Here’s the Reason Why BLACKPINK Doesn’t Have a Leader


Meet the Talented Group BLACKPINK

Korean entertainment has grown and is known so widely in the world, especially in today’s generation of Korean entertainment. It is not only known of the groups but also of their unique genre. Among all the popular groups we know today, BLACKPINK is one of the giant groups that became very popular all over the world.

BLACKPINK is a rising girl group under YG Entertainment. They debuted in 2016 with Boombayah followed by Whistle, and in a short time, they gained so much popularity. The news about their debut was actually not surprising because, since a few years before, the rumors about them had surfaced among netizens, and some fans also found some pre-debut pictures of them. Jennie and Rose even participated in G-Dragon of BIGBANG’s tracks during their trainee periods, and Jisoo starred in many commercials and music videos. The group’s initial name was rumored to be PinkPunk, but their debut got delayed until they finally debuted with BLACKPINK.

A few years before their official debut, YG officially released teaser pictures of Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa.

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A group usually has a leader to be the connector between the group and the agency, to take the most responsibility, to give speeches and greetings, etc. But, it’s different for BLACKPINK. In Choi Hwa-jung’s Power FM, the girls were asked about who the leader is. They answered that they have no leader and only follow the oldest member instead.


Even though many people thought that Jennie is the leader, it turns out that they have no leader. The reason behind this is because they have been training together for a long time so they feel more like friends, and they prefer to go together without anyone as a leader.

BLACKPINK recently made a comeback with Ddu-ddu-ddu-ddu and will begin their tour in 2019. Let’s wish them luck for their upcoming activities!