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Choi Whee-sung (Hangul: 최휘성; born February 5, 1982), better known by his stage name Wheesung, is a South Korean R&B singer, record producer, and musical theater actor. In 2017, Wheesung set up an independent label called Realslow Company, and also promotes under the stage name Realslow. Wheesung just made a comeback recently, so let’s take a look to his top songs!

Wheesung’s Top Songs


Can’t We (..안되나요..)

Can’t We (안되나요) was released as part of the album Like a Movie. It released on April 2, 2002, under YG Entertainment’s label. Like a Movie consists of 14 songs, including Intro, ..안되나요.., 전할 수 없는 이야기, 악몽(惡夢), 아직도, You Are the Only One, Magic Eye, Interlude, 떠나, 제발, 하늘에서, 후애(後愛), Feel the Night, Incomplete and sold 203,566+ copies in South Korea.

Can’t We (안되나요) was also released on April 3, 2002, on the album In the Mood for Love (KR Promotion Song). The song is about a painful love.

“Can’t you…love me?
Can’t you understand my heart a little?
Or, you could pretend
that I am him
As long as you are with me
As long as you are by my side”

Let’s take a listen to Wheesung’s Can’t We (..안되나요..)!

With Me

With Me was released in August 21, 2003, under YG Entertainment’s label, as one of the tracks on the It’s Real album. It’s Real has 16 songs, including 1 bonus track. The trackson the album are Intro, Set Me Free, 다시 만난 날, I Am Missing You, With Me, 사랑하지 않을 거라면, Player, 말을 해줘, Interlude, Dilemma, 미워하고 싶은데, Pretty Lady, 미인, Angel, Outro, Luz Control ft. Seven & Lexy (Bonus track). It’s Real sold 406,959+ copies in South Korea.

With Me is dedicated to all the people with broken hearts.

“I believe this is love (love)
I know it’s not what you think (think)
Saying ‘find another girl whom you will love more’
I can see your hurt feelings too (feelings too)

I can stand it even if it’s more difficult
Only if you show me your love
I still have too many things
planned to do for you”

Listen below!

Incurable Disease, feat. Masta Wu

Incurable Disease (불치병) was the top song from the album For the Moment. For the Moment has 17 songs, including a bonus track. The tracks are Intro, 탈피, 누구와 사랑을 하다가, 내 눈물보다, 불치병 (feat. Masta Wu), 하나가 더해진 생일, Skit Part1. 박.갑.성 VS.삼오십오 (일산 집으로 가다가), Corea New School 제비 스딸 (feat. 1TYM Teddy), 7days, 사랑은 (feat. Big mama 이지영), Skit Part2. 삼오십오 VS 박.갑.(광주여고로 가다가), Clubbin’ (feat. Jinusean Jinu), She’s Beautiful, 일생을 (Remake), Dear My Friend (feat. 이정, Wanted 하동균), Outro, It’z Time (bonus track). For The Moment was released on October 15, 2004, under YG Entertainment and sold some 209.707 copies domestically.

Incurable Disease (불치병) features Masta Wu. Masta Wu is South Korean rapper, songwriter, and producer. The song was also composed and arranged by Kim Do Hun and the lyrics were by Choi Gap Won.

“I want to stay behind you and watch you forever
But I hate the thought of this so I take a step back to be happy
(I) I want to love you but someone better than you
(A good person) A love for me doesn’t exist, but in case it should come
Tomorrow I hide my feelings and smile again”

Listen to Wheesung’s Incurable Disease (불치병) ft. Masta Wu, below!


Insomnia was originally a single from Craig David. It released in November, 2008, and was written by Craig David and James Washington. In October 2008, Craig David reached out to Wheesung to sing a Korean version of Insomnia.

Wheesung’s digital single Insomnia was released on February 18, 2009, under OrangeShock Entertainment. The single actually consists of 3 tracks, Insomnia, Insomnia (instrumental), and Insomnia (Club remix with Craig David).


Even Thought of Marriage

Even Thought of Marriage (결혼까지 생각했어) is a song from the album Realslow is Back. It was released in August 29, 2010, under POP/UP Entertainment with CD and digital versions. Realslow is Back has 6 songs, which are Even thought of Marriage (결혼까지 생각했어), Rose, 사랑 그 몹쓸병, 결혼까지 생각했어 (instrumental), Rose (inst.), 사랑 그 몹쓸병 (inst.).

Even thought of Marriage (결혼까지 생각했어) was also sung in A Battle of One Voice:300 Ep 5 along with the song Heartsore Story.

Night and Day

Night and Day is one of a songs from The Best Man album, which was released on May 12, 2014, under the YMC Entertainment label. The Best Man consists of 7 songs, including Best Man, 노래가 좋아 (I Like the Music), Night and Day, 네 옆에 누워 (Lie Next to You), 너라는 명작 (Masterpiece of You) [2014 remastered version], 모르고 싶다 (I Don’t Want to Know), 돈 벌어야 돼 (Need to Make Money) .

Night and Day was written by Wheesung, himself.

Let’s take listen to Wheesung’s Night and Day!