Check Out WINNER and Their Little Furry Friends! How Many Pets Do They Have?

Details About WINNER’s Pets

WINNER is a South Korean boy-band under YG Entertainment that was formed in 2013 through the reality survival program WIN: Who Is Next. The group currently consists of four members, Jin-woo, Seung-hoon, Mino and Seung-yoon.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about WINNER and their little furry friends! How many pets do they have? So, stay tuned!

WINNER and Their Pets

WINNER’s members really love animals. They have lived together with their pets. They have shown their pets in the past, through various posts on SNS and variety shows and they seemed to truly enjoy their time with their fuzzy companions. During the show Animal Farm, the members showed how hard it was to take care of pets but at the same time it was also very pleasant. They also showed how some of the furniture in their dormitories was damaged by their pets.

Even though they face some struggles in raising their pets, the members also showed how having pets brought them together as a family and has improved their lives. The four members work together to care for their pets.

Seung-yoon’s Pets

Seung-yoon has adopted a puppy from the shelter, who was in a terrible condition. He named it Thor.

Jin-woo’s Pets

Kim Jin-woo raises two hairless male sphinx cats named ‘Ray’ and ‘Bay’.

In the TV show Animal Farm, Kim Jin-woo was seen taking medicine before he showered his cat. It was only after adopting the felines he found out he was allergic to them. However, he prefers to take medicine for the allergies, rather than giving his cats away.

Because of his allergies, he can’t sleep in the same room as the cats, because they will probably cuddle up and allergies will affect him when he sleeps, but Seung-yoon will let Ray and Bay sleep in his room at night.

Seung-hoon’s Pets

Lee Seung-hoon has a male, Italian greyhound named Hautteu. Seung-hoon loves to dress his pet up in cute outfits and it made Hautteu really famous among WINNER fans. Hautteu also has his own Instagram account that’s handled by Seung-hoon.

Lee Seung-hoon once said that he gets a lot of strength from his pet. His dog helps him endure the loneliness and depression from the hard times in his life. He wouldn’t know what to do without his lovely dog.
Seung-hoon also own another, little dog named Yi Hi, “the Busan kid”, but it lives in Busan with his family.

Mino’s Pets
Song Min-ho has a female munchkin cat named ‘Johnny’. Despite the fact that he named the cat Johnny, it’s actually a girl.
Mino has rhinitis and Johnny’s fur will make him sneeze, but apparently his love for his cat is bigger, so he endures it.

Honorable Mention: Nam Tae-hyun’s Pets

Nam Tae-hyun is one of the original members of WINNER. He was announced to be on hiatus from the group before he departed from the group in November, 2016. Since then, WINNER continue as a four-member group without any addition of new members.

In 2015, while the group was on hiatus, the members were active in their solo activities. Tae-hyun played several roles in Korean miniseries, including in MBC’s web drama Midnight’s Girl, SBS’s Late Night Restaurant, and the joint Chinese-Korean production Under the Black Moonlight.

After his departure from WINNER, he established his own music label, South Buyers Club, then he formed the band South Club under that label. He plays as a leader, vocalist, guitarist, and main composer in the group.

The ex-member of WINNER is also a cat lover. Nam Tae-hyun has two cats, named Polly and Bally.

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