WEi’s Yoo Yong-ha: Profile, Pre Debut, Birthday, Instagram, Etc.

WEi’s Yoo Yong-ha’s Performances on Stage

yoo yongha

We have seen the profile, facts, and even the story before Yoo Yong-ha made a debut in his group WEi. But we haven’t really talked about how impressive Yoo Yong-ha’s performances on stage are. He originally made his debut as an idol in 2019, so he has probably been getting much better at performing on stage.

So, instead of just wondering about Yoo Yong-ha’s live performances on stage. It’s time to see the stage performances of WEi on some music shows!

They really know how to show their talents on stage. No wonder WEi fans are growing bigger day by day. But when we watch WEi’s performances, it’s so hard to focus on Yoo Yong-ha only because the other members are captivating too. So, let’s see the performances of Yoo Yong-ha on stage in his focus fancam!

What do you think about Yoo Yong-ha’s dancing and rapping skills? He really got that talent, right? It’s lit!

WEi’s Yoo Yong-ha’s Cute Moments

We have seen a lot of moments where Yoo Yong-ha showed his fierce side on stage or in a music video. Indeed, Yoo Yong-ha has that charismatic vibe that makes him look like he’s ready to destroy you. But actually, Yoo Yong-ha is just a lovely guy who likes to act cute sometimes. Especially if the fans ask him to.

So, it’s time to see WEi’s Yoo Yong-ha’s cute moments that are quite rare to see on stage!


What do you think about the cute guy Yoo Yong-ha? He really suits the cute concept, right? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!


Well, it has been a great journey to learn more about Yoo Yong-ha from WEi. He debuted in 1THE9 after appearing in the Under Nineteen reality show. Then he came back to his own agency to make another debut with WEi. Yoo Yong-ha is such a talented dancer and rapper, but he’s also a cute and adorable idol in real life. Which of his charms do you like the most? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the box below!