Check Out John Cena and Other Western Celebrities Spazzing Over K-pop Idols!

Western Celebrities Spazzing Over K-Pop Idols!

K-Pop and Western pop have come together a number of times to make amazing music. The Korean Wave has begun to dominate the world, including Asia and even America. K-Pop also managed to infiltrate the highly competitive western music scene with success.

Western artist and celebrities nowadays have also expressed their interest in K-Pop things. In this article, Channel-Korea will show you the Western celebrities who are fangirling/fanboying over their favorite K-Pop idols! Stay tuned!

John Cena


WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor John Cena has been showing his love for Korean Idols, especially K-Pop group BTS. In an interview, John Cena jokingly said, “I’m petitioning to kinda be their secret bodyguard.” John Cena’s thoughts about BTS are highly praising because their songs and choreographies connect people throughout the world with a good message. That is really ‘cool,’ according to John Cena. He appreciates them for using their voice to do something good. John Cena even shared that his favorite members of BTS are J-Hope and RM.

John Cena frequently posts about BTS on his Instagram account. Last February, John Cena even wished J-Hope a Happy Birthday on Twitter. He also joined the birthday hashtag with #JHOPEDay just like a true fan. He often tweets about BTS and sometimes extends a congratulation and a shoutout to them.

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Emma Stone

During an interview with CONAN on TBS, Emma Stone was asked what her favorite K-Pop act is. Emma answered with 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation and said that her favorite song is 2NE1’s 2011 hit “I Am the Best.” She also commented that “I Am The Best” is incredible.

In April 2019, Emma Stone was hosting an American TV program called Saturday Night Live with musical guest K-Pop boy group BTS. The show revealed Sandra Oh and Tame Impala, Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington and Sara Bareilles, as well as Emma Stone and BTS, will all be taking the stage live from New York.