What Happened With The Former Member Of SECHSKIES, Kang Sung-hoon?

More Controversies From Kang Sung-hoon


Beside the two big problems from Kang Sung-hoon that have already been discussed, there are more controversies involving Kang Sung-hoon, which often stem from the way that he spoke, that sounded like he offended other idols.

Bad-Mouthing About Idol

One day, Kang Sung-hoon caused some controversy because he had been bad-mouthing other idols, like calling them filthy and ugly.

According to some portal news, on May 12, 2019, in the video called Absurd Remark 1 spread quickly online as it showed the Kang Sung-hoon criticizing the outer appearances of present-day idols.

He firstly said, “I wish I were a bit taller. Why isn’t there a plastic surgery to make one taller? I need to extend about 8 cm. If I were just 8 cm taller, right? If so, I’d be really confident.

And then he continued by saying that K-Pop idols nowadays are ugly and filthy.

When I see them at ‘shops’ (celebrity salons), they are frigging ugly. Why is that? They are frigging ugly, frigging. Their skin is dirty, too. Why are they so ugly?” and then he commented again, “How can I reveal who it is? There hasn’t been a single good-looking idol since TVXQ. Really,” when the audience asked him who the idol group that he stated is.

The fans from many fandoms were enraged after seeing this video. They commented, “Please disappear. You can’t stand up in the entertainment industry, where your personality is too bad.”

Another one also said, “No, Sung Hoon. It’s like you’re trying to make a fool out of yourself. You are also the ugliest member of Sechs Kies. LOL.


Wrote Negative Comments For Idol

Kang Sung-hoon is suspected of hating other Korean celebrities using a Naver account. He has been posting malicious comments about other celebrities, including his own group members, and leaving comments praising himself with his suspected Naver account.

The account once left acomment about the famous Korean celebrity RAIN, saying things like, “Rain that bastard has stinking breath! He was famous among singers. Everyone who used the mic that bastard used after him fainted. How terrible it must’ve been.”

He also left a comment in Kim Tae-woo’s article, “He’s totally thoughtless.. so disappointed!! He doesn’t even think about self-restraint and is underestimating the public..!


Selling Gifts from Fans

According to allkpop.com, Kang Sung-hoon is under fire for allegedly selling the gifts sent to him from his fans.

On September 27, 2019, an internet community post about Kang Sung Hoon selling items he received from fans on an auction website made headlines. It’s reported he’s suspected of selling gifts from fans under titles like, “Only one in the country,” and “Limited edition,” and posting photos of his pet dog Coco wearing a Louis Vuitton collar, high-top sneakers, and shoes.

Though the post asserted the items were bought from a store, the phone number listed was revealed to be the same as Kang Sung Hoon’s previously rumored girlfriend and fan club manager.


Latest News


According to SOOMPI, on July 17, 2019,

Kang Sung Hoon’s legal representative Polaris Law Firm released an official statement, including Kang Sung Hoon’s apology to fans.

In the statement, the law firm outlined the reasoning behind the prosecutors’ decision to drop charges on Kang Sung Hoon.

They concluded the statement with the following message:

…Although Kang Sung Hoon was not legally indicted, as a public figure, he is feeling very apologetic to fans regarding the video screening case. He is feeling greatly responsible for not having meticulously checked the [details] of the event and not communicating with fans when he should have done so.

“Through this statement, he would like to tell fans that he will be careful and make sure something like this does not happen again. He is determined to avoid disappointing his fans again and would like to show them a better side of himself.

“Furthermore, we ask everyone to refrain from writing false [posts] on social media about Kang Sung Hoon and [Hoony World’s moderator] ‘Park’ that pertain to libel and defamation of character.


The law firm also revealed four certificates proving that he had donated the money he had been accused of embezzling, still according to SOOMPI.

That was all about Kang Sung-hoon and his controversies. Regardless of his mistakes, keep supporting Kang Sung-hoon in the future. Channel-Korea will be back with another piece of news in the next article.