Finland. They secretly traveled to Finland with a few other acquaintances.