What Is Lee Joon-hyuk’s Ideal Type of Wife?


Who is Lee Joon Hyuk?

Lee Joon Hyuk is a South Korean actor, born on March 13, 1984. He’s a graduate of Hanshin University, and majored in Advertising and Public Relations. The first time he appeared in the entertainment world was in 2006, when he was on a video clip of the hip-hop band Typhoon. In 2007, he got a role acting in the TV drama, First Wife Club. Joon Hyuk’s role in this drama earned him an award as “Newcomer Artist” at the 2008 SBS Awards. He took several supporting roles in various projects until 2009, when he accepted what proved to be his breakout role in the film Three Brothers. His popularity continued to increase with his roles in the dramas I Am Legend, City Hunter, and Man From the Equator.

After his name became famous in South Korea, Joon Hyuk made his international debut in a Chinese drama titled Half A Fairytale in 2012. In that same year, he began his two years of military service. After being released from military service in 2014, he took a role in a film, which became a sign of his return in the world of cinema.

Lee Joon Hyuk’s Love Life

Lee Joon Hyuk has never been faced with relationship problems. That’s largely because Joon Hyuk reportedly didn’t date, he has been more focused on his career and other aspects of his personal life.

As is usual for most celebrities, though Lee Joon Hyuk has still been involved in some romance rumors. In 2013, there was speculation about his relationship with Goo Hara, who was a member of the group Kara. Speculation arouse briefly about the two, and was never rejected or confirmed by either of them, but as time passed, the rumor subsided by itself.

Lee Joon Hyuk’s Ideal Type

Joon Hyuk, unlike most celebrities who feel free to talk about their ideal type, has never made a statement about his. Most people think that he isn’t too interested in love relationships, or maybe he just doesn’t want to discuss this matter publicly. This is very possible, because he tries to aavoid too much media attention.

He once thought about marriage and wanted to marry someone, someday, however, he still didn’t discuss marriage or other related issues. Just like non-celebrities, celebrities date when they meet the right person. The time factor is also quite important. Most celebrities will date when they meet at the right time and aren’t over-burdened by their work.

Joon Hyuk’s fans don’t talk much about the problem with his relationship. Maybe, this is because he is single. So, if you are one of his fans and really like him, immediately make a relationship and date him.