Weki Meki’s Lua: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Era, Fancam Performances, Etc.

Weki Meki's Lua

Get Closer With Weki Meki’s Lua

Have you by any chance heard about a girl group named Weki Meki? They are Fantagio Entertainment’s girl group that debuted in 2017. The group consists of 8 members, and one of them is named Lua.

Lua was the third member to be revealed by Fantagio Entertainment before the group’s official debut. Through this article, Channel Korea will introduce you to one of the most talented K-pop idols that ever existed, Weki Meki’s Lua. So, keep on reading!

Full Profile of Weki Meki’s Lua

Weki Meki's Lua

Birth Name: Kim Soo-kyung (김수경)

Stage Name: Lua (루아)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, October 6, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Singer

Position in Weki Meki: Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist

Years Active: 2017 – Present

Label: Fantagio Entertainment

Associated With: Weki Meki

Instagram: @soo_kyungi

Interesting Facts About Lua That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Weki Meki's Lua
  • Lua’s nickname is Mollkaeng
  • Her family consists of a mother, father, and older brother
  • Lua attended Lila Arts High School
  • She used to be a trainee for 4 years
  • In 2015, Lua once appeared as a cameo in the drama To Be Continued
  • Her MBTI type is INFJ
  • Lua started learning ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, and belly dancing ever since she was 5 years old
  • Ballet is one of her specialties
  • Lua likes Elmo from Sesame Street
  • She is also a fan of Marvel comics
  • People think that Lua resembles Lovelyz’s Seo Ji-soo and Kim Sohye
  • Lua has a habit of kissing her fellow members in Weki Meki

Wanna Know About Weki Meki’s Lua’s Ideal Type?

Weki Meki's Lua

After getting to know more about Weki Meki’s Lua’s trivia through the list of her interesting facts, you might desire to know more about that. Now, let’s talk about Weki Meki’s Lua’s ideal type! Although she never talked specifically about her ideal type, she once mentioned a certain artist who might be her ideal type.

When Weki Meki members chose one person between 6 artists, Lua chose Darren Wang as her ideal type along with Weki Meki’s Suyeon and Lucy.

Lua’s Past Activities

Weki Meki's Lua

Long before Lua’s career as a K-pop idol, she had learned various types of dancing when she was a kid such as ballet and belly dancing. As she grew older, Lua realized that she wanted to pursue a career as a K-pop idol.

Luckily, she got into Fantagio Entertainment and underwent her training period for 4 years. Her hard work paid off since she was announced as the third member of Fantagio Entertainment’s new girl group Weki Meki in June 2017.

Lua’s Debut With Weki Meki

Weki Meki

Lua and the rest of Weki Meki’s members officially debuted on August 8, 2017, by releasing the first mini-album Weme with “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” as the album’s title track.

The group’s name also stands for 8 unique girls (Meki) who hold keys for each other, and the girls together hold keys that open another door (Weki). Such a meaningful name, isn’t it?

Weki Meki

Weki Meki itself has 8 members including Lua, and she is in charge as the main dancer, rapper, and vocalist. Her amazing dance skills and the fact that she learned dancing since she was a kid have made her become the main dancer of the group.

Following the positive response of Weme, Weki Meki continuously releases various digital singles and mini-albums such as “Lucky” (2018), “Hide and Seek” (2020), “New Rules” (2020), and the latest “I Am Me” (2021).

Watch the Fancam Performances of Weki Meki’s Lua

Weki Meki's Lua

Don’t miss out on Weki Meki’s Lua’s captivating fancam performances here:

During the debut era of “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend,” Lua drew attention with her attractive looks. People noticed that her style was somehow a mixture of a boyish and adorable look!

Just as cool as the song title, Weki Meki’s Lua hypnotized the fans with her performance! She emphasized her girl crush vibes, especially with her boyish style that matched with the song’s concept!

Moving on to the next fancam video performance of Lua. This time, she appeared with a feminine and chic look which was different from the previous performance. But, still, her powerful performance was as amazing as ever!

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