K-Drama Review: Watch Yoo Ji-tae and Lee Bo-young’s Sweet Romance in ‘When My Love Blooms’

when my love blooms

Another Romance Vibes Through When My Love Blooms

When My Love Blooms was made, people got impressed with each episode, and it was successfully becoming one of the highest rating drama in the middle of 2020! The love story which mixture with public issues concern also made the show became more exciting and made it as highly recommended drama. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about that, so keep on reading!

When My Love Blooms: Review

when my love blooms

When My Love Blooms has narrated a story about Han Jae-hyun (Yoo Ji-tae) and Yoon Ji-soo (Lee Bo-young) romance, both of them used to be each other’s first love while they were still in college life. Several years later, they have reunited again with different conditions. Not only that, When My Love Blooms also revealed the related story about a crucial issue or political matters in the 90s era, such as student demonstrations towards the government, unbalance constitutions, and many more.

When he was young, Jae-hyun was known as an idealistic person who also has persistence within himself, and even he also fought for public justice. When he got older, he has changed into a cold businessman who only thought of profits. Young Ji-soo was known as a cheerful person who came up from a wealthy family who never experienced any difficulties in her life. However, she used to experience a dangerous situation while she was grown up.

In college life, Jae-hyun and Ji-soo were fell in love at first sight. Both of them used to involved in the relationship, even though it was over. Then several years afterward, they also fall for each other in such a mature and complicated way, since both of them already becoming an adult. In the current situation, Jae-hyun has married with the rich woman and received some privilege in his life. Meanwhile, Ji-soo has several difficulties in her life since she became a single parent who also fought for justice for the public’s rights.

Jae-hyun and Ji-soo were met again when their children fought in their school. Their encounter might be such a destiny since Jae-hyun was finally satisfied with his first love during his college life. They started becoming friends once again,  and start all over again of their glorious history in the past.

When My Love Blooms general information

Title: When My Love Blooms / The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Blossom

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Directed By: Son Jung-hyun

Written By: Jeon Hee-young

Starred By: Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Bo-young, Park Jin-young, Jeon So-nee

Number of Episodes: 16

Original Network: tvN

Official poster of When My Love Blooms:

when my love blooms


got7 jinyoung

Young Jae-hyun, who was very ‘vocal’ and active in student demonstrate and looking for public justice!

when my love blooms

The first encounter of Jae-hyun and Ji-soo which lead their love ‘blooms’ for each other!

when my love blooms

However, their relationship didn’t go well due to certain circumstances.

when my love blooms

Even after their reunion, Jae-hyun and Ji-soo were still had feelings for one another.

Finale Episodes

Jae-hyun and Ji-soo had their own problems in their life. Jae-hyun, who actually wanted to fight against his parents in law, President Jang (Moon Sung-geun), who owned the company, also has an opposite thought with his own principle. After their reunion several years later, Jae-hyun and Ji-soo have realized that their feelings remained the same. But just like the old times, their love wasn’t as easy as they could be expected. Even though Jae-hyun also decided to divorce, but his wife wasn’t doing the same.

Even though the viewers might be wondering about the relationship between Jae-hyun and Ji-soo, but one thing for sure is they lived happily with their own path. Jae-hyun was finally revealed his revenge towards President Jang and decided to resign from the Hyung Sung company afterward. His wife also agrees with their divorce, as well. Meanwhile, Ji-soo used to be shared with her mother and sister’s death in the past, also trying to let go and healing herself.

One of the heartwarming scenes also shows when Ji-soo has hugged her ‘young’ selves, as well as Jae-hyun. Both of them were thanked their younger selves for always survived and praising them for done a good job after all.

When My Love Blooms: The Cast

when my love blooms cast

Here’s the main character of When My Love Blooms:

Yoo Ji-tae as Han Jae-hyun, GOT7’s Jinyoung as young Jae-hyun

yoo ji tae
got7 jinyoung

Han Jae-hyun was known as an idealistic person and very ‘vocal’ with public justice. He was often involved in a student demonstration and hatred of Bourjois people. In college life, he had a relationship with Ji-soo. However, when he got older, he was involved within those chaebol sides since he was married to a rich woman and got some privilege and prestige occupation. He has changed into someone cold and careless with other people.

Lee Bo-young as Yoon Ji-soo, Jeon So-nee as young Ji-soo

lee bo young

Yoon Ji-soo was born in a rich family which made her very lucky and never experienced any difficulties in life. She also fell in love with Jae-hyun, even though their relationship wasn’t last longer. When she became an adult, she also experienced such a hard time in life since she was a single parent who raised her child alone. Her current life isn’t as lucky as it used to be.

Park Si-young as Jang Seo-kyung

park si yeon

Jang Seo-kyung was Jae-hyun’s wife who came up from a rich family. When she knew that Ji-soo also still wanted to be with her husband, she became furious and sent her several threat towards Ji-soo as well.

Kim Young-hoon as Lee Se-hoon

kim young hoon

Lee Se-hoon used to be Ji-soo’s husband, but they ended up got a divorce. Their daughter Young-min (Go oo-rim) went with Ji-soo, but suddenly it became worse when Se-hoon also wanted their daughter to be with him.