What Is Love? (2018) by Twice

What Is Love? by Twice

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album What Is Love?
Release Date April 9, 2018
Length 3:28
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul”, Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”
Composer J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul”
Genre K-pop, Electric Pop


In this article, we will talk about a song from one of the most popular girl groups from South Korea, Twice, titled “What Is Love?” This song was released by JYP Entertainment on April 9, 2018, as Twice’s lead single for their 5th extended play with the same name, What Is Love?

Here is the teaser video of Twice’s “What Is Love?” that was uploaded on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube account:


This is the second teaser:

This is the third teaser:

This is the fourth teaser:

This is the fifth teaser:

Background of What Is Love?

Before What Is Love? by Twice was released to the public, JYP Entertainment on February 26, 2018, made an announcement that Twice was planning to have a comeback in April 2018. The name of the EP for Twice’s comeback was released on March 25, which is called What Is Love?

Then, on the next day, the first group photo teaser was released online. The individual teaser photos for each member were released on March 27 and 28 alongside the reveal of the album’s lead single called “What Is Love?” The information and schedule for their promotion were also posted on their official Twitter account.

Here are some of the teaser photos of What Is Love? by Twice.

Group Photo Teaser




















Group Photo Teaser


Story of “What Is Love?”


The song “What Is Love?” by Twice was released in 2018 and was written and composed by Park Jin-young who also previously produced Twice’s song called “Signal.” It was arranged by Lee Woo-nim “collapsedone” who also co-produced Twice’s other song.

The song tells about the love girls from many characters of famous films would dream about or imagine after learning about it through books, movies, and dramas. With the bright melody and uptempo dance beat, the song was well received and loved by the public.

Tamar Herman of Billboard described the song as having a “retro electro-pop styling” and an “addictive choral hook” with “digital quirks, sparkling chimes, and staccato’d percussion over the bubblegum melody.”

MV of “What Is Love?”

The MV of “What Is Love?” by Twice was released on April 9, 2018, on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube account. In “What Is Love?” music video, Twice’s members portray characters from 8 movie references such as The Princess Diaries, Ghost, La Boum, Pulp Fiction, Romeo + Juliet, Love Letter, La La Land, and Leon: The Professional. The MV also shows some of the song’s choreography.

On the 2018 YouTube’s Most Popular Music Videos list, “What Is Love?” by Twice was ranked number four in South Korea. On the 2018 YouTube’s Top Trend Music Videos list in Japan, the MV was ranked number five with a total of 517 million views and 4.7 million likes on YouTube as of July 2021.

Here is the full MV of “What Is Love?” by Twice

Performance of “What Is Love?”

As a special treat for you, we have some of the live performance videos of “What Is Love?” by Twice that you may be interested in watching.

“What Is Love?” by Twice: Live Stage on Show Champion

“What Is Love?” by Twice: Live Stage on MNET’s MCountdown

“What Is Love?” by Twice: Live Stage on KBS’s Music Bank

“What Is Love?” by Twice: Live Stage on MBC’s Show Music Core


Achievements of “What Is Love?”

Through the comeback with the song “What Is Love?,” Twice achieved many awards and got first place on some music shows.

Here are the details of the achievements earned by “What Is Love?” including charts, first place on music shows, awards, etc.

Music Program Awards

No. Music Show Date
1 Show Champion (MBC Music) April 18, 2018
2 Show Champion (MBC Music) April 25, 2018
3 Show Champion (MBC Music) May 2, 2018
4 M Countdown (Mnet) April 19, 2018
5 Music Bank (KBS) April 20, 2018
6 Music Bank (KBS) April 27, 2018
7 Show! Music Core (MBC) April 21, 2018
8 Show! Music Core (MBC) April 28, 2018
9 Inkigayo (SBS) April 22, 2018
10 Inkigayo (SBS) April 29, 2018
11 M!Countdown (Mnet) April 26, 2018
12 Inkigayo (SBS) May, 6, 2018


Weekly Charts

Country Chart Peak Position
South Korea Gaon 1
South Korea K-pop Hot 100 1
US (World Digital Song Sales) Billboard 3
Japan (Digital Sales) Oricon 5
Japan Japan Hot 100 6


Year-End Charts

Chart (2018) Position
Japan (Japan Hot 100) 29
South Korean (Gaon) 25
Chart (2019) Position
Japan (Japan Hot 100) 79