All You Need To Know About Winner’s Prince Charming Jin-woo

Jinwoo’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

As Jinu has such an attractive, well-proportioned face, he has been rumored to have gotten it with help from a bit of surgery. Because it’s unusual to have such a good face, people keep comparing Jinu’s pictures from before and after his debut. Not only Jinu, but other members of WINNER have also been questioned about their visuals since WINNER has four visuals, each with their own charm! Let’s make a comparison of Jinu’s old and recent photos:

As we can see, the school photo of Jinu show the same features Jinu has now. Same nose shape, jawline, sexy lips, and large eyes (for Korean standard).

He looks the same in all of these older pictures, doesn’t he? So, do you think Jinu is surgery-free?

Dating Style and Ideal Type

During an interview, Jinu talked about his sights for dating, because he was the right age for that. When the interviewer asked about his dating style, he answered that he goes all-in and gives her everything. He also named actress Moon Chae-won as his ideal-type figure, and he’s like her since the drama Good Doctor.

Jinu actually likes pretty girls, and he admitted that his fans know it, as well. Jinu said, “My ideal type is someone who has white skin and a cute face like puppy. I like someone who is not oversized but not too skinny either. I would not like her to wear high heels, because I will look shorter than her. It would be nice if her height is about 165cm.


Jinu’s handsome face hasn’t gone to waste, as he’s done a number of commercial or promotion photos. Let’s see Jinu’s amazing photoshoot!

sleep baby sleep…

Even in electric red hair, he still looked awesome.

brown haired and high school boy be like Jinu

All wrapped in Calvin Klein denim. How beautiful….

ELLE shoot with his fellow WINNER member, Hoony.

Ceci editorial shoot with WINNER’s Yoon, oh my god, that alluring gaze !

Adidas shoot with all of WINNER members, what a bunch of visuals !


If you’re curious about Jinu’s other side, you can follow his official Instagram account on @xxjjjwww. He often posted about WINNER and various labelmates’ promotions for their upcoming comebacks. Besides the usual types of idol’s posts, he’s also uploaded some heartbreakingly cute selfies! The following is the home page of Jinu’s Instagram:

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Latest News: WINNER Comeback !!

Recently, on YG CEO’s Yang Hyun-suk official Instagram account, @fromyg , he uploaded a shot of a mysterious Jinu, in a camera view for MV shoot. This excited Inner Circle (WINNER’s fans) so much, as they wanted a WINNER comeback so much after the album EVERYD4Y in April and Mino’s single album XX.

YG Entertainment confirmed their comeback with a promotional poster of the WINNER members, in black suits and holding candles. On the YG Entertainment official website on December 11, Yang Hyun-suk said: “Because of Inner Circle request, WINNER’s third official album will be postponed until WINNER’s world tour over next year at February, 2019.” He continued, “However, we want to release a meaningful single that makes the best 2018 year-end for WINNER and Inner Circle.

The second poster for the new single promotion was released, with all the group members standing outside at night, looking at the pretty full moon. The song is revealed to be titled Millions, which produced by the members of WINNER, themselves.

Well, we can’t wait for WINNER next amazing comeback on December 19, 2018!