From 2PM’s Wooyoung to Yeo Jin-goo, Which Actor Has the Best Chemistry with IU?

Get To Know More IU’s Boyfriends In K-Dramas!

Soloist singer IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun, was born in May 16, 1993, and debuted around 2008 under LOEN Entertainment. IU received a great deal of attention when she debuted and surprised the public with her great singing. Her beautiful voice could tug on anyone’s heart when they listened her songs and she became a successful singer, releasing hit songs such as Good Day (2010), You and I (2011), The Red Shoes (2014), Twenty-three (2015), Palette (2017), and BBIBBI (2018).

Besides her work a singer, IU has enlarged her solo career by also becoming actress, starring in various K-dramas. Her first appearance, on Dream High (2011), received attention from fans, who previously knew her as a singer, when she made her acting debut.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at IU’s appearances in the dramas she starred in and her chemistry with her partners. Are you curious about her chemistry with these actors? Well, let’s find out more in this section below!

IU & 2PM’s Wooyoung – Dream High

Dream High (드림하이) is a television series that was aired on KBS from January-February, 2011. This drama was populated by many young idols and actors, such as Bae Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, 2PM’s Taecyeon, T-ARA’s Eunjung, IU, and 2PM Wooyoung in the lead roles. In the show, IU played the character of Kim Pil-sook. When she auditioned to enter the music school, she wore the sushi mascot costume, but during her school year she always got bullied because she was overweight.

Kim Pil-sook is a young and kind-hearted girl, with a beautiful voice and great talent in singing. One of the students, named Jason, always tried to get rid the other students who made fun of Kim Pil-sook and eventually fell in love with her.

Kim Pil-sook and Jason were known as the milky couple in this series because they both have such fair skin. Many fans from Dream High shipped them together and wished the pair would date in real life. But, in reality, IU became the only female idol who’s really close to Wooyoung and they’re really careful about how they interact with each other, so as not to offend their fans.

Although some fans wanted a romantic scene between Kim Pil-sook and Jason, they tried to avoid it, and there’s no kissing scenes in this drama. Jason only gave Kim Pil-sook a kiss on the tip of her nose, and that’s the only milky couple romantic scene in Dream High.

Apparently there was a funny incident when the scene was being shot. When told that they were doing a kissing scene, IU and Wooyoung couldn’t help laughing. When Wooyoung brought his face closer, IU closed her lips tightly to suppress laughter.

Seeing the photo, the fans also found the scene very sweet and funny. Moreover, they both looked embarrassed while undergoing the shoot. “The two men are very funny, they look cute together,” said a fan. “The photos made me flutter, instead I was nervous about seeing it,” said another fan.

There’s one of a legendary scenes between Kim Pil-sook and Jason, where Kim Pil-sook was still overweight and she tried to reach Jason by having his attention during school. Kim Pil-sook was very shy every time Jason around her, but he tried to act cool when she glanced at him.

This scene also showed how Kim Pil-sook was bullied because of her uniform was a big size, but Jason immediately took down the student who made fun of her. Kim Pil-sook tried to exercise a lot and did the 200 days diet to lose weight and succeeded! Jason was amazed with Kim Pil-sook’s new appearance and he couldn’t wait to interact more with her at the school.

From 0-100, how cute jis the milky couple, based on your opinion?

IU & Jo Jung-suk – You Are The Best!

You’re the Best! (최고다 이순신), also known for the other title, You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, is a television drama that was aired on KBS from March-August, 2013. This drama starred many popular actresses and actors, such as IU, Jo Jung-suk, Go Doo-shim, Lee Mi-sook, Yoo In-na, Son Tae-young, Go Joo-won, and Jung Woo, running for a total of 50 episodes.

This drama became very popular because of the great storyline and the cast’s great chemistry with each other. The show won awards such as KBS Drama Awards (2013) Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama, Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama, Best New Actor, Best New Actress and Best Couple Award.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin is the love story of a woman named Lee Soon-shin (IU) after her father’s death. She had to face the heavy burden of life and was always unlucky, but, in the midst of hardship, she remained optimistic about her life. Her life began to change after she met a businessman with an annoying character, named Shin Jun-ho (Jo Jung-suk).

In this drama, Lee Soon-shin had a bittersweet relationship with Shin Jun-ho, and there are a lot of sweet moments between them. Having a hard life sometimes made Lee Soon-shin sad and she cried a lot, but after she met Shin Jun-ho, everything began to get better.

In real life, Jo Jung-suk talked about his experience of having a chance to act in the same drama as IU, since she’s considered one of the best drama actresses, and said that she’s really talented. Although the two shared their feelings as a couple in series, Jo Jung-suk and IU were only co-workers in real life. Their chemistry as a couple has received praise from the viewers and the show had a very high rating when it was first aired.

For your information, IU and Jo Jung-suk have a 13-year age difference, but they still had great chemistry with each other as a couple. In this drama, they had different background and personalities, but after they met they eventually fell in love and shared special feelings together.

IU & Jang Geun-suk – Bel Ami

Bel Ami (예쁜남자) is also known by other titles, as Pretty Boy or Pretty Man, and was aired on KBS from November, 2013, to January, 2014, with the total of 16 episodes. This series also had a lot of big names in the cast, such as Jang Geun-suk, IU, Lee Jang-woo, and Han Chae-young. IU played the character Kim Bo-tong, an ordinary girl who is kind-hearted and innocent.

Bel Ami tells us a story about a man with a handsome face, who uses it to conquer women’s hearts. Dokgo Ma-te, who was played by Jang Geun-suk, is the pretty boy who is on a mission to flirt with 10 women, when he finally met a girl who acts strangely in front of him. The girl was Kim Bo-tong, who came from a poor family and was an average person, just like the meaning of her name.

When IU and Jang Geun-suk did the photoshoot for drama Bel Ami, she was praised by co-star as he commented about her acting skill, “When I first met at the shooting location, IU hugged me as Kim Bo-tong and I immediately shouted ‘Waaa, IU hugs me!’ She was truly charming. And this is the first time I’ve worked with an actress her age, but she shows as if she was born to act.”

Although this drama’s rating wasn’t high, the chemistry between IU and Jang Geun-suk is really sweet and cute. Beside that, the two stars had a kissing scene in the drama, in the last episode, which means that Kim Bo-tong has succeeded on winning Dokgo Ma-te’s heart!

Dokgo Ma-te was really an ignorant person when he first met Kim Bo-tong, but at the end of the episode, they shared their feelings with each other and finally went on a date. Aren’t they cute?

The sweet moments between Kim Bo-tong and Dokgo Ma-te can be seen on episode 4, where Dokgo Ma-te was sick and Kim Bo-tong had to take care of him. At first, when Kim Bo-tong called Dokgo Ma-te, she heard something wrong with his voice and she went to the pharmacy with Choi David to buy medicine to help him get better.

After arriving on Dokgo Ma-te’s house, Kim Bo-tong began nursing him right away, feeding him a bowl of porridge and tucking him in to sleep. Although Dokgo Ma-te was behaving rudely, Kim Bo-tong helped him with all of her heart until she had to go sleep at the 24 hours sauna because she didn’t have anyplace else to stay.