WINNER’s Mino: Profile, Solo Debut, Dating Rumors, and More!

WINNER’s Mino In Show Me the Money 4


Mino participated in one season of the variety show Show Me the Money 4. The variety show is about survival rappers who battle each other, and through that variety show, WINNER’s Mino made a name for himself.

In the semi-final of Show Me the Money 4, Mino competed with Basick. In the previous round, Mino was the winner with the highest vote, and so he had the advantage of appearing first. At that time, he performed the songs “Okey Dokey,” “Victim,” and “Cheers.” Most of the people thought that Mino would be the winner, but it turned out Basick to be the winner. Nevertheless, his performance could obviously not be resisted!

Watch WINNER’s Mino’s performance on Show Me the Money 4 here:

WINNER’s Mino In Journey to the West

Not only he participated in Show Me the Money 4, but Mino also participated in another variety show, namely Journey to the West. In this variety show, Mino showed us another side of his personality. We were able to see his playful and hilarious side!

He also showed off his pure yet tough image, that successfully made him an important member of Journey to the West! Mino and the other members of Journey to the West also did a lot of things to amuse their fans. One of their acts involved wearing a Halloween costume together. He was wearing a costume of a woman’s ghost with a black wig. Really amusing, right?

Watch WINNER’s Mino’s appearance in Journey to the West here:


For your information, MOBB was one of the popular South Korean hip-hop boy bands, and also a sub-unit that was raised under YG Entertainment. MOBB consists of WINNER’s Mino and iKon’s Bobby. WINNER’s Mino said that iKon’s Bobby really matched him well, and it was very fun. MOBB has already debuted and has released their four-track EP with the title The Mobb.

WINNER’s Mino participated in singing one of their songs with the title “Body.” And also, the song has its own music video, that was released on September 8th, 2016. But unfortunately, in 2017 Mino revealed that the sub-unit MOBB might not have a comeback due to the poor sales, and that YG Entertainment was disappointed with how they were ranked. Well, no matter what happened to the MOBB, we have to support both WINNER’s Mino and iKon’s Bobby as well!

WINNER’s Mino Solo Debut

Mino is not only successful as a member of WINNER, but he has proven himself as a successful solo artist as well. Well, it is not the first time for him to be on stage as a solo artist. In the past, he was an underground rapper and also a songwriter. He had also launched an art exhibition called Burning Planet as a result of his collaboration with Gentle Monster.

On November 26th, 2018, WINNER’s Mino released his first album, XX, with the lead single “Fiance.” He is the first member of WINNER who has released a solo album. After its first release, “Fiance” reached number one on many music charts, such as Melon, Genie, and also Mnet. He also made his first solo debut appearance in the MBC Show! Music Core on December 1st, 2018.

In the album XX, WINNER’s Mino was featured with Yoo Byung-jae, Blue.D and YDG. Here’s the tracklist of XX album:

His Plastic Surgery Rumors

Well, obviously Mino’s physical appearance is one of his strong sides, right? The specific shape of his face, his good-looking appearance, and everything else about him is almost perfect! But, has he done any plastic surgery? Let’s find out!

There isn’t much information about plastic surgery related issues about Mino. Some sources said that WINNER’s Mino hasn’t done any plastic surgery, because his nice radiant skin doesn’t need any plastic surgery. But some people have also said that WINNER’s Mino has actually done plastic surgery, to be exact he apparently has done rhinoplasty to hide his scar. The main change in his appearance is his weight. In the picture from the past we can see that Mino used to be quite fatter, but as time goes by, he must have started dieting and now we can see his good body-shape!

Well, let’s compare Mino’s physical appearance from his past picture and his current picture!

WINNER’s Mino’s Appearance in the Past


WINNER’s Mino’s Current Appearance