Weki Meki’s Lucy: Profile, Graduation, Drama, Etc.

Weki Meki’s Lucy’s Performances on Stage

weki meki lucy

Weki Meki‘s debut day took place over four years ago. Even though all the members were young, they had a lot of experiences with the number of years that they spent. Not to mention Kim Doyeon and Kim Yoojung who had previously debuted in I.O.I too. No wonder the girls are all so good performers.

Well, we haven’t really talked about how Weki Meki perform on stage, right? K-pop groups are all about performing. They perform their songs live, they dance and sing live too. And what about Weki Meki? How are the girls when they are performing?

Let’s check out the performances of Lucy and other Weki Meki members in some music shows!

Now that we have seen Weki Meki’s performances, we know that Weki Meki have a lot of good songs. They also perform their songs really well on stage. They sing and dance perfectly. It’s even hard to only focus on Lucy because other members are attractive too.

So, it’s time to see the videos that only focus on Lucy. Check out Lucy’s fancam below!

What do you think about Lucy’s performances? She and other Weki Meki members are all good performers, right? Can’t wait to see them on tour so they can greet the fans overseas!

What’s in Weki Meki’s Lucy’s Bag?


After seeing Lucy’s hard work as a child, and even after she debuted, it’s normal to be curious more about her. One of the things that may or may not be in your mind right now is, what probably is in Lucy’s bags? That could be random info, but believe it or not, Lucy has once shown it to the fans.

In a video that was uploaded on her birthday, August 31st, 2020, Lucy showed fans what’s inside her bag. The video was a part of a challenge to only show it for 88 seconds. So, Lucy set a timer before she started to unpack her bag. For the record, it is the bag that she carried around. So, what’s inside that is really essential for her.


The first thing she showed is an unrevealed picture that she took on Weki Meki’s 3rd anniversary. She showed it and allowed fans to take a screenshot of it for some seconds. But time passed by as she did that, so she rushed to introduce other things.

Lucy had a wallet, card wallet, make-up, hand cream, a book titled A Streetcar Named Desire, AirPods, and a charger. With a little amount of time, she was explaining what’s inside her wallet shortly. She even showed a passport card that she took when she was in middle school.


Besides the photo from Weki Meki’s 3rd anniversary that she brought on purpose, those are things that she actually carried around. She also thanked the fans for all the birthday messages.


Lucy said that even though the time was short, she hopes that it cures the curiosity of the fans. So, are you now satisfied? She really carried everything that she needs, right?

Weki Meki’s Lucy’s Graduation


Lucy debuted as the only member who was in middle school at that time. In 2017, she was only 15 years old or 16 years old in the Korean age system. But she grew up really well and she was able to graduate while having lots of schedules as an idol.

After Lucy graduated from Sungshin Girl’s Middle School, Lucy attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts or SOPA. It is the school attended by other K-pop idols or trainees from K-pop agencies. Some idols who graduated there are Suzy, Hyeri, Kai and Sehun from EXO, Red Velvet‘s Joy and Seulgi, Hyunjin and I.N from Stray Kids, Bang Yedam from Treasure, etc.


SOPA is a school that focuses on performing arts. So, Lucy won’t be having a hard time adjusting her schedule with study in school. After Lucy spent three years in high school, she graduated in the spring of 2021.

It was so emotional since fans have known her when she was so young. Now that she graduated, she became an adult officially. In the same year, she also turned 20 in the Korean age system, which means that she is the last member that became legal in Weki Meki.


However, seeing Lucy had to use a mask while having her graduation ceremony is quite sad. It’s because of COVID-19 that she needed to protect herself while attending the ceremony. Fans weren’t allowed to congratulate her face to face too, since we need to follow the health protocols.

But still, congratulations on becoming an adult and for graduating from high school, Lucy! We’re so proud of you!

Weki Meki’s Lucy’s Boyfriend and Ideal Type


Lucy is not underage anymore. So, is it time to talk about love life? You probably are curious if Lucy has a boyfriend or not. But unfortunately, not all idols are open about their romantic relationships. Idols usually get caught dating their partner by reporters. It’s a rare case for idols to publicly share their relationship.

Especially, dating in the K-pop industry is such a big issue. When idols are dating another idol, it will affect their groups’ name, selling numbers, etc. Fans start to hate them, well of course not all fans, but there are some immature fans who do that. So, for Lucy who just started her adult life in 2021, it’s a bit dangerous to openly date someone.


However, it’s not that she won’t date anyone in her life, right? Of course, Lucy does have some type of boyfriend that she would like to date in the future. She said that her ideal type is Sung Dong-il, the actor who played in Hospital Playlist, Reply 1997, etc. Lucy claimed that she likes the satoori acting of the actor.


So, could it be that Lucy likes someone who has a satoori accent? Well, whoever it is, hopefully, Lucy will find someone who can make her happy and love her truly.


It’s a wrap, everyone! It’s really such a pleasure to introduce you to Lucy from Weki Meki. She really has a lot of interesting things, right? Not only she is pretty and considerate to her fans, but she is also a talented singer and dancer. Hopefully, in the future, we can see more of Lucy as an actress. Don’t forget to show your support for Lucy in the comment section below!