Check Out The Best Winter Outfits Of Kim Go-eun in ‘Goblin’


Kim Go-eun

Details About Kim Go-eun’s Outfits in Goblin

Who hasn’t heard of the most phenomenal K-drama ever, Goblin? Almost everything about the series made people fall in love with it, whether it was the plot, the characters, the soundtracks, or even the character’s outfits! Some of the most talked-about looks were Kim Go-eun’s winter outfits from Goblin. Channel Korea will give you all the details, so stay tuned!

The setting in Goblin varied, but most of the action during the winter. Kim Go-eun, who was cast as Ji Eun-tak, wore a lot of comfy winter outfits which made people wanted to copy her style. Are you one of them? In this article, Channel Korea has introduced you to the cheerful Kim Go-eun and her winter outfits ideas, based on her role in Goblin!

Hooded Sweatshirts

Kim Go-eun

First of all, we have hooded sweatshirt style from Kim Go-eun. During the winter, people mostly want to feel as warm as possible, but they also wanted to be comfy, as well. Hooded sweatshirts might be one of the best ways to reach both those goals in the winter! You can easily copy Kim Go-eun’s style with hooded sweatshirts.

Let’s take a look at some of Kim Go-eun’s hooded sweater style in Goblin here!

1. Fur Hooded Parka

Kim Go-eun

The fur accent on this hooded parka won’t justy make you warm enough, but also add a bit of extra style. You could mix it with a wool shirt as the inner, just like Kim Go-eun!

2. Casual Hoodie 

Kim Go-eun

One of the comfy sweaters ever, is a casual hoodie! They’re usually made of cotton, so you can wear it all the day without feeling uncomfortable. If you think that a cotton hoodie isn’t warm enough, just put a coat over it to complete your winter style!

3. Sporty Hooded Sweater

Kim Go-eun

Another hooded sweater style from Kim Go-eun! This time, you get her style with a sporty hooded sweater, one of her best looks was using the printed hoodie! Comfy, yet stylish, obviously!

4. Knitted Sweater

Kim Go-eun

If you’re not a hoodie person, you could just wear a simple sweater without any kind of hood. One of the best recommended styles from Kim Go-eun’s appearance is the chenille sweater, above. Mix it with tight pants and a cool belt, and you’ll get your own cool look.

Long Scarf

Kim Go-eun

Next, you recognize this look with the long scarf, right? The style was kinda iconic, since it was the red wool scarf! Kim Go-eun wore the same red wool scarf in many scenes in the series But, she also paired the scarf with a lot of different styles!

Let’s take a look at some of Kim Go-eun’s long scarf looks from Goblin here!

1. Long Scarf and Hooded Sweater

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun wore this oversized maroon hooded sweater, then she added the iconic red wool scarf to complete her look!

2. Long Scarf and Colorblock Jacket

Kim Go-eun

The pop of vibrant red from Kim Go-eun’s long scarf looked great against her black and white jacket! If you want to look minimalist with the monochrome style but you also want a little attention, just add a red scarf!

3. Long Scarf and Coat

Kim Go-eun

To a semi-formal look, you could wear a long coat with a long scarf, just like Kim Go-eun! Choose a natural color for your coat, and brighten it up with the vibrant color of the scarf. Voila, you have one of Kim Go-eun’s winter outfits in Goblin!


Kim Go-eun

Another winter style idea from Kim Go-eun in Goblin! This time, she’s wearing a turtleneck. For those of you who don’t really like wearing a scarf, a turtleneck might be a better option for your winter outfits!

Let’s take a look at some of Kim Go-eun’s turtleneck style in Goblin, here!

1. Printed Turtleneck

kim go-eun

There are a lot of magnificent prints in fabrics, and one of them is stripes! You could wear a striped turtleneck, or one with another print, on a winter day!

2. Basic White Turtleneck

kim go-eun

It’s always useful to own at least one basic, white turtleneck, especially if you live in an area where you have four seasons! Kim Go-eun wore a basic white turtleneck sweater with wide yellow bands at the wrist, and looked effortlessly cute!

3. Tweed-look Turtleneck

Kim Go-eun

In addition to a basic white turtleneck, it’s also good to have one dark one, as well! One of the Kim Go-eun’s looks used this dark grey, knitted turtleneck, which matched her coat.

4. Turtleneck and Jacket

kim go-eun

You can look as casual as Kim Go-eun with a brown turtleneck and navy jacket! You could also replaced the navy jacket with any kind of your jacket on your own!

Long Coat

Kim Go-eun

Last, but not least, we have long-coat looks for winter outfits! Long wool coats give you a look that’s more stylish, polished, and professional than shorter jackets do. And also, long coats can be matched with a lot of styles!

Let’s take a look at some of Kim Go-eun’s long coat style in Goblin, here!

1. Natural Color Long Coat

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun wore this longer coat in camel, with toggle-look buttons. To complete her casual style, she wore jeans and ankle boots, as well!

2. Pastel Long Coat

Kim Go-eun

This pastel maxi-coat with blazer-like styling gives a polished and sophisticated look. Grab your own pastel long coat to look as stunning as Kim Go-eun!

3. Strappy Long Coat

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun wore this mustard-colored, long peacoat with a black turtleneck as the inner. She also added ankle boots and a black leather bag to complete her style!

4. Printed Long Coat

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun also wore this printed long coat and white turtleneck as the inner, one of the best ways to look neat and chic at the same time!

Well, that was all the information about Kim Go-eun and some of her winter outfits in Goblin! Since her appearance in the drama was full of really wearable, everyday looks and seemed really comfy, too, people have fallen in love with her style, and it’s time to get yours as well!

Channel Korea has introduced you Kim Go-eun and her Goblin outfits, so don’t forget to tell us which one your favorite from her looks and leave a comment down below!