What’s the Secret of Taeyeon’s Glorious Body?


A Singer’s Beautiful Secret

Do you know Tae-yeon? The singer who holds the position of lead vocalist and leader of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation her real name is Kim Tae-yeon (hangul: 김태연).

Tae-yeon is best known as one of Girls’ Generation members who are ‘tiny’ because of her appearance and having a slim waist. She was naturally born slim and has had no significant gain weight since she made her debut era up until now.

Before we find out about Tae-yeon’s secret as to how she maintains her body and stays in such great shape, let’s check out the transformation of Tae-yeon’s body from then and now!

Kim Taengoo‘s Body Transformation

2007 – Debut Era

Kim Tae-yeon originally made her debut as a singer with Girls’ Generation, one of the legendary girl groups who brought in the Hallyu Wave worldwide under SM Entertainment. She debuted on August 2007 with Girls’ Generation and released their first music video titled, Into The New World (hangul: 다시 만난 세계)


Tae-yeon debuted at the age of 18 years old and her baby face held such an innocent look. She was a normal weight just like any teenager around her age; not too skinny and healthy.

2008 – Kissing You

In early 2008, Girls’ Generation made a comeback through digital album with song titled Kissing You.


After 1 year from Tae-yeon’s debut as a member of girl group and being on a very hectic schedule as a rookie, she didn’t show any weight gain but she was still in normal shape like a year ago and still looks cute.

2009 – Gee

Girls’ Generation made another epic comeback on January 5th, 2009 with Gee and it become one of the biggest hit makers around the world. Mostly people know this song was sing by Girls’ Generation which made the girl group reach their highest popularity 3 years after their debut.


Gee era was popular with their pop & retro fashion style which brought us back to the 80s while the member of Girls’ Generation always performed wearing cropped-blouses and denim jeans. Tae-yeon is looking good in her stage costume which exposes her flat stomach. It seems like she lost weight probably around 2-3 kg from the previous comeback since it is noticeable that her face shape is also get slimmer.