Let’s Check Out Winner Member’s Instagram Feeds!


Get to Know Winner

Meet one of the hottest boy-bands on the K-pop scene, Winner! Before their debut, the members of Winner were a part of the survival reality show by YG Entertainment, WIN: Who Is Next. On the show, Winner, who was part of team A, competed with team B who also debuted as iKON. Winning the competition, Winner made their debut in 2014 with members Jin-woo, Hoony, Mino, Tae-hyun, and Seunghyun.

Unfortunately, Tae-hyun left the group in 2016, reducing the group to four members. Winner isn’t just popular in Korea, but also overseas. To reach out to their fans, all the Winner members created Instagram accounts and share their daily life. Do you want to know more about what they share on their Instagram accounts? Here’s the article for you!


Instagram Feeds


Winner, as a group, has an official Instagram account under the name @winnercity. The account been posting Winner’s activity since 2016. Most posts are about their activities together, such as celebrating the group’s anniversary and behind the scenes footage from shooting music videos.



The account also posts promotional photos every time Winner makes a comeback. In December, 2018, Winner just released a new single, titled Millions. Did you already watch the music video?


Even though they often post on the group’s official Instagram, each of the members created their own Instagram accounts in 2015, to share more about their interests to the Inner Circle, Winner’s fandom. Let’s take a look at the member’s feeds!


Jin-woo’s Instagram Posts

The oldest member, Kim Jin-woo, created his Instagram account under the name @xxjjjwww. There’s no profile picture on his profile. He posted his first photo on November 28, 2015, and has been liked by 77k users.

On his Instagram, Jin-woo often posts about his team member’s promotions and his labelmate’s comeback. One of them is Mino. He was part of the reality show New Journey to the West, seasons 3 and 4. To support his team member, Jin-woo helps promote the show on his Instagram.

Jin-woo also helped promote his labelmates, iKon, for their comeback in 2017 with the mini-album New Kids: Begin. He actively uses his account to help promote every artist from YG Entertainment who makes a comeback.

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In 2016, Jin-woo was part of the reality show Wizard of Nowhere. This was his first show on a public broadcast. The concept of the show was that all members were left at an unknown place and they had to find their own way back, using a map. Jin-woo, appeared on episodes 5 through 29. He joined Kim Soo-ro’s team, who embarked on their journey from Georgia to Sri Lanka. While on his long journey, he shared some photos of the cast members and local people they met along the way.

Unexpectedly, not only Jin-woo appear on the reality show, his father, who’s a fisherman at Imja-do, also made an appearance on the fishing show from SBS Network titled Boat Horn Clenched Fists. He shared his father’s photo with the members. Based on the caption, Jin-woo is a proud son!

Jin-woo has a beautiful face and eyes. Even though he’s the oldest person in Winner, his beautiful skin makes him look young. Jin-woo often shares selfies on his page. In his photos, you can see his beautiful smile and his deep dimples. He looks very cute!

In another post, Jin-woo also uploaded a photo promoting SK-II. He was pictured with red hair and sharp makeup. Even though he has a soft face, he still rocks that red hair!

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@SKII #YourStatementYourBottle #Destiny

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All the Winner members have a pet. Jin-woo has two sphynx cats, named Ray and Bai. The white one is Bai and the black one is Ray. Look at those wrinkles, they are too cute!


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Winner once appeared on the animal show, Animal Farm. On the show, Jin-woo said that he’s allergic to cat fur. To prevent sickness, he drinks medicine regularly, bathes them, and doesn’t sleep with Ray and Bai.


Seung-yoon’s Instagram Posts

Seung-yoon’s Instagram account is under the name @w_n_r00. Before debuting with Winner, Seung-yoon was a contestant on Superstar K2. He  became a trainee at YG Entertainment in 2011, and made his solo debut in 2013. One of his solo songs is titled Stealer.

He posts about his daily life, his fashion style, and his photography work. If you look at his account, Seung-yoon likes to keep his feed orderly. All of his photos use white frames to make it looks aesthetic. The first thing that gets noticed on his Instagram is his OOTD post. Seung-yoon is into streetwear. Most of his posts show him posing to show what he wears that day. In this post, Seung-yoon was pictured in a black coat, black shirt, black beanie, and ripped jeans.


Seung-yoon also shared his OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) photo in Japan. In this post, he was pictured in a jacket, oversized jeans , acrylic bag, black beanie, and round sunglasses. He truly looks good in any style!


Seung-yoon is the group’s leader. He often posts his moment with other members. When the group won first place at a music show, he posedt a photo to show his gratitude towards Inner Circle.


He also posted backstage moments with other members on the tour.


Since December, 2017, Seung-yoon has a pet poodle named Thor. On Animal Farm, he was the only member who didn’t have pet. But now, he has a dog and he posts Thor’s photo from time to time. Seung-yoon introduced his pet for the first time in this post.


In one of his posts, Seung-yoon revealed his sadness for not be able to take photos of him often. Seung-yoon, it’s okay! Thor still loves you!


Not only is he famous as a singer, Seung-yoon is also famous as an actor and songwriter. In 2017, he acted in the drama Prison Playbook, that written by Lee Woo-jung, the writer of the Reply series. In the drama, he was one of the prisoners, named Jang Bal-jang, who was sentenced for stealing food for poor people. When his character poster was released, Seung-yoon posted it on his Instagram.

He also contributed to the drama’s soundtrack with the song Door. The song was produced by Zico, and Seung-yoon collaborated with Mino. On his Instagram, he shared a photo from a recording session with Zico and Mino.


Now, let’s talk about Seung-yoon’s hobby, photography!. Most of Seung-yoon’s objects are landscapes and his team members. For this post, he took a photo in Santa Monica, California, in 2017.


Seung-yoon took this photo in Australia, when Winner was part of the cast for the reality show Youth Over Flowers. Wow, this photo looks relaxing. He’s a talented photographer!


Mino’s Instagram Posts

Mino’s Instagram account is under the name @realllllmino. Compared to the other members, Mino’s feed is more artsy because he has so many talents, such as drawing, designing, and photography. On the show Kang’s Kitchen, where Mino become part of the cast, he made drawings to decorate the restaurant’s walls. He shared his artwork on his Instagram.

If you’re curious, you can see the process of his drawing in this video.

Other than that, he also shared some of his sketches. He participated in creating the artwork for Winner’s single, titled Pricked.

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Like Seung-yoon, Mino also loves to pay attention to fashion. When Mino become a guest on the show Omniscient Interfering Views, he revealed that he can’t stop changing clothes, because what he wears affect his mood. Mino thinks that his obsession with clothes counts as illness, because he can’t stop it. Let’s look at Mino’s fashion through his Instagram post!


Based on those three posts, Mino’s very bold about his clothing choices. In the first post, he is wearing ripped jeans with the writing ‘DON’T TOUCH’ on the crotch area. For the second post, he’s wearing a black denim shirt and black striped pants. He’s also not shy with the accessories! In the third post, Mino wore a purple jumpsuit with a Gucci hat and Nike sneakers. His fashion choices show his personality and his identity as an artist. In October, 2018, he collaborated with sunglasses brand GENTLE MONSTER, and released eyewear for non-sale. He shared his photo with the glasses called ‘PEEK-A-BOO’.

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KAWS, welcome to Korea! #KAWSHOLIDAY #1stStopWorldTour #KAWS

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Mino shares his daily life that revolves around art. He is still active making art such as painting, sketch, and updating clothes. In the third post, Mino was pictured attending the exhibition O! Leica, Spirit of the Times. He was one of the photographers who was exhibiting his photography.

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In November, 2018, Mino released his first solo mini-album, XX, with title song Fiancé. As soon as the song was released, it spent quite a while at the top of the charts. Have you heard it? Here’s the music video!

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X무엇이든 상상가능X #ALBUM #xx #MINO #SOLO

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Seung-hoon’s Instagram Posts

The dancing machine of the group, Lee Seung-hoon, or Hoony, has an Instagram account under the name @maetamong. Like Seung-yoon, Seung-hoon also used to be a contestant on the survival show K-Pop Star 1, and then signed with YG Entertainment. Seung-hoon doesn’t post as much as other members. For his first post, he shared this photo of his tattoo for Inner Circle.

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For my circle

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Of course, you can’t separate Seung-hoon from his dog, Haute. He often post Haute’s pictures. In the first post, Seung-hoon was pictured enjoying holiday with Haute, and in the second post, Haute looks comfortable sitting in Seung-hoon’s arms while he is smiling to the camera.

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제 2회 제목학원 경시 대회

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Due to Haute’s popularity, Seung-hoon made a separate account to share Haute’s photos. If you’re curious, you can follow @maetamongisdad to get Haute’s new updates. Haute and Seung-hoon are too cute!

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Seung-hoon and Mino were chosen as Burberry ambassadors because of their fashion style. In 2017, they were invited to Burberry’s Spring 2018 Collection and sat in the front row. Seung-hoon shared this photo from the show. He was pictured in a light brown coat, and a tartan scarf and hat from Burberry.

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Burberry X gosharubchinskiy

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Seung-hoon was chosen as am influential ambassador for good reason. On his Instagram, he shares his interest with fashion through his OOTD photos. Unlike Mino, who goes for bold style, Seung-hoon wears streetwear that’s more unique, and goes for neat concept. In this post, he combined a pink jacket, grey shirt, and black plaid pants.


In this post, Seung-hoon is wearing a Supreme sweater, Supreme pants, and pink Vans. He looks effortless, but still looks nice.

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Who said you only wear suits only for formal occasion? Seung-hoon shows everyone how to do it, combining a formal suit with a Balenciaga hat, grey Vans, and orange sunglasses. He looks formal and classy, yet stylish!

Seung-hoon also shared his photos from his holiday and his trip while he was on the world tour.

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That’s what’s on the Winner member’s Instagram feeds. After reading this article, who do you think has the most interesting feed?