WINNER’s Lee Seung-hoon: Profile, Abs, Tattoos, Dating History, etc

Lee Seung-hoon, the Baby Lion of WINNER

Having been a street dancer when he was a young kid, Seunghoon is currently known as one of the dancing machines among top Korean idols. His dancing style is considered more relaxed compared to the usual vigorous movements that most idols who are dancers use, as he puts more detailed elements in his choreography. As a result, many people praise him for being a versatile dancer and choreographer because of his ability in making a variety of the dance routine.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about WINNER’s Seunghoon, his personal profile and fun facts, his discography and filmography, his participation in K-Pop Star and Law of the Jungle, his skill as a dancer, his tattoo, abs, and dog, his dating rumors, his style, his Instagram Feed, and his latest news. So, stay tuned!

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Lee Seung Hoon

Stage Name: Hoony (used to be Seunghoon)

Nicknames: Deputy Director Lee, Influential Lee, Inner Circle President, Hoon, Seunghoonie, Hip-hop Baby Lion, Aru, Shade King, PD Hoon, Chef Lee

Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, January 11, 1992

Age: 28 (Korean age) / 27 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Monkey

Blood Type: A

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Siblings: Two older sisters

Twitter: @official_hoony_

Instagram: @maetamong

Fun Facts You Have to Know About WINNER’s Seunghoon
  • Seunghoon moved to Seoul after graduating high school. He auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent as part of the dance group ‘Honest Boys’.
  • He once choreographed a flash mob performance for G-Dragon.
  • His hobby is writing lyrics.
  • Seunghoon is recognized for his freestyle dancing.
  • He wants to learn tennis.
  • He speaks Japanese.
  • Seunghoon used to live in a rooftop room which was located right by the YG Entertainment building. He would often stare at the building at night and dream of making his success there.
  • His childhood dream was to be a kindergarten teacher, because he likes kids.
  • Seunghoon’s father used to work in a foreign country. As a result, Seunghoon rarely played with his father when he was a child. The lack of memories with his dad made Seunghoon determined to play with his kid when he becomes a father someday.
  • He likes to review restaurant menus and travels for food whenever he has free time.
  • Seunghoon jokingly said that he is the deputy head of YG Entertainment. He went as far as making a business card which includes his name and the title. Lol, what a troll!
  • He’s known for praising and flattering Yang Hyun-suk. One time he wrote a really long post on his own Instagram, thanking the CEO for the end of K-Pop Star. Another time, Seunghoon sent a lot of messages to Yang Hyun-suk about non-work related topics.
  • Seunghoon is famous for being the fashionista of the group. Along with Mino, he went on a trip to London and won Burberry’s front row fashion show.
  • During a WINNER performance in 2016, Seunghoon ripped his tight pants, which turned out to be hella expensive as they were worth is KRW 4,500,000 (approximately $3725). As a result, Seunghoon is now more often spotted wearing baggy pants when he performs with WINNER.
  • He’s a big fan of Yoo Jae-suk. He said that he wants to take a picture with him and appeared on his program someday.

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Discography and Filmography

Throughout the years, Seunghoon has broadened his career not only as a musician and artist, but also as an entertainer. Reportedly, Seunghoon has appeared on many famous variety shows, either with the other members of WINNER or on his own. On the other hand, Seunghoon’s discography currently only summed up his songs when he participated on K-Pop Star. However, the solo projects may not be too far in the future, as he’s already stated several times that he’s composed many songs.

You can see the list of WINNER’s Seunghoon’s variety show appearances and songs below!

2011-2012 – SBS K-pop Star 1 (as Contestant, earned the 4th ranking)

2012 – Mother’s Doenjangguk (SBS K-pop Star TOP 6)

2012 – Ma Boy 2 (SBS K-pop Star SPECIAL No.3)

2013 – Mnet WIN: Who Is Next? (as Contestant, Team A member)

2016 – tvN Eat Sleep Eat in Krabi (as Guest Cast on season 2)

2018 – JTBC Mimi Shop (as Guest Cast on episodes 2 and 3 and Regular Cast (Intern) on episodes 11 – 15)

2018 – SBS Law of the Jungle Mexico (as Guest Cast)

2018 – KBS Dancing High (as Judge and Coach)

2018 – JTBC4 Awesome Feed (as Regular Cast)

2018 – MBC King of the Mask Singer (as Guest Panelist)

2018 – MBC Radio Star (as Guest Cast)

2018 – tvN Unexpected Q (as Guest Cast)

2018 – jTBC Idol Room (as Guest Cast)

WINNER’s Seunghoon in SBS K-Pop Star

Prior to his career as a member of WINNER, Seunghoon was a contestant on SBS’s K-pop Star in 2011. The idol had already charmed the judges during the audition session and made a smooth entrance once again in front of several judges, including Psy and the founder of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk. Notably, Seunghoon rapped and danced to Park Jin-young’s I Have a Woman with a goofy and comical carpet dance that made the judges burst into laughter.

In the semi-final, Seunghoon worked with Psy after he offered to be his special mentor. As we already know, Psy was already impressed with Seunghoon after watching him performing his self-written rap and choreography.

He joked that Seunghoon must meet him later and his joke turned out to be true, because three months later they worked as a team. Not only did he serve as a teacher, but Psy also encouraged Seunghoon relax, “You have become way too serious lately. You seem too normal. Don’t pressure yourself to be too serious or do well”.

Unfortunately, Seunghoon’s journey in K-Pop Star came to an end after he performed his self-written rap The Show Must Go On. He became the only male participant who reached a position in the Top Five, and ended up ranked fourth.

Upon hearing his elimination, Seunghoon thanked everyone while crying his heart out. Yang Hyun-suk also teared up when saying his last goodbye to Seunghoon, “I wanted to say goodbye smiling, but since he is crying, it is making me cry as well. Seunghoon, do what you enjoy. I will see you in the professional world”.

Yang Hyun-suk’s statement became reality as Seunghoon picked YG Entertainment as his agency after K-Pop Star ended.  Later, Seunghoon joined WIN: Who Is Next? and debuted as one of the members of WINNER, as we already know.

WINNER’s Seunghoon in Law of the Jungle

In late February, 2018, it was confirmed that Seunghoon would be appearing on SBS’s wildlife variety show Law of the Jungle, along with Red Velvet’s Seulgi. They would join the filming in Mexico and the episode was scheduled to air in April.

Contrary to the initial report, it actually took two months longer for Seunghoon’s episode to air. Despite the delay, Law of the Jungle’s ratings increased spectacularly, to 15.2 percent, when Seunghoon tasted the mammee fruit as soon as he found it with Choi Hyun-suk. The show also maintained its rating in the following episode when Seunghoon and Seulgi had a dance battle where they danced to each other’s songs.

After finishing filming for Law of the Jungle, Seunghoon said that he wanted to go on the show once again with Seungyoon or Jinwoo, “Seeing BTOB’s Eunkwang and Hyunshik’s great chemistry during the trip made me want to go with the members so we could show our sweet side too.” He also shared that iKON’s Yunhyeong, who already appeared on the show the previous year, specifically advised him to take a knife.

The mention of Law of the Jungle shouldn’t be limited to the period of its airing, but also its aftermath. During his guest appearance on Mino’s episode of Idol Room, Seunghoon bluntly told Mino, who wants to appear on Law of the Jungle, that having breakfast in the wildlife is nearly impossible, “The important thing is trying to have one meal a day. You cannot save something”. Seunghoon talked more about what the conditions were like during filming for Law of the Jungle, such as the uselessness of phones, the annoying bugs that will find their way into your sleeping bag, and relevant issues.

After sharing the hard truth, Seunghoon still encouraged Mino to join the show, “Mino should experience some hard things, because he had been too comfortable while doing variety shows (referring to New Journey to the West)”. Lol, we certainly love witty Seunghoon!

WINNER’s Seunghoon, the Skillful Dancing Machine

Ever since his very first appearance on the television program K-pop Star, Seunghoon was immediately recognized as a talented kid who was able to dance in various styles. Though WINNER’s choreography is relatively easy to follow, Seunghoon’s dancing skill shouldn’t be underestimated. In mid-July, 2018, it was reported that Seunghoon was being included as a coach for KBS2’s Dancing High, along with other idols such as Highlight’s Gikwang and Hoya, and professional dancers Lia Kim and Just Jerk.

The show’s representative said that Seunghoon will show his distinct quality and his leadership skills in leading the teenaged team. Lee Seung-hoon, who previously often danced in the street during his predebut days, stated that he will do his best as a YG representative,  “I want to create ‘an eye-opening opportunity’ for them to improve their skills”.

In the first episode, all the judges of Dancing High put on a special performance which showcased their respective talents. Seunghoon became the first dancer and collaborated with a ballerina, showing his graceful moves as he brought the dancer in the air.

Seunghoon named his dance team Big Dipper. One of their more memorable performances in the show was when they performed Cha Cha Malone’s You Too and Sia’s Alive. Instead of moving energetically, Seunghoon built a touching story into the choreography as each member of Big Dipper got their respective spotlight.

In mid-September, 2018, Seunghoon showcased his skill through the teaser for New X Academy. moving along with two crews of The Kinjaz, Seunghoon showed that he is a true master of choreography as he danced to AGNEZ MO’s Overdose, which you can watch below.

Seunghoon’s Tattoo and Abs

As a musician who expresses freedom and creativity, it’s not a surprise that Seunghoon conveys them not only through music and choreography, but also with body art. In December, 2015, Seunghoon shared a glimpse of the tattoo on the back of his right shoulder.

Seunghoon got a tattoo of WINNER’s logo, as well as a cosmic pattern inside the logo.  The tattoo was aimed for Inner Circles, WINNER’s fans, as a form of his gratitude toward the fans who offer their support all the time. The tattoo is often seen during WINNER concert tours, as Seunghoon wears outfits which reveal his upper back.

Besides having a tattoo, Seunghoon also has well-defined abs. He revealed his abs for the first time in a pictorial for Elle magazine. Though he doesn’t show them as often as his tattoo, the fans are able to spot Seunghoon’s abs during the concerts, as well.

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Dog

WINNER is famous for being a group who love animals, as each of the members has their own pet. Seunghoon owns two dogs of different breeds. One is a chihuahua named Lee Hee, and the second is an Italian greyhound named Haute. Currently, Lee Hee is cared for by Seunghoon’s parents in Busan, while Haute lives with Seunghoon in WINNER’s dorm.

Seunghoon is known to spoil Haute, as he would spend $100 just for Haute. He also manages an Instagram page for Haute (@maetamongisdad), which has gained over 160,000 followers. During WINNER’s appearance on the Cultwo Show in December, 2018, Seunghoon said that he will organize a fan-sign for Haute by using Haute’s paw-print if Haute’s Instagram followers reach 100 million.

Occasionally, Seunghoon brings Haute whenever he had a schedule with WINNER. He even had a whole magazine photoshoot with Haute for Elle magazine, as you can see below.

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Dating Rumors

During an interview, Seunghoon once described what he’s looking for in a woman he would date, “It will be nice to have a fashionable girlfriend, because I love being fashionable”. Not only the stylish, Seunghoon also likes women who dress in simple and cute outfits. On the other hand, Seunghoon said that he is attracted to someone who has a firm personality, “She must have her own opinion because she has her own principle”.

During an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, Seunghoon revealed that he once dated a top star. One of the MCs, Yoon Jong-shin, asked whether the celebrity in question is still popular, which Seunghoon confirmed, saying “She is popular all the time”. Besides addressing his dating rumor, Seunghoon also shared his tips for dating a celebrity: keeping the secret, being patient, and loving the person sincerely, “Talking about it here for laughs could be harmful to her so I am still cautious”. The other MC, Cha Tae-hyun, joked that what Seunghoon said about dating the famous person sounded like they were not actually together, to which Seunghoon replied diplomatically that it could have been one-sided dating.

Seunghoon’s Style

Seunghoon turned up in the airport dressed in black and white, as he pairs a black sweater with a white, collared shirt, black and white tartan pants, and black socks and slippers. As for the accessories, Seunghoon wears grey and white bracelets and black belt.

Seunghoon is ready for a trip as he wears a white long shirt which is paired with the black trousers, a pair of white socks and black brogues. In addition, Seunghoon keeps it simple by tying his red sweater around his neck, to give a pop of color.

Seunghoon is looking both casual and stylish in a white shirt paired with a grey duster, light brown jogger pants, a pair of black socks and white sneakers. Seunghoon wears an earring, grey tartan cap, black bracelet and watch on his left wrist, silver bracelet on his right wrist, and carries a dark blue backpack.

Seunghoon proves that playing with different patterns can work, as he wears a green and white striped shirt, grey checkered trousers, a pair of yellow socks, and brown brogues. As for the accessories, Seunghoon wears an earring, denim cap, white belt, and black pouch.

Seunghoon is in semi-formal appearance as he wears a grey top which is paired up with the denim jacket and khaki long coat, as well as the black denim pants and black brogues. As for the accessories, Seunghoon wears a silver necklace, white bracelet on his left wrist, and black belt on his waist.

Seunghoon shows his rebellious side in a a grey sweatshirt with the imprint of a black dog, ripped denim pants, a pair of brown socks, and grey sneakers. As for the accessories, Seunghoon wears a white watch on his left wrist, a silver ring on his left middle finger, and a black backpack.

Seunghoon looks laid-back during his departure while wearing a white and grey striped shirt with jeans. In addition, Seunghoon wears a pair of earring, red and blue watch on his left wrist, a black bracelet on his right wrist, ring on his left third finger, and big brown sling bag on his right shoulder.

Seunghoon is the epitome of the superstar, looking fabulous in a black turtleneck paired with a grey coat slung on his shoulder, snug black pants, and a pair of black high-tops. As for the accessories, Seunghoon has an ear piercing on his left ear, long necklace with cross pendant, polkadot bracelet on his left wrist, and various rings on his right fingers.

Seunghoon looks bright in a yellow tee and baggy jeans, with black and white sneakers. As for the accessories, Seunghoon wears sunglasses, grey striped necklace, rings on his left middle finger, and various bracelets on his right and left wrist.

Finally, in the last picture, Seunghoon wears a tropical print shirt over a maroon tee, denim pants, and white brogues. as for the accessories, Seunghoon wears a yellow cap, white sunglasses, gold watch on his left wrist, black and white bracelet on his right wrist, and red belt on his waist.

Seunghoon’s Instagram Feed

Famous for being the fashionista in the group, Seunghoon often updates his Instagram account (@maetamong) with his fashion style, as well as the activities that he’s currently doing part of WINNER. Created on November 27, 2015, Seunghoon has made more than 405 posts, follows 20 accounts, and has over 1,7 million followers. Here are the top 10 posts from WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Latest News

During WINNER’s appearance on JTBC’s Idol Room, it was revealed by the leader, Seungyoon, that Seunghoon and Jinwoo were currently working on their solo projects. Seunghoon said that he wrote three songs for every 100 songs that Seungyoon wrote, “The amount of work he does is just that amazing”.

In mid-January, 2019, Seunghoon made a guest appearance along with his fellow WINNER member, Seungyoon, on SBS’s Running Man. They were joined by female soloist Chungha and Weki Meki’s Doyeon.

The four idols appeared for a special segment. They split into a trio group to do dance charades in a tiny box. During each round, they had to dance the choreography for various hit songs which the Running Man members would then have to guess. The ceiling of the opposing team’s guest would sink lower every time a team guessed a song correctly. The game was totally hilarious, as all the guests put incredible effort into dancing in the cramped spaces. That’s what we call the spirit to win!