All About Weki Meki: Profile, Facts, Discography, and Much More!

Weki Meki’s Instagram Feed

Countless times nominated as the Best New Female Group at various award shows is proof of how Weki Meki will soar even higher in the future. This is evident also based on their social media accounts, including their official Instagram account (@weki_meki). Created on July 5th, 2017, Weki Meki’s Instagram account has been verified and shared approximately 281 posts, follows no account, and has 362,000 followers in just the past two years. Here are the top 10 of Weki Meki’s Instagram Feeds that you must see!

Weki Meki’s Scandal and Controversy

Just a week after their debut, Weki Meki got involved in a scandal as the fans suspected that the girls’ manager is a former sasaeng fan. The suspicion arose when the female manager displayed unnecessary skinship with Weki Meki members on some of their schedules.

The worried fans dug up detailed information about the manager and it turned out that she is a devoted Doyeon fan who has attended many I.O.I concerts and schedules, spotted to stand in the front row of the line-up.

In addition, the female manager still keeps posting fan accounts about Doyeon on forum site DC Inside under the username ‘SilverStar’. In some posts, she told the netizens how she held Doyeon’s hand for a few seconds, “She shook my hand and it was so that I was holding on to her hand…there were so many people we were both kind of confused and forgot we were holding hands and walked on…”

Not only holding hands, but the female manager also expressed her happiness upon hearing Doyeon calling her as the manager, “I just died hearing Doyeon say ‘manager-nim’. I have heard it so many times but I want to hear it from Doyeon’s mouth so much…”

Many fans protested the issue, saying how Fantagio as the home agency of Weki Meki is really bad at their jobs, while others were questioning the company’s standards for hiring managers for their artists, “It pisses me off more that she is a woman because this would 100% be enough to get her fired if she was a man but I feel like Fantagio will ignore us because she is a woman. And the fact that she’s a female manager means she might be living in their dorms with them… pisses me off.” Rumor has it that the female manager also used to be one of those fans who chased I.O.I around on the streets, hence the accusation as a former sasaeng. Despite the controversy, Fantagio has yet to address the issue and it is unknown whether the female manager still works for Weki Meki at the present time.

At the beginning of October 2017, Weki Meki’s center Yoojung spent Chuseok holiday with fellow I.O.I member Jeon Somi and Kim Sohye in her house. Their bonding time was shared through Somi’s personal Instagram account who wrote, “There is nothing better than spending the holidays with you,” referring to Yoojung and Sohye as she posted the pictures.

As you can see, there are wine and soju bottles behind Somi in the photo, which was suspected to have been taken in Yoojung’s room. It must be noted that the trio I.O.I members are still underage which led people to criticize and ask them for an explanation of whether she drank the alcohol or not. Fantagio hurriedly clarified that Yoojung’s parents and relatives were with the girls and they are the ones who had been drinking from the alcohol bottles in question. The agency affirmed that Yoojung, Somi, and Sohye have nothing to do with the alcohol beverage, hence the accusation toward the girls were cleared.

Weki Meki’s Latest News

In mid-December 2018, Weki Meki released a special holiday track with other Fantagio artists such as Hello Venus and ASTRO. The agency mates winter track is titled “All I Want” and dubbed as a song to reminisce on memories with a past lover. In addition, Yoojung contributed in the rap making along with Hello Venus’s Lime, ASTRO’s Rocky and JinJin. Below, you can check out the music video for “All I Want!”

Weki Meki is also honored to receive an award at Korea First Brand Awards. The ceremony took place on December 19th, at the Grand Ballroom of Conrad Seoul Hotel. Notably, the survey was conducted from October 24th to November 6th and recorded approximately 313,807 consumers who participated through online, mobile, and telephone channels making the survey the most consumer participating one in the award show’s history. Weki Meki received the Rising Star award along with other idol groups and artists who won an award respectively in other categories. Congratulations, girls!