Formerly Known as Wei, Check Out ‘Produce X 101’s Contestant Lee Jin-hyuk’s Profile Here!

Meet The Handsome Lee Jin-hyuk, or Wei, from UP10TION

Lee Jin Hyuk, also known as Wei, is a South Korean singer and rapper under TOP Media. He is a member of the boy group UP10TION. Wei took part in MNet’s boy group survival show Produce X 101 in 2019 but he was eliminated in the final episode taking the 14th place. Let’s get to know Wei, or Lee Jin Hyuk, in this article on Channel-Korea. Stay tuned!

Lee Jin-hyuk’s Profile
  • Full name: Lee Jin Hyuk (Hangeul: 이진혁)
  • Stage name: Wei (웨이)
  • Birth Name: Lee Sung-jun (이성준)
  • Position: Main Rapper
  • Date of Birth: June 8th, 1996
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Height: 185 cm (6’1″)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Instagram: @ljh_babysun

Facts of Lee Jin-hyuk

  • His nationality is Korean.
  • His birthplace is Hyewong-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Lee Jin-hyuk has a younger sister.
  • He was the second to last member to join the group.
  • Lee Jin-hyuk can speak Korean and basic English.
  • Lee Jin-hyuk’s favorite girl group is Red Velvet.
  • He has the nicknames Long Legs and Pillar.
  • He is the tallest among his group members.
  • He’s in charge of high rap because of his high pitched voice.
  • Lee Jin-hyuk is game boy UP10TION.
  • He can eat a lot and is not a picky eater.
  • He can’t eat seafood.
  • He is scared of ghosts.
  • He likes playing games, for example, Overwatch.
  • He has dressed up as “Weiopatra.”
  • It is difficult for him to gain weight, no matter how much he eats.
  • He is the cleanest member.
  • He likes Michael Jackson.
  • His roommates are Hwanhee and Bitto.
  • Lee Jin-hyuk and Wooshin were contestants on Produce X 101.
  • His ideal type is someone cute, a short girl and someone who has a love for skinship.

Debut with UP10TION as Wei

In 2015, Wei, or Lee Jin-hyuk, debuted as a member of UP10TION. UP10TION is a South Korean boy band formed under TOP Media in 2015 which consists of ten members including Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Bitto, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, Xiao, and Lee Jin-hyuk, or Wei. In July 2015, Wei joined UP10TION and the group made its official debut by introducing each member through their show Masked Rookie King, also known as King of Masked Rookie UP10TION. This show is a parody of King of Mask Singer aired on MBC. UP10TION debuted with an extended play (EP) Top Secret and made their Japanese debut with the EP ID. On this Masked Rookie King, the contestants are competing and showing their abilities and charms also wearing a mask in front of a panel of judges. Then, some are selected and they have to take their masks off. They are judged by the panel of judges which includes Shinhwa’s Andy, Teen Top’s Chunji, and 100%’s Rokhyun and Chanyong. Wei was the tenth member of the group introduced together with Gyujin, and Xiao. On September 9th, UP10TION held a debut showcase at AX Concert Hall in Seoul. On September 11th, 2015, UP10TION released their debut mini-album titled Top Secret, which includes their debut single “So, Dangerous.” The album debuted at number 9 and also peaked at number 7 on the Gaon Album Chart. On September 10th, UP10TION also made their official music program debut through Mnet’s M! Countdown, performing their first debut single “So, Dangerous.”

Joining Produce X 101

Lee Jin Hyuk joined Produce 101. His final ranking in the show was 14th, which meant that he can’t join the prospective boy group X1 which will be formed as a result of the show, but his appearance in the show still brought him a lot of attention, especially as a member of UP10TION. After his appearance on the show, Wei is still thinking about the next step in his journey.

In the meantime, Lee Jin Hyuk was invited to be a guest of Radio Star where he talked about his experience after the final episode of Produce X 101, his struggles in the past, and many other things. Although he did not make the line-up of the project group X1 of Produce X 101, he still got increasing recognition and his popularity peaked after he was a contestant on the show. Wei said, “I didn’t know that I’d receive this much love after it ended. I keep getting offers for dramas and variety shows. I’m really surprised.” He revealed that ‘Radio Star’ is his first variety show appearance, and he admits to being nervous and shaking.


Latest News of Lee Jin-hyuk

Recently, after Wei failed to debut with X1, he released his new stage name and a new Instagram account on July 22nd, 2019. This news directly comes from his agency, Top Media. So, here is an official statement from TOP Media about his plan.

The statement said that he will be shifting his stage name from “Wei” to his real name “Lee Jin Hyuk,” and launched an Instagram account.

Let’s read this full statement from Top Media that represents Wei:


This is TOP Media.

We express gratitude for the love given to Lee Jin Hyuk by fans, and we would like to share some news regarding Lee Jin Hyuk.

It has been decided that Lee Jin Hyuk will change his stage name to promote as “Lee Jin Hyuk.”

In addition, he will interact with fans and share various news through the Instagram account below. (@ljh_babysun)

We will consider the many opinions sent by fans, and we will support Lee Jin Hyuk so that he can promote actively.

We once again express gratitude for the great interest and love.

Later, after releasing this statement, Wei shared a selfie for his very first Instagram post and wrote, “Hello. This is Lee Jin Hyuk.” And on his hashtags, it was stated, “TOP Media,” “Lee Jin Hyuk,” and “Baby Sun.” Check out his new Instagram account below!

Recently, he also uploaded his interview with full of passion and persistence in the September issue of Dazed Korea. Rooting for Lee Jin Hyuk’s new career journey. Hoping for new blessings on his music endeavors. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts in the section below!