From Oh Ji-eun to Nam Ji-hyun, Which Actress Has the Best Chemistry with Ji Chang-wook?

Ji Chang-wook with SNSD’s Yoona in The K2

ji chang wook & snsd yoona

Next, we have Ji Chang-wook and SNSD’s Yoona in The K2! In this drama, Ji Chang-wook was cast as Kim Je-ha, who used to be a soldier in Iraq before he left, meanwhile, Yoona was cast as Go Anna, a hidden daughter of the politician Jang Se-joon. The drama had romantic, political, and action elements. Here is the movie poster for The K2:

The K2

Go Anna met Kim Je-ha accidentally in Spain when he saved her from a group of people who were looking for her. Later, in Seoul, Go Anna met Kim Je-ha again and eventually he became the personal bodyguard for Anna’s step-mother, Choi Yoo-jin. Even though he was Anna’s step-mother’s bodyguard, he also took care of Anna’s safety. He even secretly watched her through their house’s CCTV, even though they hadn’t ever really spoken to each other yet. Isn’t it romantic?

There’s a lot of romantic moments between Ji Chang-wook and Yoona in The K2. The way Kim Je-ha protected her, he used to be the one who had long conversations with her late at night on the rooftop, and he was the one who really cared about her life and her safety! Moreover, Kim Je-ha was the first one to fall in love with Anna, and he gently showed his feelings by protecting her with his life!

Here are some of  the romantic moments between Ji Chang-wook and Yoona in The K2:

the k2
the k2

Ji Chang-wook with Nam Ji-hyun in Suspicious Partner

ji chang wook & nam ji hyun

Last, but not least, we have Suspicious Partner! Among all of the chemistry that Ji Chang-wook showed with his co-workers, this one might be the best, since people were really fond of Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun’s chemistry here!

Ji Chang-wook was cast as Noh Ji-wook, a handsome and professional prosecutor. Nam Ji-hyun was cast as Eun Bong-hee, a soon-to-be-lawyer. Their accidental encounter led them towards each other, and each obviously develops such a feeling in their own heart. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of obstacles between them, including Eun Bong-hee, who is accused as her ex-boyfriend’s murderer, and helping Eun Bong-hee causes Noh Ji-wook to lose his position.

Eventually, Noh Ji-wook became a lawyer in his own firm. He also worked together with Eun Bong-hee, and the other employees. During their work at the law firm, they finally find the real perpetrator of Eun Bong-hee’s ex-boyfriend’s murder.

The chemistry between Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun looked effortlessly natural and was beyond compelling! Moreover, when Noh Ji-wook was willing to lose his job only to save Eun Bong-hee from her accuser, it almost felt like they were connected to each other, which lead them to provide such great chemistry, and amazing acting as well!

Here is the movie poster for Suspicious Partner:

Suspicious Partner

Here are some romantic moments between Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun in Suspicious Partner:

suspicious partner
suspicious partner