Here Are WINNER’s Jinwoo’s Visual Transformations Throughout Time

Find Out More About The Ageless Idol, Winner’s Kim Jin-woo.

Kim Jin-woo was the subject of rumors during his early trainee days because of his good looks. He was recommended as trainee by former Big Bang member Seungri. Before debuting with Winner, he became a backup dancer for YG Family stage performances.

Kim Jin-woo joined the idol survival program, Mnet’s WIN: Who Is Next? Due to his talent in singing and dancing, he was chosen among the finalists and earned the chance to debut as a member of the new idol group Winner. According to rumor, the owner of SM Entertainment recognized his appearance and praised Kim Jin-woo as one of the most visually appealing trainees. His looks haven’t changed at all since his debut days.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Winner’s visual transformation over time, so stay tuned!


Before his debut, Winner’s Kim Jin-woo looked a bit chubbier with chubby cheeks and longer hair. At the time, his jawline wasn’t very clearly defined and he had slightly tan skin. His eyebrows looked natural and un-trimmed. By closer attention, he was a pretty face rather than a masculine face.

When you look at his high-school graduation photo, Kim Jin-woo is a handsome boy. He has big eyes, dark-black hair, and a high nose bridge. All of those facial features are very important during an idol talent search. His looks, paired with his excellent dance skill,make it seem certain that he was born to be an idol-entertainer.

Win: Who Is Next?

While filming Win: Who Is Next?, the idol trainees held a surprise birthday party for Kim Jin-woo. Mino and other contestant prepared a birthday cake and sneaked to Kim Jin-woo’s bedroom. Kim Jin-woo surprised and smiled widely upon seeing the birthday cake. Even though he covered his hair with the hood of his jacket, his face was beaming with happiness. On a close up look, Kim Jin-woo has well defined double eyelid, perfect nose, white and perfectly placed teeth, a high nose bridge, and extremely good skin. Another important point of his facial features are his melancholic eyes.


Throughout 2014, Kim Jin-woo competed against other YG Entertainment trainees. He showed his fierce competitive edge and practiced his choreography endlessly. At the time, all of the trainees was slender and lanky. Kim Jin-woo stood out from the rest of the trainees because of his appearance and excellent dance skill. He was always the center of his team and led the team with his dancing skill. According to other contestants, there was nothing that Kim Jin-woo couldn’t do. He had all the talent to be an idol.


Kim Jin-woo surprised fans when he appeared dressed as Park Bom on the Winner Japan Tour 2015 Concert in Shiga, Japan. He wore a wig with long hair, a mini skirt, and black pantyhose. As soon as he appeared on the stage, Winner fans shouted and were excited by his look. He looked extremely beautiful with long, dark hair.


Kim Jin-woo appeared for a solo performance in the EXIT Tour Seoul. He made a solo performance and covered G-Dragon’s popular single, Crooked. Kim Jin-woo didn’t look out of his depth performing as a solo artist. He managed to take control of the stage. He was dressed in a creamy blue suit and had pink hair. From afar, he looked like his famous YG Entertainment senior, G-Dragon. As a solo performer, he did all the singing and rapping alone.

in 2016, Kin Jin-woo also debuted as an actor by performing in dramas. He made his debut in acting with a role in the web drama Magic Cellphone. It was his acting in another drama, Love For Thousand More, that got him a lot of attention. In the drama, Kim Jin-woo sported a blonde hair style and played a friendly neighborhood guy.


Kin Jin-woo made a guest appearance on the popular variety show program, MBC’s Radio Star. Kim Jin-woo sported a sleek blonde hairstyle when appearing on the show. On the program, he was praised by host for his good looks. One of the hosts said that he looked like the beautiful actress Kim Ah-jung. Kim Jin-woo blushed when hearing the praise.

One of Winner and Kim Jin-woo’s hardcore fans made a video compilation of his transformation throughout the years, from baby to a handsome 26-year-old idol.


Starting from 2017 to 2018, Kim Jin-woo started appearing on the variety show Wizard of Nowhere. However, it was his appearance as a prisoner guest on jTBC’s Do The Right Thing that gained attention. On the program, all of the participants wore very minimal makeup or none at all. Without heavy makeup, Kim Jin-woo looked more manly. He also sported a little bit of facial hair around his jawline.

On the program, he hid his father’s true profession. His father is a fisherman and he was too ashamed to tell everyone about his father’s job. He said that he has very few memories with his father. However, his father also had some regret for not supporting his son’s dream of becoming an entertainer. Both of them loved each other so much and promised to make beautiful memories together in the future.


Kim Jin-woo debuted as a solo artist in August 2019 with the album Jinu’s Heyday and title track Call Me Anytime. Kim Jin-woo as a solo artist had a different image than Kim Jin-woo as a member of Winner. As a solo artist, he put more emphasis on his singing skill and his handsome-pretty appearance. However, his appearance closely resembles that of Girls Generation’s Choi Soyoung’s boyfriend, Jung Kyung-ho, albeit with a more feminine appearance. Kin Jin-woo kept his appearance trendy and stylish rather than masculine and manly. Perhaps the style suits him because of his pretty-looking facial structure.


Kim Jin-woon joined the mandatory military service on April 2nd, 2020. Fans could see that he shaved his hair completely. He greeted fans and the media for the last time before entering the military base. His cheeks were chubbier thatn usual, but his face was flawless. His feminine face was very prominent after he shaved off most of his hair. Perhaps, in the future, we will get to see a more masculine look from Kim Jin-woo after undergoing his military training. Best of luck for his military enrollment!

That was all the information about Winner’s Jinwoo’s visual transformation throughout time. Don’t you think that he doesn’t seem to age? Let us know about your opinion regarding Jinwoo’s best appearance in the comment section below!