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We in The Zone’s Jooan’s Discography

We In The Zone's Jooan

After debuting as a member of We In The Zone, he is also active as a soloist and writes songs and music videos that he uploads on his Youtube channel. Without wasting his opportunity as a musician, this former member is also currently active as Jooan as the soloist.

Let’ get straight on Jooan’s songs and music videos below to get to know more about him!

On June 9, 2021, Jooan debuted with a single titled “RUN-ING” with a music video also released on his official Youtube channel. This was a fresh debut from Jooan by having his own solo song. This song is very easy listening for you to add on your daily playlist. The guitar strum from the beginning until the song ends is the main instrument that accompanies Jooan when he shows his rap skills while singing.

On June 15, 2021, Jooan released another single titled “Like 1999 (Valley cover.)” with a music video which looks very interesting, because he was seen playing guitar in a cozy studio. Beside that, guitar is another important instrument in this song and Jooan brought it in 2 different languages ​​in this lyrics which made the song a whole package of joy and happiness everytime you listen to it.

On June 18, 2021, Jooan released his 3rd single as a soloist titled “To You Who Are Having The Same Day Today”. Different from the concept that he previously released with songs that brought good vibes, this time he presents this song for his fans with a Black and White music video.

The song also deep meaning in every lyrics in the song, which tells about how difficult one’s life is but it will be alright to have a hard times, we can all get through it by staying calm and taking deep breaths.

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Jooan Appeared for MBC’s ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’

We In The Zone's Jooan

On October 23, 2019, WITZ’s Min left the group and terminated his contract due to personal reasons. A year later, WITZ’s Kyeongheon via their Instagram account announced that the group was sadly disbanded on January 15, 2021, as all members terminated their contracts. Their last comeback as a group was the single “Loveade”.

Meanwhile, former member of WITZ, Jooan appeared for MBC’s ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’ as the contestant and they revealed their past as wild as an idol.

MBC survival audition program ‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’ directed by Choi Min-geun, Han Young-rong and they’ released the first video containing the stories of the 14 members of the debut group through MBC’s official YouTube channel on October 4, 2021.

We In The Zone's Jooan

In the video, Jooan, Kwon Hyeong-seok, Lee Jae-jun, Kim Hyun-yeop, and Seo Seong-hyeok appeared, revealing their hidden identities and telling stories before applying for ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’.

Jooan, who took first place among the 14 members of the debut group, has been active as the main dancer of the group We In The Zone for about a year and a half. Jooan said, “We’re disbanded now. It felt like the world was collapsing because it happened overnight. It was very empty, disappointing, and exhausting,” he said.

He also said, “(Regarding ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’ support), a friend contacted me. Without realizing it, I was saying, ‘Can’t you connect that program to me?’ “I think it’s the last time and I’m going to take it as a challenge,” he said.

We In The Zone's Jooan

Jooan appeared in ‘Choi Ae Entertainment’ and earned three trophies for singing alone. In MBC’s ‘Choi Ae Entertainment’, which aired on July 11, 2020, former singers who love trot, enthusiastic and talented people, and incumbent idols applied to ‘Choi Ae Entertainment’ and sang songs.

On this day, Jooan sang Seol Woon-do’s song ‘Female Female Female’. Jang Yoon-jung said, “I can’t do it,” and pressed the button. Kim Shin-young said, “It’s like an idol.”

We In The Zone's Jooan

Jooan said, “I am a member of the idol group We in the Zone.” Jooan showed off a dance at the second appeal. Jooan showed a strong dance, and Leeteuk said, “I understand why Jooan’s knee is torn”, causing laughter from the judges.

We In The Zone's Jooan

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