From Yonghwa-Seohyun to Sungjae-Joy, Do You Still Miss These ‘We Got Married’ Couples?

Sweet Moments Between Celebrity Couples In We Got Married

Korean variety programs are well known for their entertaining concepts. Most variety programs continuously deliver fun and excitement to the viewers. One such program was We Got Married. We Got Married was being broadcast from 2008 to 2017.

We Got Married paired famous Korean celebrities as on-screen married couples and filmed their interaction from the first meeting until the farewell. We Got Married was loved by viewers because it showed each of the celebrities living daily lives as married couples. During the program, the couple was assigned to complete various missions. It was very entertaining when these celebrities would interact and strive to complete the missions as a married couple.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about some of the most popular We Got Married couples, their interaction and on-screen chemistry as the main attraction of the program. So, let’s take a look at these sweet moments of celebrity couples in We Got Married!

Yonghwa and Seohyun

SNSD’s Seohyun was only 20 years old when she made her appearance in We Got Married. She was paired with CN Blue leader-vocalist Jeong Yonghwa, who is 2 years older than her. On their first meeting, Seohyun was late to arrive at the meeting place. Before the first meeting, Seohyun received several tips about overcoming the awkwardness of the first meeting from older members of SNSD, Taeyeon and Tiffany. Taeyeon urged her to look the on-screen husband in his eyes, while Tiffany told her to pay attention to his table manners.

Yonghwa and other CN Blue members were the first to arrive at the meeting place. While waiting, Yonghwa decided to tease Seohyun by hiding behind a receptionist’s desk while another band member acts as her on-screen husband. Later, Yonghwa asked her to choose one CN Blue member as her husband for WGM. Luckily, Seohyun chose Yonghwa. It was the initial proof of their chemistry on the set of WGM.

In one of the episodes of WGM, Seohyun and Yonghwa spent time practicing in their living room. As a singer couple, they collaborated in singing each other group’s latest songs. However, Seohyun always looked at other directions when singing together. Yonghwa insisted on looking at each other’s eyes when performing the duet.

Hong Jong-Hyun and Yura

Model Hong Jong-hyun and Girls Day’s Yura met for the first time on the set of WGM. After receiving the mission card, Jong Hyun looked for his on-screen wife in the waiting room. Inside the waiting room, Girls Day members joked around and made fun of Yura who was waiting for her on-screen husband. They decided to tease the husband and asked him to guess the actual wife among Girls Day members. Hong Jong-hyun knew that Yura was going to be his wife since she was the only one hiding behind the other members.

Regarding the first meeting impression, Yura was extremely excited about being paired with handsome model Hong Jong-hyun. She knew that Hong Jong-hyun is popular among female fans due to his handsome look.

Yura and Hong Jong-hyun exchanged rings with each other. There is a saying in Korea that a couple is a match if a ring fits the woman’s ring finger and the man’s pinky finger. Both of them looked satisfied when the rings fit their fingers. Yura has O blood type while Hong Jong-hyun has A blood type. Yura believed that their A and O blood type was a good match.

The Yura and Jong-hyun couple were given missions to practice hot couple yoga. Yura looked extremely excited about the activity while Jong Hyun was visibly uncomfortable with the activity. They did a couple of poses before Jong-hyun called to stop because he was too embarrassed of doing couple’s yoga.

The Yura and Hong Jong-hyun couple were known for their good looks. Both of them were blessed with a perfect face and physical. However, their personalities seemed to be completely opposite to each other. Yura was the active and leading female while Hong Jong-hyun was the passive guy. Many fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Jong Hyun’s lack of sincerity in becoming Yura’s on-screen husband.

Eric Nam and Solar

The Eric Nam and Solar couple were known as the brainy singer couple. Eric Nam had to use his brain to get out of the escape room in order to find his bride-to-be. After getting out of the prison using available tools on the set, he finally met Mamamoo’s Solar. On their first meeting, Solar wore a mask to hide her identity while Eric Nam was left guessing his on-screen wife’s identity. After taking off her mask, Eric Nam shouted in excitement. He already knew Solar and he was a good friend of hers.

After their first meeting, they moved to another set with a taxi. Inside the taxi, the on-screen newlyweds talked about their first interview before participating in WGM. Solar was extremely happy to hear that Eric Nam chose her rather than another Mamamoo member. But she was left disappointed by his comments. Instead of saying that she was pretty and cute, Eric Nam said that it was fun if she is around.

On their couple vacation date, Eric Nam and Solar went to the seaside pension. They were surprised upon seeing other Mamamoo members relaxing at the poolside. Other Mamamoo members prepared a quiz for the couple. They asked whether Eric Nam preferred Solar or Young-son, Solar’s real name, as her name. Eric Nam said that he preferred Young-son while smiling brightly and placing his shoulder on Solar’s shoulder. Mission Success! Apparently, Mamamoo planned this quiz to initiate more contact between Solar and Eric Nam.

Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun

If you hate the lovely lovey-dovey WGM couples, you should watch the Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun couple. During the shooting of WGM, Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun always had a push and pull romantic relationship. Sometimes they hated each other and couldn’t stand each other’s presence, and sometimes they missed each other very much. Kim So-eun is the cute but smart and stern girl, while Song Jae-rim is the cute and playful type of man.

Initially, Kim So-eun disliked Song Jae-rim for not recognizing her as an emerging young actress. He even forgot her name after the first meeting. On the night of their first meeting and moving to their newlywed home, they spent quite a long time unpacking each other’s luggage. During the unpacking, they realized that they have many things in common. However, Song Jae-rim occasionally ruined the romantic moments with his goofy comments and awkward conversation.

Kim So-eun visited Song Jae-rim after he underwent operation at the hospital. Song Jae-rim looked extremely happy with her visit. He said that men usually didn’t wear any underwear when wearing a patient’s clothes. The rule was made by the hospital. She was surprised after hearing the story. As a way to get back at him for his continuous teasing of her, Kim So-eun suddenly touched Song Jae-rim’s thigh to make sure about his story. Song Jae-rim was completely flustered and avoided her almost immediately. Upon seeing his retreat, Kim So-eun teased him and playfully threatened to pull down his pants.