WayV’s Yang-yang: Profile, Facts, Official Debut

Solo Activity


On February 19th, 2020, Yangyang was featured in the IMLAY DYSTOPIA EP title song “Asteroid.” IMLAY is a DJ/Producer from SM Entertainment and ScreaM Records. It was his first solo activity, not a group, and it was not rap, it was vocal.

The goal of Yangyang is to challenge the Korean lyrics which were represented in Mandarin and English in his native language, although they sound much more natural. It is said that the manager helped Yangyang correct his pronunciation a lot until he began recording, and the pronunciation of the Korean lyrics seems natural even when Koreans hear it. The song has a kind of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) if you listen to it.

Click the video below to watch their collaboration:

Yangyang also did other solo activities, such as dancing to a song by Christopher titled “My Heart.” He dances to the song with a choreography dance by RyuD. On another occasion, he made a Vlog about learning German after not having used German for some time. Yangyang is known to have been living in Germany when he was a child. You can check out the videos below!


Yangyang in WayV – Beyond the Vision


In 2020, WayV released a digital single, studio album, and an extended play. They also held a live online concert titled WayV – Beyond the Vision on May 3rd, 2020. WayV also launched their first solo reality show in South Korea titled WayVision.

Recently, WayV members participated in NCT’s project NCT 2020. Yangyang participated in the NCT 2020 Resonance pt. 1 studio album, marking his official inclusion as a member of NCT and the first official promotion of WayV as an NCT subunit. He participated in “Misfit” by NCT U (track no. 2) and “月之迷 (Nectar)” (WayV) (track no. 8).

NCT recently made a reality show titled NCT WORLD 2.0 that was produced and aired by Mnet. The reality show comprised a total of 23 members of NCT, from every subunit and the new additions members. It showed the chemistry of the members while doing some missions. Check out the reality show, here:


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