Profile and Facts of We in The Zone’s Jooan

We In The Zone's Jooan

Everything You Should Know About We in The Zone’s Member; Im Ji-myoung a.k.a Jooan!

We In The Zone (hangul: 위인더존) is a South Korean boy group debuted under Choon Entertainment on May 27th 2019 with their debut album “We In The Zone”. We In The Zone has 5 original members line-up with Eson, Jooan, Kyeongheon, and Shihyun and Min. Unfortunately, We In The Zone or WITZ had to be disbanded on January 15, 2021 through an unofficial statement by one of their members, Kyeongheon, through his Instagram.

In this article, there’s a detail information about We In The Zone’s member, Im Ji-myoung or also known as Jooan, starting from his full profile, fun facts, discography until their latest news. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about We In The Zone’s Jooan in this article below!

Full Profile of We in The Zone’s Jooan

Real Name : Im Ji-myoung (hangul: 임지명)

Stage Name : Jooan (hangul: 주안)

Birth : Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, October 4, 1996

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 173cm (5’8″)

Weight : 58kg (128lbs)

Blood Type : O

Family Member : Parents, Older Sister, Younger Sister

Education :

  • Wondong Elementary School
  • Byeongjeom Middle School
  • Hanlim Performing Arts High SchoolMusical Department

Position of the group : Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Official Site :

We in The Zone’s Jooan’s Facts
  1. We In The Zone’s Jooan and Eson have a soundcloud together called ‘HAHN X ESON’.
  2. We In The Zone’s Jooan can play the guitar
  3. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s role model is SHINee’s Taemin
  4. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s nickname is Jiaemi (Jamie)
  5. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s hobby is watching the old movie ‘Midnight Again’
  6. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s specialties are Music, Composing
  7. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s favorite foods are Chicken, Chips, Yogurt snacks
  8. We In The Zone’s Jooan doesn’t dislike any food
  9. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s message to his fans, “Lets make good memories from now on”
  10. We In The Zone’s Jooan’s favorite songs are Drake’s “Too much (Feat Sampha)”, Pink Sweat$’s “Honesty”, Travis Scott’s “Yosemite” and Billie Eilish’s “Come out and play”
  11. We In The Zone’s Jooan entered the company when he was in high school and learned practical dance
  12. We In The Zone’s Jooan is a classmate with fromis_9’s Lee Saerom
  13. We In The Zone’s Jooan is 3 years younger than his older sister
  14. We In The Zone’s Jooan is 1 years older than his younger sister
  15. We In The Zone also a member of the producing team CIELOGROOVE
  16. We In The Zone’s Jooan appeared as a minor role in ‘Set Me Free’ the movie in 2014

We in The Zone’s Jooan Debut as We In The Zone Member

We In The Zone or also known as WITZ debuted on May 27, 2019 under Choom Entertainment, with the song “Let’s Get Loud”. This boy group consists of 5 members, which are Eson, Jooan, Kyeongheon, Shihyun and Min.

At that time, the group debuted with their self-titled album with several self-produced songs. They held their debut show case at the Hongdae Hana Tour V Hall in Seoul, performing a number of songs from the album including their title track.

In the first mini-album ‘WE IN THE ZONE’, pursues a progressive sensibility core that maintains urban and stylish colors in hybrid music that mixes hip-hop, electronic, and house genres.

The title song “Let’s Get Loud” is an impressive song with lyrics and melody lines expressing the story of dreams, worries, and commitments that We in the Zone first wanted to share with the public on a track mixed with deep house and hip-hop.

The b-side songs include “Better” and “Bet On Me” released on a mixtape by Eson and Jooan, as well as the refreshing charm of “Love Love Love” and R&B soul genre. It contains a total of 5 songs, including the birth of “In The Rain”.

We in The Zone’s Jooan Join Soundcloud

We In The Zone’s Jooan is one of the K-Pop idols that has SoundCloud as a platform to share his songs with fans, so there will be many people who can enjoy their music for free. Through his SoundCloud, you can listen to We In The Zone’s Jooan’s digital singles, such as “RUN-NING”, “Like 1999 (Valley cover.)” and “To You Who Are Having The Same Day Today”

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