Who Is Jang Na-ra’s Boyfriend?


Let’s Learn More about Jang Na-ra’s Boyfriend!

Everyone would want to be part of a couple, for the support, but that’s really difficult if you an idol in South Korea. Some agencies in South Korea don’t allow their idols to date, because it can damage their careers and disrupt their concentration on their schedules, but there are also several agencies that do allow their idols to date, including Jan Na-ra’s.

Jang Na-ra is a South Korean musician, record producer, and actress who’s been active in both the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries since 2001. Because she’s been working in the entertainment world for a long time, there are lots of rumors, saying that Jang Na-ra has dated several male idols, such as Park Bo-gum. Even though this was immediately confirmed by both Park Bo-Gum and Jang Na-ra, There are also rumors that she’s secretly married.

Well, now let’s see who Jang Na-ra’s boyfriend really is, and find out if she is really married. Let’s check it out!

Are Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum Actually Dating?


Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum had been a hot topic of discussion by their fans, because they were reported to have been dating, and even had a secret marriage. However, these rumors were quickly addressed by Jang Na-ra, Park Bo-gum, and their two agencies.

The rumor emerged after photos were circulated showing Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum at Cheongdam Wedding Street. Because of these rumors, Jang Na-ra got some negative comments from Park Bo-gum’s fans. Jang Na-ra immediately denied the rumors through her personal Instagram.

“I didn’t say anything before, because I didn’t think it was right to talk about something that doesn’t require an explanation, but I haven’t seen him or met up with him. I haven’t even met him on the street while walking past. I don’t know where Cheongdam Wedding Street is, and I spend most of my time at home or in my neighborhood.

“I think that the fact that I am still not married is completely my own private matter, regardless of my age. I have worked hard because I want to be a good actor when I’m on set and because I want to be a good junior and senior actor to my colleagues. However, I have become a senior actor that does harm because of something I don’t even know about. Don’t do that. Why do you have a chance to do it?

I am trying to live a healthy life while aging naturally. I’m doing well. I ‘ll delete this shortly.” Then she deleted her posting in May, 2017.

In fact, she wrote “I don’t understand why you have to speak harshly on my age and looks because of something that is impossible,” because so many of Park Bo-gum’s fans cursed Jang Na-ra for dating their idol.

Well, would you agree that they were really dating?

Story about Jang Na-ra and Her Ex-Boyfriend


In reality, Jang Na-ra has had relationships in the past which ended in breakups. On one of SBS’s variety shows she said, “Instead of saying we are far from each other, my ex boyfriend and I locked lips when we broke up. I regret it since it makes me think of him more often.”

Until now, Jang Na-ra has only focused on her career as an actress, she still hasn’t found the perfect partner to share her life yet. For now Jang Na-ra enjoys her own life with her work, and she is happy now.

Well, let’s pray that Jang Na-ra finds her life partner soon!