Who is IU’s Boyfriend? Wooyoung, Eunhyuk, or Jang Ki Ha?


IU Dating Issues

LOEN Entertainment singer, songwriter, and actress Lee Jieun, better known by her stage name IU, just release her new song for comeback this year with “어젯밤 이야기 [Eojetbam Iyagi] : Last night story “ on September 22, 2017. A talented woman like IU must have stolen much of the attention of other idols, especially among men.

IU is reportedly close to some Korean male idols, such as 2PM’s Wooyoung, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Singer’s Jang Kiha, or Actor’s Lee Hyunwoo. But, she confirmed that she has a special relationship with singer Jang Kiha. What kind of special relationship is there between IU and Jang Kiha? Or what is the relationship between IU and the other artists? Let’s check out this one!

2011 – IU and Wooyoung Dating Issue

IU and Wooyoung

As we know Soloist IU and 2PM’s Jang Wooyoung are acting in the popular school drama, “Dream High”, in which both of them are in a relationship and referred to as the milky couple. As the drama ended, many fans wished to see the two together again. Their wishes may lead to reality, with both hinting about their recent “dates.” IU even opened up about their relationship with Wooyoung and said she had an awkward relationship and when they were not filming for broadcast she and Wooyoung went out for a meal together.

IU said, “In the music scene, there was a rumor that I followed Wooyoung around because I liked him,” adding, “I heard that the members of 2PM thought I was a strange person because of the rumor.” She continued, “We had an uncomfortable relationship due to that, and therefore I became worried when I was cast as his love interest for ”Dream High.”

When KBS2 held a Dream High Special Concert, Park Kyung Lim asked IU about whether Wooyoung and her had been a going out together to family restaurants. Before IU answered it Wooyoung answered first saying, “We just ate casually. Since we record till midnight, and since I’m the oppa, I offered her something to eat.”. IU replied, “Since being with Wooyoung is sort of awkward, during the moments of eating, I never looked up and just ate and ate. Wooyoung oppa then said that I had to promised to buy him some lunch sometime in the future.” With promising each other so they could both meet again and again to have meals together, their fans are hoping that the Milky Couple’s relationship will go to public and become real. They certainly would be cute together!

2013 – IU and Lee Hyunwoo’s Dating Issue

IU and Hyunwoo

Lee Hyunwoo and IU are longtime friends, and over the years there has been some speculation over the nature of their relationship. K-Netz said they are a couple for real after seeing an photo of Lee Hyunwoo and IU at a movie theater together.

IU and Hyunwoo

After seeing the article and photos, their agencies said that Lee Hyunwoo and IU are just friends and there is not a special relationship between them. They wanted to clear up the rumor. Also, their manager had been with them at the theater as well.

IU said, “I really didn’t know that photos of us were being taken. The paparazzi must be really skilled at taking photos,” while Lee Hyun Woo apologized and commented, “I was attacked by many of her male fans.”

Lee Hyunwoo said, “On the way back from the movies, my company kept calling me and told me articles were uploaded [of me and IU]. So I called Ji-eun (IU) and told her ‘Is it really something to be concerned over?’ The company was impassive and so was she,” recalling the events of that day.

The truth of their relationship is that Lee Hyunwoo and IU have just been friends for a long time. They even spend time together for relaxing outside of their busy schedule.

2014 – IU and Eunhyuk Dating Issue

IU and Eunhyuk

A photo was uploaded of Eunhyuk and IU together in a room, with IU wearing pajamas and Eunhyung wearing nothing on the top. Their fans were shocked when IU uploaded that photo on twitter. Everyone was asking what kind of relationship was going on between them and what they were doing and where IU had taken the photo? Some of their fans said the photo was taken in Eunhyuk’s house, but IU’s agency said the photo was taken when they were in the hospital and Eunhyuk came to visit IU because she was sick.

I wondered, why did this happen? Why did I do this? ” she said when she was in broadcasting program. ” First, I did upload it by mistake. And to be honest, I couldn’t even blame anyone else because I was the one who uploaded it.

I was so sorry to many people,” IU said. “Since I did it myself, I thought, who should I feel the most apologetic to? Should I be sorry to the people who loved me? Or should I be sorry to the people who loved [Eunhyuk]?

She recalled being torn about what her proper response to the leaked photo should be.

I thought a lot about, should I go out and apologize to everyone and clear up all the misunderstandings, or should I just stay quiet? ” IU said.

I pushed back variety shows as much as I could because of that.

After IU cleared up the rumor, Eunhyuk remained silent and didn’t clear up anything about the rumor. But their agencies said it was just a mistake and neither of them have any special relationship and now they’re just being friends.

2014 – IU and Jang Ki-ha Dating Issue

IU and Kiha

As we know, in 2017 their agencies confirmed that both of them broke up after dating since 2014. Before the break up, IU and Jang Ki-ha were spotted by Dispatch as they were going on a date.

The relationship between these two is rocky because of the very busy schedule that they have with their respective careers. It has been proven time and time again that it is important to spend time with your special someone, as it fosters the connection that you have with each other.

But rumors are circulating that the reason for their break up is because IU is getting close with Lee Junki. IU and Lee Junki were once paired in the Korean drama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. They managed to build a neat chemistry that hypnotized the audience. But the agencies clears up this rumor with the announcement that they broke up because of their very busy schedules.

IU fell in love with Jang Ki-ha at first sight when she was in radio broadcasting and it was the start of IU and Jang Ki-ha getting to know each other and becoming a couple.

She said that Jang Ki-ha has helped her learn many things. “There are many things that I learned and I am grateful for that. We are debating and respecting each other like a couple in general,” IU said.

At the end of her message, IU also apologizes and hopes that her relationship with Jang Ki-ha will not make her fans feel bad. Although they aren’t a couple anymore, they still have a relationship as Senior and Junior. Their fans that know about that feel happy and always support them.