Who in SNSD Has Tattoos, and What They Mean


Which SNSD Members Have Tattoos?!

As many people know, Taeyeon and Tiffany have a lot of tattoos compared to the other members. Every tattoo has meaning for them, whether it’s just a symbol or a meaningful word. Now let’s take a look at what Taeyeon and Tiffany’s tattoos mean, and check out the other member’s tattoos as well.

Tiffany’s Tattoo and it’s Meaning

Tiffany Tattoo

Perhaps some of you already knew about some of Tiffany’s tattoos, there are 5 tattoos on her body. Every tattoo has a meaning, and she really loves the tattoos on her body. Let’s check it out!

Tifanny Tattoo

Before the fourth and fifth tattoo, she already had three. The first one is in inside of her finger and it says ‘dreamer’, which means that Tiffany’s never gives up on her dreams.

The second is on her ribs and it says ‘Toujours Belle’ which means always beautiful, She want to stay young and beautiful both with her looks and her mind.

And the third is on her front shoulder, but rumors say that this one is just a temporary tattoo.

tiffany tattoo

Then, she add a new tattoo on the outside of her left pointer finger, and it’s her fourth tattoo. This one is really meaningful for her and also the fans, because it is from their 1st Japanese photobook that says Shoujo in japanese/chinese 少女 (girls).

The last one is on her ankle and it says ‘Now always and forever’ which is it’s the fanchant of SNSD.

Taeyeon’s Little Tattoos


This beautiful leader of SNSD had so many tattoo on her body as well, a total of six. Taeyeon has a unique style for her tattoos, she keeps it simple and small, but with really deep meaning.

Taeyeon tattoo

The first on is behind her ears, the symbol of pisces which is her horoscope.

The second one is on her thumb and i’s a letter ‘I’ which means ‘me, myself’ well, maybe this letter also means for her single title for her song ‘I’.

The third tattoo is in her right elbow and it says ‘Serenity’, which means calmness and is the literal meaning of TaeYeon, the TY is also slightly bigger than the other letters.

The fourth is on the inside her left middle finger, another variant of the Pisces symbol (fish).

The Fifth is on inside her right middle finger with a letter ‘F.’ which means Fine which is one of her single title ‘Fine’.

The last one is on the back of her neck, with the word ‘Purpose which means the purpose of her life.

The Private Tattoos of Sooyoung


With SNSD comeback on July 2017, SM Entertainment released a photo teaser of every member. Netizens were shocked after Sooyoung’s teaser photo was released back then, because the unrevealed tattoo of Sooyoung has finally been revealed! And, it makes her the third member that has a real tattoo.


No one knows exactly what it says, but rumors say taht the tattoo says ‘you are my everything’. Well, neither the agency or Sooyoung herself have confirmed it yet.

Does Hyoyeon have a Tattoo?


People might be thinking about whether or not Hyoyeon has a tattoo on her body, because her concept is a bad-ass, but Hyoyeon still hasn’t gotten any real ink. She has a temporary tattoo just for works need. But, she does have 14 piercings, so that can count towards her being pretty bad-ass of Hyoyeon.

Seohyun’s Little Tattoo on Her Wrist

seohyun (1)

Calm down people, it’s just a temporary tattoo that she has for KBS Gayo Daechukje in 2015. This tattoo is the same fake tattoo as Minho and Key SHINee’s too!

seohyun fake tattoo

Yoona’s Tattoo!

Yoonna SNSD

Just like most other members of SNSD, Yoona doesn’t have any tattoos either. She chooses not to add some tattoos to her body.

Clean Body of Yuri

yuri SNSD

She doesn’t have any tattoos at all, not like Tiffanny and Taeyeon who really likes tattoos but not with Yuri. She doesn’t like any ink on her body.