From 2PM’s Wooyoung to Yeo Jin-goo, Which Actor Has the Best Chemistry with IU?

IU & Yeo Jin-goo – Hotel Del Luna

The latest drama that IU starred in was Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나), which become a popular series and received a high rating from viewers. In this drama, IU played as Jang Man-wol and become a couple with Yeon Jin-goo, who the character of Koo Chan-seong.

The two made a sweet couple in this drama, playing as the owner and the general manager of Hotel Del Luna. The chemistry between IU and Yeo Jin-goo received compliments from the viewers, because the two are also the lead roles of this drama and had the most important character.

In a press conference for the release of the drama, IU was blatant about her reasons for choosing a comeback through the Hotel del Luna, “After playing on ‘My Ahjussi’, I want to greet people by showing a brighter side of me. But I didn’t know that I would choose the latest acting project that soon,” said IU.

Without taking a long time, IU was interested in this series and fell in love with the synopsis and characters. She didn’t need to think for very long before accepting the offer. “An acquaintance informed me that I was given a synopsis of the Hotel del Luna and asked if I liked it. When I found a synopsis and read it, I immediately felt that the character was very strong and had a very deep background that made me think that the character was indeed given to me. I am grateful for being given a different character,” IU continued.

IU was even more excited to act in Hotel del Luna when she learned that her co-star was actor Yeo Jin-goo. “After the casting, I was told that Yeo Jin Goo also participated in the casting and I was very happy. I think he is very suited to the role of Chan Sung. He also came prepared with the first time reading. Therefore I feel I have to practice hard,” said IU.

After Yeo Jin-goo was confirmed to get the role, everything immediately went smoothly on the set. I feel he is our luck,” she stated. Through this drama, IU and Yeo Jin-goo succeed in their chemistry and received a lot of compliments from their fans and viewers.

From the singer to actress, IU is a talented performer, isn’t she? She can be a great couple with every actor and act with all of her heart. Which one of these actors has the best chemistry with IU? Let us hope for the best for IU and that she will be successful in the future, so we can see more of her appearance in dramas!