Who Is Actress Kim Hyun-joo’s Husband?

Kim Hyun-joo

Who Is The Husband of Hellbound Actress Kim Hyun-joo?

Kim Hyun-joo is an actress who was born on April 24, 1977. She debuted in 1996 as a music video model. She has been active as an actress for over 22 years and has starred in many dramas and movies. As a popular actress, people are curious about who her husband or boyfriend is right now.

Kim Hyun-joo was never confirmed to be in a relationship, so as far as the public knows, Kim Hyun-joo doesn’t have a boyfriend or a husband. She has been in dating rumors with So Ji-sub and Lee Dong-wook, but none of the rumors are true.

Let’s see the details about Kim Hyun-joo’s love life below!

Kim Hyun-joo Is Not Married Yet And Is Still Single


Kim Hyun-joo is not married yet, she is still single and doesn’t have a husband. In regards to marriage, Kim Hyun-joo has said, “Marriage is a taboo in our family.” She added, “I sometimes wish I had someone next to me, but I also feel I might feel congested if there really is someone.”

As a Korean celebrity, if there is good news about her relationship whether it’s marriage news or dating news, Kim Hyun-joo will share it with her fans and her agency will confirm it too. But, as of now, Kim  Hyun-joo never confirmed any of her dating news. Let’s wish that one day Kim Hyun-joo will share the good news with us!

Kim Hyun-joo’s Ideal Type Is Someone Who Could Be happy With Who She Is


Kim Hyun-joo also shared about his ideal type, she used to set her standard to be someone who is tall. “My ideal type was someone taller than 180 cm, but now it doesn’t matter. I just wish I had someone who saw me without greed and could just be happy with who I am right now.”

Let’s wish Kim Hyun-joo find someone who is perfect for her!

Kim Hyun-joo’s Dating Rumors


Kim Hyun-joo had been involved in some dating rumors with several Korean actors. Those actors are her partner in a drama that she starred in.

Kim Hyun-joo gained popularity through a drama called Glass Slippers. She also received her dating rumor because of her appearance with her partner So Ji-sub in that drama.

In 2009, she was also rumored to be dating her partner in the drama Partner, Lee Dong-wook. Despite being 4 years older than Lee Dong-wook, they showed good chemistry in the drama which led to the dating rumor.

Let’s see the details of Kim Hyun-joo’s dating rumors below!

Kim Hyun-joo’s Dating Rumors with So Ji-sub


Kim Hyun-joo was rumored to be in a relationship with withSo Ji-sub after starring in SBS’s drama Glass Slippers. In the drama, they were paired up as a couple. They showed great chemistry on the set which caused a dating rumor. It is believed that they were dating in 2002.

During an interview, Kim was asked by reporters about her relationship with So Ji-sub. Things were getting interesting because So Ji-sub was going to make an appearance in her new drama as well. She told reporters, “So Ji-sub is just an actor I have a good rhythm with.” And, she requested, “Please don’t look at the fact that we’re shooting the SBS drama together.”

Kim Hyun-joo also said, “It’s true that we dated each other happily, and even after we broke up, we’re still good friends.” She added, “I do feel pressured about this reunion that we didn’t intend, but we will ignore all that and devote ourselves to showing a professional attitude in regards to acting.”

But, in another interview, So Ji-sub stated that Kim Hyun-joo is the only female friend he has. He said, “Kim Hyun-joo is my only female friend. We make phone calls sometimes, we are the same age, and so we get along as close friends.”

He added, “I had scandals with Hyun-joo a few times. I think the reason is Hyun-joo is the only female I keep a close relationship with.” Then, he was asked how they became close, but he didn’t explain concretely. He just answered, “We contacted after scandals. I think we became close due to the scandals.”

The two of them said something different. However, the public believes the couple dated and broke up but still remain as close friends.

Kim Hyun-joo’s Dating Rumors with Lee Dong-wook


Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Dong-wook were rumored to be dating because of their great chemistry in KBS’s drama Partner in 2009. The rumor began after they continued to arrive late at the filming site. The fact that they didn’t ride in company cars but drove their own cars made people suspicious. They arrived late simultaneously for two days. On August 1st, suddenly, Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Dong-wook disappeared after they finished filming.

Regarding the rumor, both agencies denied it. “It’s true that they are very close with each other now, but they are not dating.” Lee Dong-wook’s agency also said that Lee Dong-wook often hangs out with his co-workers for a meal or drinks, and it is not just Kim Hyun-joo.

That’s all the information about Kim Hyun-joo’s husband and her dating rumors. Let’s wish that she will find a good partner in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share this information with your moots on social media. Check out other articles about other Korean celebrities on Channel Korea. Cheers!