Full Profile of ‘Winter Sonata’ Actor Park Yong-ha: Movies, Drama List, Songs, Death, and Funeral Photos


Who is Park Yong-ha?

Park Yong-ha, one of the best actors that South Korea has, will always have a place in his fans’ heart. The actor who hit his popularity since his appearance in the 2002 drama Winter Sonata, which was labeled as one of the K-wave pioneers. He started his career when he was seventeen with his musical and acting skills. After his debut in the MBC drama Theme Theater (1994), Park appeared in a range of TV dramas and films.

Devastating news about Park Yong-ha came in 2010. Park was found dead by his mother in his home in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. Later on, it was found that he had suffered from depression for quite a long time. We might have lost his figure in the entertainment industry now, but his work remains and will be remembered.

If you want to know more about actor Park Yong-ha and what he did in his life, don’t miss out this article!



Name: Park Yong-ha
Hangul: 박용하
Date of Birth: August 12, 1977
Date of Death: June 30, 2010
Place of Birth: South Korea
Height: 176 cm
Genres: Pop, K-Pop, J-Pop
Occupation(s): singer, actor
Years active: 1994–2010
Labels: Pony Canyon (Japan)


As stated before, besides his work as an actor, he also had plenty of singles and albums. His albums and singles were also popular among Japanese youth, which led to him releasing Japanese albums. Let’s check out Park Yong-ha’s albums and songs list.

Korean Albums

  • Tidings (2003)
  • Fiction (2004)
  • Present (2007)

Japan releases


  • Kibyol (2004)
  • Will Be There (2006)
  • Love (2008)
  • Stars (2010)
  • Song For You (2014) (Posthumous Release)


  • Sometime (2005)
  • Once in a Summer (2009)


  • 2003 처음 그날처럼 (Like the First Day)
  • Kajimaseyo (2004)
  • Truth (2005)
  • Kimigasaikou (2006)
  • Bokunopagewomekureba (2007)
  • Behind love (2008)
  • Say Goodbye (2008)
  • Beloved People (2009)
  • One Love (2010)



As an actor, he took roles in various dramas and films. One of his most popular dramas was Winter Sonata. His role in this drama opened up a window of opportunities for him to play in many other dramas. Up until a year before he ended his life, Park still managed to appear on the screen.

Check out Park Yong-ha’s filmography list!


  • The Scam (2009)
  • Although It is Hateful Again 2002 (2002)
  • If It Snows on Christmas (1998)

TV drama

  • The Slingshot (2009)
  • On Air (2008)
  • Tokyo Wankei (2004)
  • Loving You (2002)
  • KBS Winter Sonata (2002)
  • Sunflower (2000)
  • 소문난 여자 Somun (2001)
  • KBS Snowflakes (2001)
  • More Than Love
  • See and See Again (보고 또 보고 / Bo go Tto Bo go) (1998)
  • What A Tough Woman (1997)

Awards and Nominations

Due to of his remarkable acting skills demonstrated in the dramas and movies he played in, Park had been nominated for numerous awards and even won some of them. Here are his awards and nominations while he was alive!

  • 2010: 2010 SKY Perfect TV Awards, Japan, “Grand Prix,” “Korean Wave (Han-Ryu)”
  • 2009: 2009 KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) Awards
  • 2008: 2008 SBS Drama Awards, “Best Actor for Drama Special Section,” “Top 10 Stars”
  • 2008: 2008 SKY Perfect TV Awards, Japan, “Grand Prix,” “Korean Wave (Han-Ryu)”
  • 2008: 2008 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards, “Hot Global Star”
  • 2008: 22nd Japan Gold Disc Awards, “Best Asian Artist”
  • 2007: 21st Japan Gold Disc Awards, “Best Asian Artist”
  • 2006: 20th Japan Gold Disc Awards, “Song of the Year,” “Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005 Special Award”
  • 2005: 19th Japan Gold Disc Awards, “Best New Artist”
  • 2004: 10th Seoul Music Awards, “Han-Ryu Artist”
  • 2002: KBS Drama Awards, “Excellence Award, Actor”
  • 1998: MBC Drama Awards, “Best New Actor”