Does Wi Ha-joon Already Have a Wife? Find Out About His Relationship Status, Dating Rumors, Ideal Type

Wi Ha-joon wife

Find Out More About Wi Ha-joon’s Status, Here!

Everybody must already know who Wi Ha-joon is. He’s an actor who is known for his acting in some hit dramas such as Something in the Rain, 18 Again, Romance is a Bonus Book, also he got more attention after starring in the Netflix series Squid Game in 2020 with his role as Hwang Jun-ho. Not only for his acting, but people also look at his amazing visuals and his charisma. So, it’s no wonder that people always ask about his relationship status and ideal type.

In this article, Channel-Korea has provided a detailed rundown of information about Wi Ha-joon’s status: is he still single or does he already have a wife? To find out the truth, keep reading this article!

Wi Ha-joon Hasn’t Shared His Relationship Status

Wi Ha-joon relationship

Many people are curious about Wi Ha-joon’s status, if he already has a girlfriend or even a crush. Moreover, he looks handsome, is talented and popular, qualities which also make people scared of losing him. Looking at Wi Ha-joon’s Instagram account (@wi__wi__wi), he never posts anything except the projects that he has run.

Just looking at his Instagram posts we can’t really be sure about his relationship status. Moreover, in the 10 years of a career in entertainment as an actor and model, Wi Ha-joon has never revealed his status. This Squid Game actor has kept his private life away from the public eye and has focused on being a professional actor.

Wi Ha-joon’s Ideal Type: Someone Who Thinks Wisely

Wi ha-joon ideal type

Although he has never shown his current status in a relationship, he has criteria for his ideal type. Through several interviews, Wi Ha-joon has leaked information about his ideal type, for example, during an interview with Korean magazine The Star. He said that he likes someone with her wisdom and wiser.

Other qualities his ideal girl should have, Wi Ha-joon also likes a strong woman as well as being generous to those who are weaker. For him, a woman with these traits is so admirable.

Wi Ha-joon Never Talks About Marriage or Wife

Wi Ha-joon wife

In addition to his relationship status, there are people who also thought that Wi Ha-joon is already married and has a wife now. In fact, he never talks about marriage or even having a wife at any moment. Even though Wi Ha-joon already has a husband-like or boyfriend-able aura, his fans frequently imagine that their idol is his ideal boyfriend.

Wi ha-joon wife

You have to see Wi Ha-joon’s photos that show a husband or boyfriend material. Here they are!

Wi ha-joon boyfriend material
Wi ha-joon marriage
Wi ha-joon wife

Wi Ha-joon Isn’t Involved in Dating Rumors

Wi ha-joon dating rumor

Being a celebrity like an actor or idol brings the public spotlight to absolutely everything that happens in one’s life, especially related to their relationships. They are often entangled in dating rumors with fellow celebrities or even non-celebs, but this case is different with Wi Ha-joon. Although he has been paired with various actresses, Wi Ha-joon hasn’t been involved in any dating rumors until now. Out of millions of celebrities, Wi Ha-joon is one of the lucky ones whose private life isn’t exposed publicly.

Nonetheless, currently, Wi Ha-joon only focuses on his new drama series Little Women and he will play alongside Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hu. So, for those of you who are curious about him, keep supporting him in any way!

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