WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa: Profile, Brother, Former YG and JYP Trainee

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa’s Performances on Stage

We have seen the pre-debut story of Kang Seok-hwa before he moved to Seoul until he finally debuted with WEi. But we haven’t really talked about how great WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa is when he is performing on stage.

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa is the main vocalist of the group. So, in every performance of WEi, Kang Seok-hwa manages to show his best vocal on stage. Let’s check out the live performances of WEi in some music shows!

And now, it’s time to see the performances that focus on WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa only so we can see his dancing better. Check out the videos below!

What do you think about Kang Seok-hwa’s performances? Have you fallen for him already?

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa’s Love For APINK

wei kang seok hwa

First of all, who doesn’t like APINK? Second of all, definitely not Kang Seok-hwa. So, if you see a list of idols who are fans of APINK, then you will definitely find Kang Seok-hwa’s name on the list.

As you may know, some K-pop idols frankly admit that they are a fan of other idols. And just like that, Kang Seok-hwa proudly proclaimed that he’s a fan of APINK. He often shows his fanboying side when he’s hyping for APINK.

Let’s check out some moments of Kang Seok-hwa as one of the PINK PANDAS, APINK‘s fan club!

Even Kang Seok-hwa who looks calm is loudly fanboying over his favorite group. So, it’s not a sin for you to be fangirling or fanboying over WEi, especially Kang Seok-hwa!


Well, it’s a wrap! It really has been a great journey to learn more about WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa. Now we know that we have another cute and talented vocalist from a K-pop group named Kang Seok-hwa. He has really shown his best performance on every stage of WEi. So if you like him, don’t forget to extend your love and support for him in the comment section below!