From 2PM’s Wooyoung to Yeo Jin-goo, Which Actor Has the Best Chemistry with IU?

IU & Kim Soo-hyun – The Producers

The Producers (프로듀사) is a romantic comedy series that was aired on KBS in May-June, 2015, with the total of 15 episodes. The series had a great cast, with actors and actresses such as Cha Tae-hyun, IU, Gong Hyo-jin, and Kim Soo-hyun. In this drama, IU played the character of Cindy, a celebrity who worked as a singer and always had a signature “poker face”, leading to some people calling her an ice princess.

IU had a very sweet chemistry with Kim Soo-hyun. They earned the nickname Umbrella Couple because of their initial scene, which involved with an umbrella. Baek Seung-chan’s (who was played by Kim Soo-hyun) innocence and Cindy’s persistence in trying to conquer him, was very entertaining to watch. Cindy, who was always gloomy and stingy, changed because of her feelings for Baek Seung-chan.  In fact, her evolution is one of the main attractions of this show.

On Episode 6, there was a scene between Cindy and Baek Seung-chan which made viewers melt because of the interaction between them. Backstage, Cindy was preparing to perform and Baek Seung-chan was putting a mic on her. The two were very shy and awkward while he prepared the microphone on Cindy’s back, but still, Cindy had to control her emotions and keep her poker face on.

There was a scene when Cindy shared her feelings with Baek Seung-chan. At that moment, Baek Seung Chan held Cindy’s hand tightly. “Will you hold my hand again?” she asked. She liked him because she thinks he’s is funny and unique.

On episode 8, the chemistry between Cindy and Baek Seung-chan showed a lot more interest. She made her move first to kiss him! The coldness of Cindy’s personality was gone and, in Baek Seung-chan’s heart, she was just a sweet girl who has a hard time expressing her true feelings.

Although Cindy and Baek Seung-chan’s moments weren’t romantic in the way that’s typical in such dramas, this couple did many things to comfort each other and Baek Seung-chan’s personality made her realize the meaning of love.

IU & Lee Joon-gi – Scarlet Heart Ryeo

In Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인 – 보보경심 ), IU played as the character of Hae Soo, who was originally a 25 year old woman named Go Ha-jin, who was transported back to the Goryeo era and woke up as a 16 year old girl. She lived in the palace with the prince and had to deal with the restricting rules around life inside the palace.

Hae Soo met one of the princes, named Wang Som who was the 4th Prince. Wang So is the prince who escaped from the palace and didn’t live with his brothers. He also wears a half-mask to hide his face when he was in battle. Hae Soo was curious and wanted to know more about his identity. She kept on following him and, slowly but surely, Wang So realized that she was just a girl with a pure heart and the two became closer each day.

In the midst of action scenes and tension for the audience, this series still presents a sweetener, the kissing scene between Lee Jun-ki and IU. The scene even became a hot topic of discussion among netizens. The sweet kiss between Wang So with Hae So also made the cast and crew of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo on the set hysterical.

Apparently, one of the kiss scenes was shot on IU’s birthday, on May 16, 2016. Lee Jun-ki could not forget that moment until now. The actor said he really enjoyed it, “I feel the kiss was like a sweet gift on IU’s birthday. Even though IU doesn’t admit it, it’s real. I really like it,” Lee Jun-ki said, with a laugh.

Lee Jun-ki also shared that after the kiss was over, suddenly the song “happy birthday” filled the location. “So, when the kiss scene ended, we gave a birthday surprise to IU. In fact, the birthday girl, IU, was also surprised,” he added.

The viewers praised their chemistry in this series, and the two have become legends for having the sweetest, most romantic moments together. Beside their relationship as a couple in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, IU and Lee Joon-ki show their support as good friend in real life, too.

IU & Lee Seon-kyun – My Mister

IU played Lee Ji-an in the drama My Mister (나의 아저씨), which aired on tvN from March-May, 2018, with the total of 16 episodes. In this series, IU’s character has a strong bond with Lee Seon-kyun (Park Dong-hoon).

My Mister tells a story of an employee named Lee Ji-an, who was an eyewitness when another employee became a victim of the wrong address of a bribery case. This is where all the problems begin. Lee Ji-an has a manager named Lee Dong-hoon, and he is a husband who is cheated on by his wife.

In this series, Lee Ji-an, who has a cold character like ice, slowly gets broken down by the kind figure of Lee Dong-hoon. She begins to open up to others and tries to live normally like people, starts smiling and laughing, and he starts trying to accept other people’s help. The big change that happened to Lee Ji-an’s life is the result of spying on Lee Dong-hoon.

In one episode of My Mister, Lee Ji-an looked very frustrated and she decided to confess her love to Park Dong-hoon. Interestingly, most of the compact netters praised the plot of the tvN drama, because they felt that Lee Lee Ji-an must have big plans when expressing love for the married man.

Well-written drama,” wrote a netter. “Park Lee Dong-hoon’s awkward expression when Lee Ji-an suddenly expressed love was very cute and funny. This drama is really crazy,” added another netter. “Lee Ji-an’s big plan. I’m very grateful this drama is very fun,” continued another netter. “Lee Ji-an, things that happened in the past are not important. Let’s be happy,” added another.

Beside becoming half of a couple with Lee Sung-kyun, who was 18 years older than IU, they were great partners together in this drama. The secret feelings between them made us wonder how would they end up together, as the two had very different characters and came from very different backgrounds in life.