Who is Boa’s boyfriend? Boa and Joo Won Are Dating Now!

Akanishi Jin of KAT-TUN was a Boa’s Boyfriend?

Five years after the previous rumor had passed, another rumor rose to the surface. BoA (23 at that time) was seen spending time in a club in Japan along with her fellow celebrity friend, Crystal Kay when Akanishi Jin (a member of ‘KAT-TUN’) also made an appearance there. Akanishi and BoA were then caught dancing together and displaying gestures that were almost too intimate for friends to do.

During this year, however, the fans have grown less caring on the matter of the idol’s personal life. They looked over the rumor believing that BoA was allowed to have fun with her friends without being rumored of dating anyone in her circle.

Jung Yunho of TVXQ is Her Best Friend

BoA has been in the industry for 17 years. One person has always been her support and shoulder to lean on: her label mate, TVXQ’s Yunho. It is inevitable that many would have the idea that these two could actually be – were – more than friends.

BoA and Yunho have always been showcasing a strong bond of friendship throughout the years. They are known to be supportive towards each other and to have literally stood by each other in photos. In terms of dancing, there is no denying that BoA shows the best chemistry with Yunho, especially during her “Only One” stages.

It is debatable whether the two were once a couple or not. Their closeness is obviously at a comfortable level where BoA could openly be in the same place with Yunho without having to explain to the world what they truly are. Any romantic relationship between these best friends may be just fans’ wishful-thinking.

BoA and Joo Won Relationship is on Going Now?

It seems like BoA finally found the man to share her feelings with. TV Report said that the couple has been dating since late 2016. A mutual friend was said to have introduced them to each other during a friendly gathering. Many believed that this mutual friend was TVXQ’s Yunho. This could be plausible since the close friendship between BoA and Yunho has been going on for years and Yunho was involved in a theater project with Joo Won. Joo Won even mentioned his friendship with Yunho in an interview, “Yunho recently called me when he was on leave,” Joo Won had said. “He sent me a video of him getting his head shaved the day before he enlisted.

Shortly after they started dating, Joo Won has to enlist in the military. A lot of fans express their concern because many idols’ relationships fall apart due to the long distance circumstances. Fortunately, Joo Won shared to the fans a message from girlfriend, BoA. He said, “She told me that my [military] service may feel long, but it actually isn’t. She asked me to return healthily and safely.” BoA’s maturity clearly showed in her thoughtful message and fans were delighted to know the couple is going strong.

Having Similar Hobbies and Values is Important

Meeting the right one is not just about falling for each other. It is also about sharing similarities. Both BoA and Joo Won loved spending times in the open. They enjoyed outdoor activities, such as golfing and hiking. That being said, the couple confessed that they both valued the same view of a healthy lifestyle. They also shared the same taste in music.

Throughout the months they have been spending together, they have been quite a discreet couple. They agreed not to show too much to the public and have enough time for each other privately. Recently, individual photos of the couple golfing appeared. While Joo Won showcased a professional golfer look, BoA clearly seemed to be enjoying her time doing what she likes with the person she loves.

Congratulations to the new K-couple!