WayV’s Xiao-jun: Profile, Facts, Solo Activities


Find Out More About The Wolverine Idol—Xiaojun

Xiaojun is a member of the multinational idol group NCT. NCT has several Chinese members and one of them is Xiaojun. Xiaojun joined SM Entertainment and debuted with WayV in 2019. He is also a member of NCT U, one of NCT’s subunits.

Xiaojun is well known for his visuals and his talent. He is the main singer of WayV but also the unofficial lead dancer. For his visual, Xiaojun stood out among other WayV member because of his fair and white skin. Most importantly, he has a unique masculine look due to his thick eyebrows. According to his best friend, Yangyang, Xiaojun looks like the idol version of X-Men’s Wolverine. His main visual charm is dark eyebrows and deep gaze.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to WayV’s Xiaojun. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Xiaojun


Name: Xiao Dejun

Stage Name: Xiao Jun

Korean Name: So Deok-jun

Nationality: Chinese

Date of Birth: August 8th, 1999

Place of Birth: Guangdong Province

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of The Rabbit

Blood Type: A

Height: 170 cm

Position: Main Vocal

Group: NCT, WayV, NCT U

Instagram: djxiao_888

Facts about Xiaojun

  • Xiaojun graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, Music Department
  • Xiaojun has one brother
  • His father and brother also work in the field of music
  • He became an SM Entertainment trainee in 2018
  • He has a talent for music and he can play various musical instruments such as ukulele, piano, guitar, and drums
  • His favorite quote is: “Life is Long”
  • Xiaojun shared a bunk bed with Yang Yang in their dormitory
  • Xiaojun can’t act cute
  • His favorite color is green
  • He participated in the Chinese variety TV show X-Fire
  • Xiaojun has no confidence in making paintings and drawings
  • He learned to play piano and guitar by himself
  • He has been playing guitar since middle school
  • He loves watching movies. His favorite movies are all the Harry Potter series and Me Before You
  • He loves reading books and uttering lines from the book
  • Xiaojun’s favorite movie character is Rose’s boyfriend in Titanic, Jack
  • His favorite song is Twilight’s “Sleeping at Last”
  • Yangyang is Xiaojun’s best friend and they love teasing each other
  • In the future, he wants to become a movie director and make a movie in his hometown
  • He loves eating all green tea foods and drinks
  • Xiaojun frequently wakes up late at night and disturbs Yangyang
  • He always uses Chinese chili sauce when eating
  • Because of his thick eyebrows, Yangyang said that Xiaojun looks like X-Men’s Wolverine

Debut with WayV


WayV is the fourth subunit of NCT. WayV consists of seven NCT members: Xiaojun, Kun, Ten, WinWin, Lucas, Hendery, and Yangyang. WayV debuted with the EP The Vision on January 17th, 2019. WayV members are focused on Chinese-based performances and are managed by SM Entertainment’s Chinese subsidiary, Label V.

Solo Activity


Before joining SM Entertainment as an idol trainee, Xiaojun already participated in the Chinese Survival Show, X-Fire. He participated from the first episode in November until the third episode in December. He never reached the top position, while his best position was eight.

Latest News


NCT released a new album in October 2020. NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1 – The 2nd album was released alongside the music video for the title track “Make A Wish.” Alongside Xiaojun and other members, two new members were also introduced. All the best for Xiaojun, in both NCT and WayV.

That was all the information about NCT and WayV member Xiaojun. Find out more information about the other members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles!