From Oh Ji-eun to Nam Ji-hyun, Which Actress Has the Best Chemistry with Ji Chang-wook?

Ji Chang-wook’s Latest News

ji chang wook

Now, let’s find out about what Ji Chang-wook has been up to lately! First, we can take a look at some of his recent updates from his Instagram account, @jichangwook!

Ji Chang-wook was involved in an upcoming movie after he was discharged from his military service. The drama was titled Melting Me Softly, and Ji Chang-wook worked with Won Ji-ah! Melting Me Softly was a kind of romantic-comedy-drama about Ma Dong-chan (Ji Chang-wook) and Go Mi-ran (Won Ji-ah), who were involved in the human freezing project.

Well, that was all of the information about Ji Chang-wook and his chemistry with some of his co-stars! It’s clear his acting ability is unquestionable, since no matter who he’s starring with, his chemistry with that person was always breathtaking.

Channel Korea has introduced you to the adorable Ji Chang-wook and his co-workers’ chemistry. Don’t forget to tell us who’s your favorite chemistry spouse between them, and leave a comment down below!