Get To Know the ‘Squid Game’ Actor Wi Ha-joon: Profile, Age, Dramas, and Movies

Wi ha joon profile

Let’s Get Closer With Actor Wi Ha-joon!

Wi Ha-joon is a cast member of the Squid Game Netflix series. He started his career as a model and became an actor in 2012 through Peace in Them. He became widely known after starring in some dramas, namely Something in the Rain, 18 Again, Bad and Crazy, and famously Squid Game. 

Through this article, Channel-Korea will give information about Wi Ha-joon as detailed as possible. So, keep reading this article!

Wi Ha-joon’s Profile

Wi ha joon profile

Name: Wi Hyunyi (위현이)

Stage Name: Wi Ha-joon (위하준)

Birthday: August 5, 1991

Birthplace: Wando-gun, South Jeolla Province, South Korea

Height: 180 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 86 kg

Occupation: Actor, model

Agency: MSTeam Entertainment

Years Active: 2012 – Present

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Korean


Instagram: @wi__wi__wi

Wi Ha-joon’s Facts

Wi Ha-joon facts
  • He has one older sister.
  • When he was in the last grade in high school, he moved to Seoul.
  • He studied at Sungkyul University while majoring in theater and film.
  • When he was in middle school, he joined a dance club.
  • His role models are Kim Woo-bin and Song Kangho.
  • He is a good drinker, especially with wine.
  • Listening to music, acrobatics, and boxing are his hobbies.
  • Lee Jong-suk is one of his good friends.

Wi Ha-joon’s Military Enlistment

Wi Ha-joon military service

Usually, K-drama fans worry about their favorite actor’s military service schedule when they will be left out by their favorite actor for 2 years. But, Wi Ha-joon’s fans are lucky because the actor has already completed his military service before he gained fame.

Wi Ha-joon did his mandatory military enlistment when he was 20. He chose Unit 709 in the Korean Air Force as military police. Not only did he carry out his mandatory military service but he built up his muscles!

Wi Ha-joon’s Movie and Drama List

wi hajoon drama list


Title Role Year Network
Goodbye Mr. Black Ha-joon 2016 MBC
My Golden Life Ryu Jae-jin 2017 KBS2
Something in the Rain Yoon Seung-ho 2018 JTBC
Island Trio (섬총사) Himself O’live, tvN
Matrimonial Chaos lm Si-ho KBS2
Romance Is a Bonus Book Ji Seo-joon 2019 tvN
Soul Mechanic Oh Yoo-min (cameo) 2020 KBS2
18 Again Ye Ji-hoon JTBC
Bad and Crazy K 2021 tvN
K Project Kwon Jun-taek 2022
Little Women tvN



Title Role Year
Peace in Them (short movie) 2012
Coin Locker Girl Woo-gon (young) 2015
Bad Guys Always Die Cha Myung-ho
Eclipse Jung-tae 2016
Anarchist From Colony Korean youth in prison 2017
The Chase Jung-hyuk (young)
Gonjinam: Haunted Asylum Ha-joon 2018
Girl Cops Jung Woo-jun 2019
Shark: The Beginning Jeon Do-hyeon 2021
Midnight Do-shik


Wi Ha-joon in Squid Game

Wi ha joon squid game

It’s been more than 9 years since he became an actor, and surely, he has starred in many movies and dramas. However, he started to become known after starring in the Something in the Rain drama. After several movies and dramas that he worked on, finally, in 2021, Wi Ha-joon got fame through a web series that aired on Netflix entitled Squid Game. 

wi ha joon squid game

He managed to gain attention because of his perfect acting and strong character. Wi Ha-joon got the role of Hwang Jun-ho who is a police officer who sneaks into the game as a guard to find his brother who was lost for a long time.

wi ha joon squid game

His acting is highly praised by the audience, especially when he fell from the cliff because of his brother who is a frontman.

Wi Ha-joon in Midnight

wi ha joon midnight

Midnight is a South Korean movie that was released on June 30, 2021. In this movie, Wi Ha-joon got a lot of attention from the public because of his character. He got the role of Do-shik who is a serial killer who kills and attacks men and women at night.

wi ha joon midnight

Wi Ha-joon managed to play as a psychopath. He acted as a friendly and polite person but can turn 180 degrees into a serial killer persona. His totality in acting got so much appreciation, and his popularity started to increase.

Here is a compilation of Wi Ha-joon’s acting in Midnight!

Wi Ha-joon’s Chemistry With Lee Dong-wook in Bad and Crazy

wi ha joon lee dong wook

In December 2021, Wi Ha-joon and Lee Dong-wook worked together in a drama that aired on tvN. In it, Lee Dong Wook is a corrupt police detective. Meanwhile, Wi Ha-joon is a helmet man with a crazy sense of justice.

People were looking for the bromance moments between them which definitely made this drama more interesting. Not only fans but Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha-joon also admitted that they had incredible chemistry. Wi Ha-joon was ambitious about their bromance and hoped to get a trophy for the Best Couple Award.

Wi ha joon lee dong wook
Wi ha joon lee dong wook

They connected with each other without giving any effort. So, here are their bromance moments in this drama!

Wi ha joon lee dong wook

Wi Ha-joon’s Drama OST “Maybe It’s Too Late”

Wi ha joon ost

In 2018, Wi Ha-joon tried to go out of his zone. He sang for a drama that he starred in named Matrimonial Chaos. The song title is “Maybe It’s too Late” and talks about someone who has broken up with his girlfriend. But, even though it is too late, if his ex wanted to return, he would give everything.

His vocals are good to hear like a real singer, and if you want to hear his voice, click the video below!

Wi Ha-joon Being Called Son Ye-jin’s Brother

wi ha-joon son ye-jin

There’s one surprising fact about Wi Ha-joon. Apparently, he is the younger brother of actress Son Ye-jin. It was confirmed by him through an interview with a Korean media outlet around November 2021. His sister always supports his career, and he never feels pressured by being Son Ye-jin’s brother. Instead, he wants to give his best for her.

Wi Ha-joon and Kim Kyung-nam: Look-Alike

wi ha-joon kim kyung-nam

When people watched Squid Game, they thought that Wi Ha-joon was the actor who starred in Lee Min-ho’s drama The King: Eternal Monarch. But, apparently, that person isn’t him but Kim Kyung-nam. Here are the photos for you to compare between Wi Ha-joon and Kim Kyung-nam!

Wi Ha-joon is younger than Kyung-nam. If you look at the photos below, you will think they are twins!

wi ha-joon kim kyung-nam

They both have the same face and eye shape.

wi ha-joon kim kyung-nam

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