Who Is Yeo Jin-goo’s Girlfriend? Fact Is, Yeo Jin-goo Has Never Had a Girlfriend!

Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo Has Never Had a Girlfriend?

Yeo Jin-goo is an actor who was born in August, 1997. He began his career as an child actor, and has starred in 21 dramas and 14 movies since his debut in 2005. The public gave him the nickname  of the “Nation’s Little Brother” when he appeared as the younger or teenager version of the male lead in a drama.

Yeo Jin-goo has gotten a lot of love and support from the public because of his outstanding acting skill and his handsome face. He also has a great personality as an actor. To date, he’s never been involved in any sort of scandals. That makes people start to wonder whether he has a girlfriend or not, right now.

Is Yeo Jin-goo seeing anyone?

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Yeo Jin-goo’s Ideal Type


Before we are speculating about who is Yeo Jin-goo’s girlfriend, we should know about what kind of girl he likes, or his ideal type.

Yeo Jin-goo has said that he doesn’t like someone who’s a picky eater. He likes someone who enjoys all different kinds of foods. He also said if he meets someone who is a picky eater, he will take her to  a restaurant and ask her to try out all kind of foods. It matter to him because he thinks eating helps him to reduce stress.

Yeo Jin-goo admits that he likes a girl who’s on the short side, but otherwise he hasn’t had strong opinions about her physical appearance.

Personality-wise, he likes someone who is bright, cheerful, laughs a lot, and does lots of aegyo (this means someone who is very cute in a child-like sort of way). He wants his future girlfriend to lift his mood whenever they are together.

That’s Yeo Jin-goo’s ideal type. Are you his type?


Who Is Yeo Jin-goo’s Girlfriend?


Yeo Jin-goo has a good looks, fame, and money, but does he have a girlfriend?

Yeo Jin-goo began his career as an actor when he was 8 years old, beging to appear in dramas and movies. After he became a teenager, he got even more offers to appear in various productions. As of now, he has starred in 14 movies and 21 dramas. His popularity has always meant he’s had a lot of work.

Because of that, Yeo Jin-goo claims he’s never dated anyone. He said it’s not like he’s never fallen in love. He has, but he knows he can’t date because of his work.

Yeo Jin-goo as been honest about what he personally regrets during his long career as an actor. He said “I think that what I missed during that time (school days) is romance and deviance”.

He added “I feel sorry for this. I had no idea about girlfriend during junior high school. I was envious of the sight of falling leaves and flowers in the fall and spring. The fact it was such a shame”.

He also said that he’d never been to a Campus Couple meeting, because he never get invited. He has told his friends to bring him to Campus Couple, but they never invited him. So, up until now Yeo Jin-goo hasn’t a girlfriend.