WINNER’s Mino: Profile, Solo Debut, Dating Rumors, and More!

What About His Dating Style and His Ideal Type?


Do you want to be the ideal type of woman of WINNER’s Mino? WINNER’s Mino obviously has his own ideal type of women. He said that his ideal type was a girl with a sense of humor, especially the same as his sense of humor. He also said that he was dumb, and it would be nice if he and his girl would be dumb together. Jokingly, WINNER’s Mino said that maybe the two of them would form a comic duo or something like that together.

When he and the other members were guests on Lee Hong-ki’s Kiss The Radio, he also added, “I like girls who can eat well. I like someone who eats well without being picky. I like a person who takes good care of themselves.”

Well, what about WINNER’s Mino’s dating style? In the interview with Japanese Mini Magazine, WINNER’s Mino revealed about his dating style. When he would go on a date, he picks something cute, he prefers holding hands with his girl on a date, and he would love to hear something like, “I feel reassured because I can rely on you,” from the girl he is on a date with.

He also said that it would be nice if the girl who would be his date wears a dress, because he thinks that covering up is sexier than revealing. For WINNER’s Mino, a thoughtful girl has a proper inner side and will make his heart race. WINNER’s Mino’s ideal type is someone like Sulli from the girl group f(x).

So, are you ready to be the ideal type of WINNER’s Mino?

Let’s Take a Look at WINNER’s Mino’s Instagram Feed!

Do you follow WINNER’s Mino on Instagram? If you don’t, you’ll regret it! WINNER’s Mino is showing us his daily activities through his Instagram account, @realllllmino, and we can see his magnificent Instagram feeds there! While this article was written, WINNER’s Mino had already 4,6M followers, has shared 630 posts, and doesn’t follow any accounts yet.

Here are some picture and feeds from WINNER’s Mino!




Which one from the pictures above is your favorite?

What Are WINNER’s Mino Latest News?

What about the latest news coming from WINNER’s Mino? Currently, WINNER’s Mino is appearing on Carefree Travelers, one of the JTBC’s show. They went into a package vacation to Thailand. They have visited the elephant camp in Chiang Mai, they have been doing their daily routine, and also had to take care of those elephants.

WINNER’s Mino also hit the 19th position on the January brand reputation of rankings for an individual boy band member from The Korean Business Research Institute. And seems like Mino will still continue with his activities with WINNER, just like the world tour in 2019. They will be going to the US and perform in various cities there.

Well, that’s all for the article! Channel Korea has introduces you WINNER’s Mino: Profile, Solo Debut, Dating Rumours, and More! Let’s always give our support to WINNER’s Mino for his career and let’s wait for his upcoming project in 2019! Don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comment below!